Not all cats socialize with their new pet households. Many of them find it intricating sharing the space with other animals, even a new human. Kitties communicate and love their siblings as they grow up side by side. However, grown felines may not find it easy to pair with a newcomer. So, if you’re planning on bringing a new pet home, check out the animals get along with cats right in this article.

List of animals get along with cats

1. Dogs

“Fighting like cats and dogs” is a so-classy idiom. Many glue-bonded relationships between a cat and a dog have broken the curse, yet making them the best buddies possible. So, do cats get along with dogs?

Animals get along with cats
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Smaller in size, cats naturally hate dogs. When the two species live in one home, they may frequently clash because the felines tend to be more defensive. Conversely, friendly dogs typically respond in a more playful way. This desire for playtime, even a greeting, can get the dogs misunderstood. Cats assume any approach as a threat, thus attacking to self-preserve.

Dogs that are gentle and humble when reaching a kitty receive a more positive response. That said, the dog you want to choose should handle a mild temperament and personality. A calmer dog would do better in pairing with your fearful feline.

The dog breeds you should focus on are:

  • Beagle
  • Poodle
  • Pug
  • Shih Tzu
  • Dachshund
  • Retriever

2. Rabbits

Don’t judge a rabbit by its adorable and mellow appearance. Bunnies are rather bossy creatures, like cats. So, how do these animals live together in the same space?

Rabbits are not aggressive animals, though. Living with a cat, they can become prey for the hunting. That’s why if you ever have to keep a rabbit as a pet, you should keep the two animals distant.

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It’s best to constrain your bunny at first, then slowly let the cat approach from afar, so your kitty doesn’t consider the creature harmful. Most cats would approach the new buddy step by step. Keeping the rabbit in a hutch helps to kick in the cat’s hunting instinct.

When the two get familiar with each other, you can arrange supervised playtime with both pets in a communal space. If the process goes well, the two animals may start grooming each other. It’s a good start to a long-term friendship.

3. Ferrets

Ferrets and cats befriended? Why not? The domesticated playful, and the social creature can make a wonderful companion for your kitty.

Though small, ferrets own a brave heart. They may attack if larger animals tend to be a threat to them. But like cats, ferrets are fans of snoozing. That said, you can arrange the napping time for the kitty and the ferret to fortify the bond.

4. Other cats

In the same class, cats easily get along. But it would depend on the “chemistry” as well. But you know that siblings don’t always bond well from the start. Senior cats tend to shield their boundaries. So, if a kitten expects a friendship out of an elderly, that should take some time.

Female cats find kitties more acceptable. However, consider the adult cat’s history before introducing the little baby. In many cases, cats take time to settle their relationship. But once it’s nailed, the bond will only improve.

5. Chickens

Many homes keep chickens in their backyard for fresh eggs that makes them playful mates of cats. Rarely do people know that chickens are among animals that get along with cats. However, it requires plenty of training for the two animals to become harmonious. If not, the chickens may get freak out and become aggressive.

To initiate the relationship, you should start with keeping the chickens in a wired coop with space to run. Then, bring the cat to the backyard and distract him by playing without the anticipation of the chicks. As soon as the cat is convinced that the chicken is not relevant, he will perceive that the bird is not a threat. As time passes, the two species will co-exist well in the same home.

Pets to avoid in the same space with cats

1. Rodents

Rodents like rats, hamsters, and mice are considered food sources to cats. These little creatures certainly don’t get along with cats. If you happen to have these pets sharing the home with kitties, it’s better to keep them separate.

Hunters like cats will soon find the presence of rodents in the home. Their curiosity instinct will trigger them to explore. Even when you constrain the rodent, cats don’t mind attacking the cage to please their hunting desire.

Training can be applied to acknowledge the cats that the rodents are actually home mates. But most of the cases have proven that the techniques are unlikely to work.

2. Fish

It’s hard to make preys and hunters friends. Fish, in general, are irresistible food to cats. Even when you keep the fish in a tank or locked bowl, your pet cats still look for a way to knock off the boundary.

Beware when you have a pond in the backyard with fish in it, as cats may unintentionally jump into it.

Final line

If your cat ever needs a friend, those animals get along with cats are what you should consider. Such social creatures like cats, though weird in behavior, can easily befriend other pets. But make sure you supervise the cats, especially when you adopt pets that are smaller and aggressive.


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