About us

Cats are one of the most popular pets owned worldwide. Covering everything cat owners need to know, this practical and timeless blog, Kitty-Cats, is the textbook resource for any cat lover. Kitty-Cats Blog is a fantastic read for the expert cat owner looking to continually educate on proper care, the overprotective and compassionate novice owner contemplating the perfect scratch post, or the soon-to-be kitten owner curious about what to expect once purchasing or rescuing their first feline. Scratch marks on your furniture. Dead rodents in your basement. Stray hairs covering your clothes. At times, taking care of your cat or kitten intensifies, proving to be demanding, overwhelming, and distressing to manage independently. Kitty-Cats Blog’s mission is to provide detailed information on the day-to-day care of kittens and adult cats, including feeding, training, grooming, nutrition, and handling. Blog posts guarantee to outline reasons behind inquisitive or peculiar behavioral problems typically observed in your pet, and tips are provided for applying change to unsuitable actions. Each cat has their own fascinating and unique personality and special characteristics; hence, Kitty-Cats Blog is dedicated to providing personalized tips and advice on each breed of feline. Through their on-site webinars and easily accessible links to veterinary experts, Kitty-Cats Blog is distinctive and reliable.

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Meet Our Team:

Written in an engaging, spirited style, Kitty-Cats Blog is run and crafted by Omar and Crabnomad, who together strive to breed a married and united community of feline aficionados through their attention-grabbing blog posts. Omar is the CEO and oversees marketing for the blog. His background in digital marketing stimulates his exceptional and authentic approach to blog design. He owns two cats named Lucky and Smokey. Crabnomad’s role is to create content for blog posts. She has a cat named Milo who has inspired her co-create this blog with the utmost goal of keeping cats in homes and from being discarded to streets or shelters due to treatable behavioral issues. Crabnomad has spent a great deal of her life fostering and rescuing cats off of the streets from the city she lives in. Her genuine enthusiasm and affection towards cats shine through the content she produces.

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Our Purr-pose:

Cat owners share a mutual bond of respect, compassion, nurture, and dedication to their feline friends. Kitty-Cats Blog began on the social media platform Instagram, which gained over 100K followers featuring charming and witty photographs and videos of kittens and cats. Omar and Crabnomad have always been passionate about animals and their welfare, deciding that their own education and obsession would best aid the general population and felines themselves through the creation of an informative, yet playfully professional blog. Omar and Crabnomad identify how cats communicate through posture, body language, meowing and hissing, and various rituals such as rubbing and grooming. They also discuss the importance of a cat’s sensory system, such as their keen sense to recognize smells and sounds. Additionally, Omar and Crabnomad bring you trustworthy product and book reviews. Kitty-Cats Blog is truly a comprehensive reference for the health, happiness, and well-being of cats and their humans.

Cats are capable of giving us the gifts of companionship, security, laughter, contentment, and so much more. Information-packed and filled with vibrant photographs that infuse each post, Kitty-Cats Blog prepares readers with everything they need to know on being a competent and loving companion and caretaker. Please subscribe to and follow our Instagram page @pet_cute1.

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