So you’ve decided to take the plunge (pun intended) and invest in an automatic litter box. There are quite a few things to consider but one of the most prevailing and necessary components is the smell.

How have we come so far in cat tech that we haven’t been able to tackle the most important issue of them all, odor! Luckily some of these units are ahead of the game. Here are the 5 best automatic litter boxes for preventing odors in your home.

#1.) ChillX AutoEgg

The AutoEgg is a relatively new model that uses an enclosed hood to minimize dust and odor just before the cleaning process begins. With a highly optimized system, the unit quickly sifts away waste and traps it in an enclosed compartment.

Additionally, this unit was designed with a cellular tracking pad at the front step of the litter box. Making sure to help give a quick scrap to the bottom of those dirty paws and help minimize tracking all over the house.

For deep cleaning purposes, the AutoEgg allows for an easy disassembly taking less than 2 minutes for you to fully inspect, wipe down, and thoroughly clean your unit once a month or so.

Odor Preventing Features

Let’s Discuss The Waste Compartment

Waste is deposited into the enclosed 2L plastic-lined compartment after every clean. For a single cat household, you can expect this to hold up to a week’s worth of waste making sure the conceal odors for a full 7 days before needing a replacement liner.

Routine Cleanings Multiple Times Daily

The AutoEgg will perform 4 scheduled cleanings per day all on its own in addition to every bathroom trip. Making sure that any waste that may have been left behind from a previous clean gets scooped out the second time around.


  • Automatically initiate a self-cleaning process 5 minutes after usage.
  • Self-cleaning activates an additional four times daily as scheduled.
  • Conceals waste in a separate compartment, holding up to 2L.
  • Germ-resistant ABS/PP shell reduces toxin exposure and can help minimize bacterial growth.
  • Cellular tracking pad to scrap those dirty paws upon exit.


  • No customizable scheduling.

#2.) Aimicat

Very similar design-wise to the Litter Robot (the current industry leader) the Aimicat is a rotating device that works to sift out clean litter, then sift out debris, then sift the clean litter back into the base.

It’s fully equipped with sensors to help detect a bathroom trip and will perform a self-cleaning cycle roughly 5 minutes following usage.

You’ll notice a theme with most of these units that they’re all well designed enough to eventually trap litter into concealed compartments (well almost all of them). But Aimicat brings a little bit of an edge with its replaceable carbon filters designed to help curb a bit of those odors for a little longer. (This is a similar concept used with the Litter Robot)

Odor Preventing Features

Let’s Discuss The Waste Compartment

Aimicat has an odor trapping waste compartment that can hold up 7.2 kg (or 7 days worth) of cat waste. The non-stick silicone used will help prevent any sticking during the sifting process. As discussed before, the carbon filter creates a ‘negative air pressure’, utilizing the fan attachment to further eliminate those pesky odors.

Now it should be noted that the Aimicat is the newer unit of the bunch and although there’s a tremendous amount of excitement to see how well it can rival the Litter Robot the customer data just isn’t quite available as of yet. In short, we’re not quite sure how well it holds up long term.


  • Removes waste automatically after every use.
  • Custom-built litter filter to help tackle odors.
  • Non-stick silicone is used within the unit.


  • Carbon filter replacements will be needed for routine purchases.
  • An extremely new product, no large scale user testing.

#3.) CatGenie

Unlike any other automatic litter box on this list, the CatGenie is more or less a toilet designed for your cat!

This system uses special granules (not litter) and will quite literally flush and filter/wash the granules before drying and depositing them for reuse.

Since this system is automatic and reuses the existing litter you.. won’t have to do all that much to tend to it. There is a separate filter used within the unit which will need to be replaced roughly every 90 days or so.

The litter is cleaned daily so the smell factor mostly comes down to frequency. Unlike the automated systems that seem to clean every other minute, the cat genie only allows you to adjust the cycle schedule using 3 different frequency options.

Odor Preventing Features

Let’s Discuss The Waste Compartment

Ah hah! Gotcha. There’s no “waste compartment” with this unit since it uses a filtration system to clean and dispose of the waste straight down the drain.

The granules will automatically get a wash and dry and end up right back in the litter bed at the surface of your unit. The CatGenie is the only litter box here that offers a flushable cleaning system. Props for innovation!


  • Completely reusable granules that are washed and dried.
  • 100% dust-free process.
  • Drains waste and redeposits clean litter automatically.
  • 3 cleaning cycle options.


  • Can damage your drainage system if these granules enter the pipes.
  • Limited functionality in terms of motion detection and tracking.
  • Filter replacements are needed every 90 days.

#4.) Litter-Robot 3

As mentioned in the Aimicat section, this is the industry leader for rotating devices.

A fully-enclosed and filtered waste compartment and a specialty liner designed just for this litter box adds an element of luxury to the process (as much as one could ask for when it comes to scooping cat poop).

If there’s one system where no expense was spared I’d say it’s the Litter Robot. But how does it stack up in terms of odor control? Is the high price point any different from the design of the Aimicat?

In short, not really! From a design perspective, these two function in almost an identical way and will give you similar results in terms of odor control. What it really boils down to is the dependability and quality of the unit.

Odor Preventing Features

Let’s Discuss The Waste Compartment

After your cat is finished and exits the Litter Robot will rotate the clumps of litter to a separate compartment using the previously described system.

Equipped with the same carbon filtration design and relatively similar specs in terms of compartment size (to the Aimicat) we’re left wondering, is it really worth the money if it offers the same odor control as a unit half the price?


  • Optimized sifting removes clumps in a timely manner.
  • Carbon filtered waste drawer, fully enclosed as mentioned.
  • Waste drawer liners tailored to fit the unit.
  • Customizable cleaning schedule that connects to your phone.


  • Must have wifi access to the pulse application.
  • Reports of possible residue sticking, dependent upon litter quality.
  • Extremely high price point.

#5.) ScoopFree By PetSafe

ScoopFree is takes a non-traditional approach and deviates from the rotating mechanism. This system uses a horizontal raking cycle to sift the waste into a separate compartment. But what separates this unit from the competition are the crystal litter trays.

ScoopFree utilizes silica gel crystal cat litter with their custom-fit disposable trays. The trays are placed in the base and help to absorb odors five times better than any normal litter. The cycle begins once the waste has had time to dry a little on the bed of crystals helping to prevent any smears and smells. Good thing too, the rake is NOT made from non-stick material like its competitive counterparts.

Once the litter tray reaches full saturation it’s no longer usable and will need to be routinely replaced. Most users report the litter tray lasting about 7-9 days before needing a replacement.

With a hooded design and a raking system set to clean after every use, the ScoopFree would seem to be most comparable to the AutoEgg. However, even if the crystal litter trays seem more effective at controlling those odors their constant need for replacement works against PetSafe when compared to the non-disposable elements  of the AutoEgg.

Odor Preventing Features

Let’s Discuss The Waste Compartment

Though there is a separate compartment to capture the waste it isn’t fully enclosed which can cause a problem in terms of minimizing those odors. To help prevent this issue users will have to put their faith in the crystal litter trays or simply empty the waste compartment more frequently.


  • High-quality Silica Gel Cat Litter (better odor/liquid absorption).
  • Automatic cleanings after each use.
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to the competition.


  • The separate waste compartment is NOT fully enclosed.
  • Rake is not anti-stick and will require cleaning on a weekly basis.
  • Not as effective at capturing smaller debris during the cycle.
  • Replacement trays will be needed on a monthly basis and are quite costly.

In Conclusion

Don’t get us wrong, we’re big fans of all of these litter boxes! They put the hard work in and make dealing with your cat’s litter an easier process in the long run.

In terms of preventing odors, every unit seems to offer one sort of specialty or design element that functions to optimize the experience and keep odors at bay.

Weighing out the pros and cons of each unit rests heavily on how the good can outweigh the bad. Undoubtedly a completely enclosed waste compartment seems to be the most effective solution for trapping odors the longest.

But again, every fur family is different and will have different needs and interests that draw them to one unit or the other. We’re just happy to help make the process a little easier!


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