As a cat owner, sometimes, I cannot totally understand what happens inside my feline friend. I don’t know how she feels about my family and me, and I also don’t know whether are cats color blind or not. Many of us should be questioning this, and then now I show you the answer and some bonus information. 

Let’s come to see how it likes. 

What Is Color Blindness?

Color blindness, also known as a color deficiency, refers to a condition in which you cannot normally recognize colors. In other words, color blindness occurs when one cannot distinguish between colors. 

There are two cells that contribute to the light detection called rods and cones. Rod cells are extremely sensitive to low light levels, and they just detect light and dark while cone cells concentrate on colors near your vision center. We have three types of cone cells that see colors which are: green, red, and blue. Here’s where our color perception comes from.

Color blindness happens due to the absence of one or more cone cells, and if all the cells do not work, we have severe color blindness.

It’s all about human color blindness, but when we come to animals, specifically cats, there have been some discussions on it. Some say that cats only have two cone cells, including blue and grey, while others claim that they have the same ability with dogs, which is seeing yellow. 

Cat’s Eyes – What Are The Differences?

Cats are powerful predators whose eyes are designed for hunting in any light conditions. Their eye cells are especially sensitive to low light levels, and that explains why cats seem to be very energetic in early morning and evening.

Cats have a great ability to see in the dark, and many experiments show that cat eyes contain eight times as many rod cells as humans. This helps a lot in seeing in detail, and that’s clearly more beneficial than seeing vibrant colors.

You can say that humans have a more powerful color vision than other mammals’ with a three-cone vision. On the other hand, cats have only have two cone cells, so their vision is partly limited. 

Are Cats Color Blind?

So, are cats color blind? The answer to this question varies depending on how you define color blindness in cats. In fact, cats can see more colors than just black and white, despite their limited seeing abilities comparing to humans. Through cats’ eyes, our world contains more shade of blue, yellow, and a little bit of grey in exchange for their wider range of vision. 

However, for me, cats are not color blind – they just have a smaller color vision than humans.

Instead of the small number of cone cells, rod cells, with a much larger number, help a lot in motion detection, playing an important role in cats’ hunting. 

Are Cats Attracted By Any Certain Color?

Cats only have blue and green cone cells instead of three in humans. They see all red and pink things as grey ones due to the lack of red cone cells. On the other hand, green and blue things seem to be more vibrant through the cat’s eyes. 

For this reason, it’s quite hard for us to find the answer about any attractive color to cats. Their vision characteristics make them pay more attention to movements than colors, and if they seem too interested in a certain toy than the others, it’s not lying in the toy’s color. It also explains why they tend to chase around toys that move. 

Can Cats See In Total Darkness?

No. Although cats only need one/sixth of the required light amount of humans, they cannot see in total darkness. So if you are leaving your house totally dark and sometimes there are things broken the next day, it may be because your cat bumps into them. Placing some nightlights around your house right now is not a bad idea. 

Cats are powerful hunters (as mentioned above), although their eyesight is not the sharpest. We would be very impressed by their accuracy when hunting things such as small animals, moving toys. 

How Can Cat’s Vision Be Stimulation?

You have got the answer for Are cats color blind, so this is another amazing information about their inner predator: You read this post and think about your cat, then you see her vision is quite worse than how we describe it in this post, it may be because she has no need of hunting what she uses her vision for. In fact, you totally can stimulate your cat’s vision, and here are some ideas.

A laser pointer always works. Cats like laser points. Once you play a laser pointer to let its light all-around your house, your cat will chase it like a prey animal as her rods would pick it up. 

Bring out your cat’s natural hunter. In nature, cats are powerful hunters with amazing speed. Throughout centuries, humans turned them into domestic animals, and the natural hunters disappeared. In case you want to bring back your cat’s instinct, divide her meals into multiple parts and hide them around your home to let her come to find them. 

The Bottom Line

So, are cats color blind? No. They can still distinguish between blue and green things. With red things, they recognize them as grey ones due to the lack of red cone cells. Are cats attracted by any certain color? Not yet. They seem to pay more attention to things’ movement instead of their color. Can cats see in total darkness? No, although they need much less light than humans. 

I think that these are the most common questions from cat owners. I hope that this post would be useful for you. Have a nice day.


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