You have an Android tablet or iPad, and you are nourishing cats? Just let your lovely pets play technology games for them. Technology is developing special entertainment apps for cats to play with on tablets. 

The birth of the internet and popular smartphone usage has changed and made our daily lives better and easier. Everybody uses the smartphone and almost cannot imagine the case of a lack of smartphones in hands.

With the smartphone, mobile apps begin developing, and stores have hundreds of apps each day. In the present, there are up to millions of apps, and people can find different apps helping their life easier.

With millions of diverse apps, some apps can make the life of pets’ owners easier, too. Just try imagining that your cute cats always feel boring. In that circumstance, what will you do? Which apps are reliable and kind?

There are a lot of professional apps for your adorable cats now. Among apps for animals, the five apps in this article are the best and most favorite apps. Just refer and try using it! 

Cat is a kind of animal that is very naughty and super cute. Their feature is being interesting in playing items that move. So, we often play with cats by solutions like letting them gambol with wool rolls and chase bright spots or using feather sticks for cats to grab, etc.

Nevertheless, if you are a busy person and do not have much time to create toys for your adorable cats, the following apps will handle your problem. They will help cats not be lazy in movement. The IPad manufacturer is tending to develop a lot of entertainment apps for cats.

The best apps for cats to play with

app for cat

Catch the Mouse

One of the apps for cats we must mention is Catch the Mouse. This is a free service encouraging the hunting instinct of cats. This is also a game for cats with mice running on the phone screen. Cats will have the chance to chase virtual mice on the screen. When catching mice, cats will receive an appreciative sound.

Catch the Mouse app is a trustworthy and convenient app that helps take care of mental health for cats. There are multiple videos and step by step instructions for you to refer to.

Even if your cats play in a long time and observe fast, they will gradually understand that mice are non-stop. If you love cats, just download this app, play with your cats, and enjoy happy moments with them! You can also let your dogs play this app.

Wa Kingyo

If you do not have an iPad or tablet, you only need to prepare super simple stuff – a smartphone. This is the thing anyone has. The bigger the phone screen is, the better for your cats is. Then just download the game app named Wa Kingyo (it means “Japanese goldfish”). The developer Masataka Hakozaki (Japan) generated this game app. 

Wa Kingyo is a beneficial app to replace the activity of catching fish for cats. It is always ready on your smartphone, tablet, or iPad. The app makes the life of cats more exciting. Moreover, it is easy for your cats to play.

The activity of Wa Kingyo is making your phone screen become a fish pond with colorful fish swimming in it. This is a movement game. It means that when your cats touch the screen, they can see the goldfish movement, and the water surface brings the most honest feeling for them.

Therefore, this game app is super appropriate to cats because besides the instinct of being exciting in playing, cats like eating fish so much. As a result, the game will attract cats strongly as well as make them spend the whole day playing without feeling boring.

Cats when playing looks so lovely! If you do not have any cats, you can experience this game. This will make you relax! The present technology era helped our life become easier and more comfortable, right?  

Game For Cats

This is another beneficial app for cats. This app simulates mice running very fast. This stimulates the hunting instinct of cats. In other words, Game For Cats is very useful. Now making cats happy is easier than ever.

Game For Cats is designed artfully without trying to create colorful footprints when cats are touching on the screen. The app is experimented at many animal research centers and received positive feedbacks.

The programmer TJ Fuller shared: “I saw series videos on Youtube with the content cats being naughty with iPad, but they play games for humans. We had been worried that cats will scratch the screen, but we do not need them to use nails when playing. They only need to stomp their foot on it”.

The development team is intended to build games for dogs. However, they are not as docile as cats.

Friskies CatFishing

This is a reliable app for cats over the world. Friskies CatFishing is a game totally new and especially for cats. You only need to press “start” and are ready to see your cats to play. 

How to play Friskies CatFishing?

  • Putting the device on the flat surface near your cat.
  • Pressing “start”.
  • Watching scores of your cats.
  • The game will “meow meow” to attract cats’ attention if they stop playing within 30 seconds or more.
  • To encourage your cats to win, you should reward them when winning.  
Best Apps For Cats

Friskies JitterBug

Friskies JitterBug is one of the top apps for cats. After all, this app is especially for cats to use. Friskies JitterBug allows cats to catch small bugs anytime when playing on your tablets or mobile devices. There are many different levels of difficulty. This helps the game become more interesting for your cats. Cat lovers like seeing their cats play on mobile phones or tablets very much! 

This app is very trustworthy, as lots of cats’ owners use it. It is for any cats. And the best thing is that it is free to download! In the advanced game regime, you can choose the number of bugs to appear.

The advanced regime has an Endless Play choice, too. This allows your cats to practice with a non-stop level. This will make them interesting. To exit the Endless Play regime, you only simply shake the device, and it will be back to the key menu.

Then, don’t forget to reward your cats when playing Friskies JitterBug! This app is a free game. Nestle Purina PetCare developed it. Up to the present, there are over 50,000 downloads (information from the app market Google Play). Although this game is published for Android devices, we can’t deny the fact that it’s fun.

Yet, if you do not have a smartphone or tablet or simply want to experience this game on the computer’s big screen, you can refer the way to make a setting Friskies JitterBug on the computer (PC Windows & Mac). The solution the producer applies is using Bluestacks – the top Android operating system emulator now. All you need is only a Windows or Mac computer.

Manufacturers believe in the success of the apps above, and it may be a new industry – an industry for cats in the future.  


Cats begin playing from four weeks of their age. With the feature of being curious and having abundant energy in the body, they will spend most of their time fighting with other cats and perturbing other objects in the small community around. How about cats always living in the house?

In this case, you should add the apps in this article into the app list on your iPad, tablet, or smartphone.


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