Introduction of best cat play rugs

As a cat owner, you will definitely want your furry babies to have fun and play with delight. However, you will not want your furniture to be damaged, or you have to punish your cats. 

Therefore, pet supplies manufacturers have launched cat play rugs.

Let’s find out 8 best cat play rugs available on the market now. Then you should find out the most suitable one to buy as a gift for your cats.

1. Interactive Cat Ripple Rug – SnugglyCat Brand

This product must stand at the top of the checklist. Introduced by the well-known SnugglyCat brand, Cat Ripple Rug has received thousands of positive reviews and became the #1 Best Seller in Pet Supplies Category on Now, let me tell you:

  • How your cat can use this cat ripple rug:
  • The cat ripple rug can be a multi-functional activity center. It can be both an entertainment and a sleeping place for our furry friends. Your cats can scratch, pounce, groom, stretch freely, or play safely with other cats. They will also want to sleep on the ripples or inside tunnels as they instinctively love the privacy and safety coverage.
  • In addition to cleaning nails and paws, cats can also enjoy the ripples’ safety to scratch in their own peaceful area. 
  • Hunting, hiding, pouncing, and stalking – all of those activities are to satisfy a cat’s instinct and train his dexterity. Cats naturally love ripple tunnels and holes, too.
  • An unlimited number of shapes keep the product always fresh and new to the kitties. They will never feel bored but excited instead.
  • Improve both mental and physical health for your cats, especially good for depressed or overweight cats.
  • This product is not only for a single cat. If you have many cats in your house, they can share this same playground and bed mat.
  • What you can do with the cat ripple rug:
  • You can attach touchpoints anywhere to create infinitive shapes by pressing them down. Then you can release them simply by pulling up.
  • Save your furniture from being scratched or dug.
  • Your cats can stretch, roll around and scratch as much as they want, their fur and nail shards will be on the carpet instead of your sofa. Then you can easily clean them up.
  • Holes can function as groomers, which removes loose fur. As a bonus, you can also hide treats and toys inside the holes.
  • What are this product’s features?
A number of outstanding features!
  • Non-slip rubber bottom will prevent your cats from slipping or sliding when they pounce. So it is extra safe.
  • Easy to clean, washable with washing machine
  • Tough and durable, long-lasting.
  • Hypoallergenic, mildew, and stain-resistant.
  • Made of PET Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Bottles.
  • The holes are elastic and stretchable when cats pass by.
  • The absolutely non-slip cover keeps the carpet in place when cats pounce.
  • Non-fray carpet design, no loose strings.

It is such a wonderful cat play rug, right? That’s why it is put in the number one position!

2. Cat Rug with toys hanging around – Totoo Brand

The second product in our checklist is a cat play rug with toys hanging around. We can see that it is very interesting from the first glance.

As you can see, there are some exciting toys such as cotton-stuffed hot dogs, plastic mouse, or tiny ball hanging around on the top of the cat’s head by default. Besides, you can hang or hook additional toys on it.

The high-quality velvet and soft material will keep your cat comfortable while playing and have long-time fun. Apart from playing and exercising with the hanging toys, your furry babies can also lay down on the cozy mat bottom.

The arched shape of the playground can save a lot of space in your home. When not in use, the tent is foldable. You can easily flatten it for convenient storage. The material is easy to clean and replace, too.

There are four lovely models for you to choose from: 

This cat play rug is funny and multi-functional. Thus, I also highly recommended it for our furry friends.

3. Natural Sisal Cat Scratching Pad – BEROVE Brand

Are you looking for your cat’s favorite scratcher? Here it is!

Cats instinctively love to sharpen their claws, and no cat can resist before an appealing scratching mat! 

This product will not only satisfy your cat’s scratching nature but also give your favorite furry friends healthy claws.

Apart from being an appropriate place for your cats to relieve stress and do exercise, it saves all furniture and carpets in your house from these playful friends, too.

With cartoon style, cute and vivid images on the pad will capture your furry babies. It can be both your cat’s interesting toy and beautiful home decoration in your house. 

This durable cat scratcher is made of EVA foam base mat covered by natural sisal, which is very safe and non-slip. Moreover, the sisal material is durable and washable.

Tip: Unless your cats are keen on it at first, you can try to prepare some catnip then sprinkle on it. Your cat will fall in love with the pad immediately! 

4. Double-Sided Cat Scratching Mat – PanDaDa Brand

Made from natural sisal, this catnip scratch mat uses a special, non-toxic, and safe smell to draw your cat’s attention.

Extra durability makes it possible for your mischievous furry babies to bite or chew, and even scratch with their sharp claws.

At the corner of the sisal side, there is a squeak mice-shaped toy tied with a stretching rope, which can emit a funny sound to attract your kittens.

The product is double-sided and very easy to use. You just need to lay it down on the floor, and the cat will come to play with it instead of messing up your whole house.

5. Cat Scratching Bed – HEEPDD Brand

This tiny cat bed is multi-functional. Your cats can both sleep and scratch with it, which can also save your room’s space from another cat bed or toys.

The tray has a circular, bowl-shaped cute design, which looks like the head of a cat. Therefore, it will allow your cat to snuggle, lounge, curl up, or sleep. Adding a little catnip to attract the cat to get in the bed to play and rest is a good idea. 

Made of premium plush and PVC, the bed is very comfortable and durable, apart from being soft and cozy. Your furry babies can have a natural scratching replacement and a great bed in one product free from harmful chemicals and materials.

Below is the funny and interesting design of this cat scratching board with tree colors.




6. Three-style Cat Sisal Scratcher – SmartyKat Brand

For the next product in our cat play rug checklist, there are up to three styles!

Style 1: 


Style 2: 


Style 3:


With a wide range of scratching surfaces and angles, the scratch scroll sisal waves multi-surface cat scratcher becomes perfectly balanced in both fashion and function.

Your cats will love it right from the first sight because of potential organic catnip inside the refillable catnip pouch. In addition, you can add a bonus snap-in feather toy to increase the fun.

Not only the cat, but you will also love the scratch scroll for its effectiveness as a furniture saver and a wooden home decor.

There are many styles for you to shape and keep it fresh to your furry friends. Therefore, they will never get bored and remain happy.

7. Multi-functional cat scratching pad – BAODANstore Brand

Is this a skateboard for your cat? The answer is NO!

Actually, it is a seesaw rug, which is extremely fun for two cats. 

There is a tiny elastic furball attached to the rug, which can lure the cat into playing and increasing the amount of interactive exercise. It is very difficult for the cats to catch the furball as it always bounds and jumps.

With its primary materials are natural sisal and polyester fiber, the play rug is high-quality, durable, and safe for your cat. It can entertain your cat while you are not at home so that your cat will never feel alone and depressed.

Your furry babies can take a short nap right on the fashionable pad if they are tired after playing.

The hemp rope area in the middle of the mat lets the cat grind its claws as well as satisfies its scratching instinct.

There are two colors for this product.



8. Fun Nylon Mat for Cat – Duvo+ Brand

With the closely sewing lines, this mat lets you pump air into it via the valve to make it bulge. Later, your cats will surely love a bulged rug with tassels at four corners.

You can also play with your cat by letting the air go in and out continuously with a manual pump. However, do not fear that this mat will explode when your cats tear it apart. The product, which is made of premium-quality nylon, is extra durable and can bear damages very well.

Although you can not use this as home decor like the above products, this is still a good choice due to its low price, lightweight, portability and space-saving feature.

Buying cat play rugs guide

After taking a look through the product list above, you will need my buying guide to choose the appropriate cat play rug for your furry friends. 

Firstly, although these cat play mats will appeal to most cats, you will still need to understand what are your cats’ favorite gift.

Another factor is your house’s indoor space. Despite these products’ foldability and relatively small size, you may want your cat to play all day and save the house space at the same time. A small cat carpet that can also function as home decor will be a great choice if your house is not too large.

The third factor is the number of cats in your home. If you have lots of cats, buy large carpets like the Cat Ripple Rug of SnugglyCat. Meanwhile, the seesaw pat at the seventh position is the perfect choice for two cats. Moreover, if your cat is too big or fat, you should not buy a tiny cat play rug, of course.

Last but not least, you should care about the price. You can order a cheap carpet if the budget is not much or the toy is not too important to your cat. For example, your cat prefers playing outside to playing toys or wants to be with people more.

Final Words

Generally, a cat play rug can play with your cats instead of you so that you can save more time and avoid diseases such as Cat Scratch Fever. Moreover, you will also not have to discipline your cat for messing up everything or spoiling the furniture in your house.

I hope that after this article, you can gift your furry babies the best cat play rug in your case.

Thanks for reading!


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