Automatic litter boxes detect when your cat does its business and then cleans it for you, meaning you no longer have to scoop smelly cat poop! As well as freeing up your time, high-tech litter boxes prevent odors, reduce litter mess, and improve your cat’s health and wellbeing. 

If you’re looking to upgrade to a self-cleaning litter box, we’re here to help. There are many automatic litter boxes available in 2021. Therefore, the marketplace can seem overwhelming if you’re unsure what you’re looking for. Here’s where you can buy four of the most popular self-cleaning litter boxes and how much they cost. 

AutoEgg by ChillX 

The AutoEgg boasts a sleek, modern design, effective cleaning system, precise weight sensors, and quiet operation. It cleans using a horizontal rake that moves through the litter bed in slow motion, removing waste and taking it to the waste compartment below.  

The raking mechanism is the safest self-cleaning method, plus the AutoEgg has a ‘cat-stuck prevention sensor’ too. This means if your kitty enters the box during a cleaning cycle, the operation will pause immediately, keeping your fur baby free from harm. Another big highlight is the health tracker and alert system. This tracks data from each visit to detect changes in your cat’s litter box habits that could signal potential health concerns. 

The AutoEgg by ChillX is one of the newer self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, launching in May 2020. Because of its newness, it’s currently only available for purchase directly on the company’s website. It’s priced at $399.99 with free shipping to most US states, except Hawaii and Alaska. They also ship to Canada for a flat fee of $65. Currently, they don’t ship to other countries, but they are in the process of setting up worldwide distribution. 

ScoopFree by PetSafe 

In 2004, Petsafe created the first self-cleaning litter box to use disposable crystal litter trays. The ScoopFree uses a raking system like the AutoEgg, but this model has a different concept. Instead of using clumping clay litter, it works with crystal granules that remove odors by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste. As well as giving excellent odor control, the crystal litter reduces tracking. These disposable trays typically last 2- 3 weeks before they need replacing.  

You can purchase the ScoopFree directly on the PetSafe website for the retail price of $159.99 without a hood or $199.99 with a hood. However, as this automatic litter box has been around since 2004, you can find it for a lower price on various other websites. 

Firstly, Petsafe has a store on Amazon. They currently sell the ScoopFree on here for $139.95 without a hood and $169.95 with a hood included. These prices include shipping within the US. They can ship to most countries through Amazon, but the postage costs and import fees are very high.  

Therefore, if you’re buying from somewhere else, we recommend checking the Amazon site for your country. For example, those in the UK can purchase the ScoopFree on the UK Amazon site and avoid the crazy shipping fees! Other websites you can find the ScoopFree include Petco, Petsmart, and Chewy, all of which sell for the same price as Amazon. 


The newest kid on the block, the Aimicat, is a globe-shaped robotic-looking litter box that self-cleans while removing all nasty odors. It cleans your cat’s waste via a globe that rotates on an axis to sift out all dirty litter.  

Like the AutoEgg, the waste goes to a dedicated compartment below. The waste compartment boasts some advanced hygiene features such as a carbon filter fan and negative air pressure deodorizing system. It utilizes infrared sensors to accurately detect whenever your cat enters the box and finishes its business. 

The Aimicat is currently in the final production stages, meaning this auto litter box is not officially on the market just yet. However, it’s on pre-sale on Aimicat’s Indiegogo page for $279, estimated to be ready for shipping in April this year. Wherever you are in the world, you can purchase the Aimicat as they offer worldwide shipping. Shipping within the US costs $55, and elsewhere it varies but does not exceed $70. 


In 2007, the CatGenie was the first self-flushing litter box to join the market. In 2019, the makers created a new model – CatGenie A.I. This updated version uses Artificial Intelligence and functions as a toilet by flushing the cat waste down the drain and uses reusable crystal litter. During each cleaning cycle, the system cleans the litter granules, removes all debris, and flushes it away before drying the litter to reuse. The advanced technology also gives you customized recommendations and reminders and comes with an accompanying app too. 

You can purchase the CatGenie A.I. direct from the company’s website, currently priced at $399. If you don’t want to splash out so much, you can opt for the older model, CatGenie 120, costing $289. They offer free shipping to all US states except Hawaii and Alaska. Being an older version, you can also purchase the CatGenie 120 on some online stores such as PetSmart and PetCo.  

Alternatively, you can buy both models from CatGenie’s US Amazon store for the retail price. It’s not possible to order from outside of the US, but CatGenie has an Australian website for those living down under to order the CatGenie 120. 

Final Thoughts 

As all featured models are made in the US, shipping within the states is trouble-free and, for most models, free. However, if you’re currently residing overseas, or are looking to send a self-cleaning litter box as a gift to a friend abroad, your options are more limited. Regardless, we hope this guide has given you a better understanding of where to buy an automatic litter box and the price you can expect to pay.  


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