Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Welcome to my blog, “Kitty-Cats,” the one-stop electronic journal for all fluffy four-limbed lovers

Welcome, kitty lovers! This entertaining blog was inspired by decisions to share free knowledge and know-how’s that were – and is still being – gathered while training a lovely Persian kitty and several other kitties. Kitties can be a handful, so why not let’s help?
On kitty-blog, you’d find professional advice and info about feline nutrition, health, lifestyle and anything kitty related. Thoughts would be shared on books, kitty toys, and anything worth
knowing about cats.

Our Purr-pose!
To build the best cat blog with a responsive kitty-loving, kitty-tolerance and kitty-accommodating community where cat lovers and enthusiasts of all echelon can share warm and bizarre stories and bits of advice, leave rib-cracking comments that seek to entertain or educate the OP and Co-readers alike.
Presenting timely information on the various ways of dealing with feline psychology and feline health – just as any best cat blog will do.
Sharing rare tricks and tips for human-cat relationship troubleshooting for free!

Our value
A majority of pet lovers are aware that companion animals bring happiness and lots of lovely memorable events into our houses. But this’s only a fraction of the much bigger blessing they present to us. Companion animals, especially cats, stands between two worlds, that of humans and animals, from that position, they unlock the portal for we humans to see way beyond the ways of humanity and focus on the life that nurtures every breathing soul.
Kitty-blog, being the best cat blog has made up its mind to not only provide reliable source for the best and finest supplements for your cat, stories for your cat, positions for disposable poop-papers for your cat, but to also breed an intertwined community of well-garnished and out-of-the-world kitty aficionados, kitty lovers who are connected by mutual bond of in-depth respect and compassion for kitties natural needs, sustainability of cat’s edible product and of course, maximum dedication to the struggle and movement to eradicate all sorts of animal cruelty, abuse or neglect.

You see, being the best cat blog, it’s more of a responsibility on our part to commit ourselves heavily into supporting and strengthening these bonds by ensuring timely updates and information are made available for mental consumption via our numerous platforms – through our on-site webinars and events, social media “follow on Instagram @pet_cute1,” and lastly, providing links and sources to holistic veterinary resources stone throws away from readers residences.

Food for thought – Heed Ye kitty lovers
You want to know the sort of delicacies edible and nutritious for your kitty? You’d love to know which delicacies aren’t? You want to learn when best and how best to feed your cat to give it a prolonged life and good health? Kitty-blog is unarguably the best cat blog that teaches you how to traditionally and domestically eliminate or prevent most common kitty diseases with just nutrition.

If you’ve got cat(s) in the house with no scratch-stations, chances are your curtains, pillow and silk materials must have been destroyed by your kitty’s claw, which is why it’s more than necessary for every cat owner to ensure they provide basic needs for their kitty, to make the kitties happy – this includes a scratching post.

The first item to get your cat as a cat owner should be the scratching post, we know cats for some strange reasons love to scratch – some say it’s to mark a new territory, others say it’s to remove dead layers of the claws – whatever the case may be, get that cat a scratch-post before thinking of getting him a kitty-bed. Kitty-blog will continually prove itself the best cat blog by dishing first-hand need-to-knows to naive and first-time cat owners.


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