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Why Is My Cat Drinking A Lot Of Water?

Do you notice the presence of polydipsia (an increased water intake) in your cat recently? Well, the answer should lie either in simple environmental changes or serious health-related problems. Here are the possible explanations to your question of "Why is my cat...

What Is Cat Scratch Fever? – Overview of this disease

Knowing exactly what is cat scratch fever? is very important to everybody. Whether you live with cats or not, you can still be affected by this DANGEROUS disease if you are scratched or bitten by infected cats and the complications develop. And all of us will meet...

Why You Should Buy One Of These 10 Best Cat Trees in 2019

Cats are one of the favorite pet species because of their funny, cute appearance and character. Moreover, cats are also very useful for repelling mice and insects such as cockroaches, bees, etc. from your home. However, the instincts of cats in nature are climbing and...

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