Some people often accidentally cut cats’ whiskers, but they think that this is okay because cats’ whiskers are similar to human hair. However, is this thought true or false?

Cats have an even amount of whiskers with a total of 24 ones on their muzzles. The distribution of their whiskers is entirely symmetrical. Each side has 12 whiskers. So, cats can accurately measure the environment around them. Whiskers are an essential part and strength of a cat in feeling the world. With that function, is cutting cats’ whiskers okay?

Cats’ whiskers have a practical job to do. They do not appear on cats’ muzzles as an ornament. They are quite hard and similar to a radar system and GPS for your cats. The advantages of whiskers:

Helping cats move in the dark

Cats are a kind of nocturnal animal. And using whiskers to feel objects nearby without needing the whole body to rub is one of the ways they find roads at night. Deep inside are the follicles – the sacs keeping whiskers. Cutting cats’ whiskers can hurt these follicles.

Moreover, in cats’ whiskers, there is a sensory part of cats’ nose. It receives movements in the environment to help cats feel other creatures around them and the location where they are. Almost whiskeys grow thick pads on the upper lips of cats.

Helping cats locate their prey

Whiskers can help cats determine their prey’s position as whiskers can detect tiniest air vibration from movements even when they close their eyes. Therefore, they will not locate accurately anymore if you cut their whiskers.

Helping cats locate everything

Each thick whiskey contains many super-sensitive nerves. This helps cats determine the distance in space, for instance, the distance between them and you. That is the reason why they determine a lot of things such as the position to jump down and up or a box to sleep properly. Cats’ whiskers have a lot of different utilities. 

That is also the way cats detect things around them. They can feel lots of objects only by using their whiskers. Therefore, blind cats can still navigate in rooms very well.

Whiskers on the two sides of cats’ noses have a similar width as cats’ body width. They help cats know if the space is wide enough to pass through. Whiskers on the back of cats’ paws help cats easily climb trees. So, cats will have trouble when determining position if you cut their whiskers. You should avoid cases that can make you accidentally cut their whiskers.


Just ensure that you will not allow your cats to wander outside if you accidentally cut their whiskers. Additionally, to save your cats, you should tell naughty children that cutting cats’ whiskers is wrong. Hopefully, everyone will be more careful with this problem after reading this article!


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