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How to Travel Long Distance with a Cat in the Car

In recent time, the question “how to travel long distance with a cat” has been so rampant. Travelling a long distance with a feline friend could be so exciting, especially if it’s going to be a long distance journey where returning may not be too soon. It is of no...

How to Treat Cat Conjunctivitis?

If you have already experienced the pink eye, you know how annoying and contagious it is. But did you know that the pink eye also exists in cats? Unfortunately, the diagnosis and treatment of cat conjunctivitis is not as straightforward as it is in humans. However, it...

Top 10 Cat Harness And Leash

Do you have a domestic cat who would like to spend time outdoors? Or an outdoor cat who wants to accompany you on walks? Then you may want to determine if consider investing in a cat leash. If you have always dreamed of walking outside with your kitten, the harness is...

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