What an interesting question! Their cats and their belly buttons – two things that just thought of were enough to make people laugh. But a question of being put upon always has a reason and needs an answer. So let me answer briefly: Cats really have belly buttons.

Do cats have belly buttons

Do cats have belly buttons?  What role do they play?

Let’s find out a bit. In terms of anatomy, the belly button, also called a navel – or umbilicus is present in all mammals. Cats are a mammal, and so obviously cats have belly buttons. In fact, the cat’s belly buttons are just scars where their umbilical cords once were. They are located in the middle of the abdomen and are about 5 mm wide.

But any part that appears on the body of an animal has its own reasons. And so are belly buttons of cats. In addition to the reason that appears to spark curiosity for us, the belly button is the place where the umbilical cord connects the mother with her unborn baby and, in this case, is the thing that connects the mother cat to the baby cat in her belly. 

When a kitten grows in the womb, it needs food sources to grow and develop. Oxygen, blood, and nutrients from the mother cat will go through the umbilical cords transmitted to the kittens’ belly buttons and after that, “these delicious Meow Mix pieces” will be taken to feed the kittens’ body.

Another interesting thing is that kittens also need to “go to the toilet.” And all the waste from this process will go through the belly buttons into the mother cat’s body, and that wonderful mother will handle it all. 

But why can’t we see belly buttons of cats?

It’s really hard to determine the cat’s belly button’s position even when its coat is thin and its belly is low in fat. The born kittens are still attached to their mother through the placenta. 

At this time, the weak cat was still completely dependent on his mother. Through the placenta, nutrition, blood, and oxygen will be transmitted from the mother’s body to take care of the kitten’s body. And like a human being, when the child takes the cry of birth is also the time to signal the appearance of a living being. 

When the kitten mews, the mother cat licks the placenta until it separates and eats the placenta. Part of the umbilical cord will be attached to belly buttons of kittens

do cats have belly buttons
A kitten with placenta strings sticks to the belly button

After a while, this umbilical cord will dry and shed itself, leaving a position that should have been belly buttons of kittens.

Note: Some people want to help their cat by cutting the rope or pulling on the placenta, but the best recommendation from a veterinarian is to let it fall naturally.

The belly button reduces its size considerably when kittens develop. And when adult kittens, according to biological mechanisms, these belly buttons are scars only. It will be a very small, almost invisible white scar. And that is the way to explain our questions. 

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Don’t expect your cat’s belly button to appear

Because that is most likely a sign of umbilical hernia or umbilical cord infection.

This can happen when the wound after the umbilical cord itself loses itself is not completely healed, leaving a protruding portion of the abdomen.

  • Umbilical hernia: Most umbilical hernias are not too worrisome for cat owners. But in some cases, this will make your cat in danger. When the opening in your abdomen is too big, your cat’s intestines can slip into the exit hole to cut off the blood flow and cause your cat to die from blood loss.

Note: Umbilical swelling, pain, vomiting, loss of appetite and depression are signs that you need to pay special attention to determine if your cat has umbilical hernias. You need to take your cat to a veterinarian and surgery is a necessary measure.

  • Umbilical cord infection: Umbilical cord infection is also a dangerous disease associated with the cat’s stomach button. Infection is caused when dirt and bacteria from the environment enter the chipped belly buttons. Typical signs of umbilical cord infection are redness, swelling, and oozing pus. When your cat recognizes these signs, your cat is in danger. Take them immediately to the nearest veterinary facility and ask for the vet’s intervention.


Don’t tell me you’re running right away, check your cat’s belly button“Do cats have gut buttons?” It sounds like an idle curiosity. But paying attention to your kitten’s smallest features is also a way for you to express your love. The belly buttons of cats is an interesting topic anyway, right?


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