Are you a cat servant?

Or are you becoming one?

Anyhow, you will need to read a lot about felines.

But the internet is full of relevant content; however, not all of them are trustable.

Here in this article, I’m going to share 5 of my favorite cat blogs that provide reviews, videos, photos, advice, and more.

These blogs are made to deliver decent content to educate and inspire people towards this furry and silly pet.

5 Must-Read Cat Blogs for Cat Lovers

1. The Conscious Cat

Author: Ingrid King

In The Conscious Cat, you can find a range of articles relevant to cat’s behavioral disorders, health problems, and all kinds of vet’s tips to raising happy kittens. Contents are written by Ingrid King and sponsored by Dr. Lynn Bahr.

Ingrid King was a former manager of a vet clinic with twelve years caring and listening to paws. She found that problems with felines are endless, from simple to challenging.

Thus, she later committed herself to the mission of providing accurate, and well-researched answers to the internet’s questions cat owners meet.

The hard work she has contributed has been published on Animal Wellness Magazine, Kittens 101, Cat Fancy Magazine, and many other publications.

Besides, she is also a Reiki Master Practitioner trained in traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki to deliver the best state of mind to both humans and animals.

For cats alone, Ingrid has created The Conscious Cat as a comprehensive resource of cat things. You will find expert advice on feline health, nutrition, and lifestyle.

More than that, the blog gives you reviews about products and books you should read. All of them are sincere thoughts of the author to help you learn the right way to care for your cats.

2. Dash Kitten

Author: Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie is a true cat lover and photographer. She created the blog to inspire and encourage pet owners to share pictures of their wonderful animal fellows.

Photos taken by Marjorie are unique and high in creativity. Not only are they full of wits, but they are also great in the arrangement, light, and content.

In Dash Kitten, Marjorie shares her knowledge of photo shooting and video shooting specified for pets. Along with that are recommendations for photo gear and printers for the best photos of your kittens.

You will learn a lot about taking pictures of your paw friends and making them viral in the community.

If you want to take quality pictures of your meow buddy, Dash Kitten blog is a great place to visit.

3. Little Big Cat

Author: Jean Hofve.

This Award-winning site is a purfect source of nutrition, diet, and holistic feline health cat owners should bookmark.

The people who are responsible for the content are Holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve and cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy. With undoubted knowledge about felines, they are able to help readers with lots of problems with cats.

Little Big Cat focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle for your cats via advice for food and nutrition. You will find a library of natural cat food source to boost the overall health as well as holistic treatments for particular issues.

More than that, the blog helps you understand better about unwanted cat behavior and how to respond to keep both companies comfortable.

With experience working in a shelter, Dr. Jean Hofve, and Jackson Galaxy desire to raise the awareness of adoption and street animal rescue. You can explore the website to make a donation and share your thoughts.

4. Katzen World

Author: Marc-Andre, Mollie Hunt, and others.

Katzen World is not just a blog; it’s a community where people who are owned by cats share their “suffer” around the furry meowing creatures.

Thanks to the open sharing platform, Katzen World is full of knowledge, information, and experience different owners meet. They make a vibrant community with an abundant understanding of cats.

With that in mind, people at Katzen World keep their blog unbiased and a reliable source for other non-writer owners to seek help and answers.

Products range from accessories, toys, food, and treats for kitties if you visit their shop. You can also find product reviews and suggestions for must-have items—all to serve the cats.

5. Island Cats

Author: Wally, Ernie, and Zoey

Stories of cats around the world can be more touching than your kit’s demanding meow. The blog is full of photos of kitties sharing their life history and how to make people want them, unconditionally.

You can find this blog is full of humor to make you laugh and inspire non-cat-owned individuals to become servants of this wonderful pet.

On the side, the authors do product reviews to support confusing owners to find the right food and items for their paw friends. Their recommendations are trustable products evaluated by real users from the team.

Furthermore, there are entries of homemade recipes cats love shared by readers and writers, which are valuable in all respects.

If you haven’t found a reason to have a cat, read Island Cats, you will see there are zero reasons not to have a cat.

Bottom line

Those are the most fantastic cat blogs I would like to recommend. Though there are more blogs of the relevant topics, you should keep those in your bookmarks.

They are all trustworthy sources with accurate information apart from duplicated content on the internet.

More than that, you can ask for vet advice for free in blogs written by the professionals. Otherwise, you can share stories, photos, and footage of your pets to the world. It’s hard not to receive admiration from the community.


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