There are many exciting high-tech pet products on the market that are great for both your cat’s wellbeing and their owner’s convenience. You might be drawn to these electronics if you’re a techie or are looking for something new and stimulating for your fur baby. Or perhaps you want to make life a little easier for yourself. Regardless, there is no better time than Christmas to treat your kitty (and yourself) to one of the following cool gadgets.

1.Water Fountain

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Many cats do not drink anywhere near as much water as they should. Moreover, most cats prefer to drink from running water than a bowl of still water. If you struggle to get your kitty to drink, a pet water fountain could be the answer. These high-tech water fountains distribute a flowing stream of fresh, clean water. 

They utilize a quiet and intelligent pump and a circulating filtration system to purify the water and remove hair, dirt, and food particles. Many also feature an LED indicator to alert you when the water is low. These cool water dispensers will spark curiosity in your kitty and prompt them to drink throughout the day. This reduces the chance of dehydration, which can lead to painful urinary and kidney diseases.

2.Automatic Litter Box

If you want your investment to serve you in the long run, as much as it does your cat, an automatic litter box is the best option for you! These self-cleaning litter devices automatically remove your cat’s waste and clean up the tray after each use. With an automatic litter box, you will never have to scoop again. This not only means you don’t have to touch dirty litter every day, but it frees up a significant amount of your time too.

Our favorite automatic litter box is the ChillX AutoEgg. While some others on the market operate loudly, which can be scary for your kitty, the AutoEgg cleans with complete quiet giving you the silent job well done you deserve.

The horizontal raking system slowly moves through the litter, effectively removing all waste with just the faintest touch. 

The advanced technology of the AutoEgg means it also serves as a health monitor for your feline. The intelligent unit tracks every time your cat uses their litter box and logs details such as their body weight or the waste weight and the time spent in the box. This allows it to spot and flag up any abnormalities, which could be a potential health concern.

3.Smart Feeder

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With an automatic pet feeder, your kitty gets food multiple times a day without you needing to be there. You set the number of feedings you want, choosing the time and portion size.

This is super useful when you’re out of the house as you will no longer need to rush back to feed the fur babies! 

Additionally, this high-tech cat product has many more exciting features. You can record a voice note to call your feline when it’s food time. Many automatic feeders are controllable on your smartphone for extra convenience while you’re away. Some even go a step further and have an HD camera like the Arf Pets automatic pet feeder. This lets you see your precious kitty and visually check that they are eating their food.

Investing in a smart feeder can be a gamechanger if you’re away from home a lot. Being a pet owner comes with a lot of responsibility. Even so, a smart feeder will give you freedom while ensuring your cherished kitty doesn’t go hungry.

4.Activity tracker


Fitness trackers are an on-trend gadget, but did you know you can now get them for your kitty too? These devices are small pendants that fit your pet’s collar to monitor activity and sleep levels. 

Why is this necessary? Well, if your cat is sick, the tracker will pick up on the first signs of feline illness, such as fatigue and increased sleep. Therefore if our cat plays considerably less one day and sleeps more than usual, the tracker will alert you so you can keep a watchful eye. 

Some activity trackers like the Petkit Fit can also estimate your kitty’s current mood. Using an algorithm, the Petkit Fit estimates how your cat feels based on their recent sleep and activity levels. You can access all this information on the unique app.

5.Pet Cam


Pet cams let you see and speak to your fur baby when you’re not home. This revolutionary gadget is great for cat owners who work long hours or for cats who get lonely and suffer from feline separation anxiety. If the latter is the case, a pet camera could considerably improve your cat’s wellbeing and happiness as it allows them to interact with you when

you’re not there. 

Most pet cams are stationery products. However, the Skymee Owl Robot is one of the most futuristic pet products we came across. It serves as a companion for your kitty that is controlled by you. Owl Robot is essentially a moving remote-controlled robot that can move around the house and interact with your pet. This interactive pet camera will keep your fur baby entertained all day, and it even dispenses treats too!

6.Robotic cat toys

Not all high-tech pet gifts have to be costly. You can still treat your cat to a futuristic gift this Christmas without having to splash out. There is an extensive range of interactive robot cat toys on the market designed specifically for felines. These include a robot bug toy that rapidly moves around the house as your kitty chases it and a LED magic laser ball that shoots lasers in different directions. If your cat is bored with its classic toys, an interactive one is bound to bring back your cat’s natural hunting instinct.

With so many high-tech gift ideas available, there’s no reason you should be at a loss with what to buy your kitty this Christmas. To choose the best electronic gift, consider your fur baby’s unique personality and what they would benefit from the most. 

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