Cats or dogs? Hmm, well both if they can stand being in the same room with each other! It’s a nightmare trying to pry the two apart after a bitter encounter but amazing to see a cat and dog bond. So why is it sometimes cats and dogs pair well with each other but sometimes don’t? Well this depends a lot on what kind of dog you may have (or are thinking of bringing home) and their behavioral history with cats. 

Different groups of dog breeds express different tendencies. “Toy Group” for example are a category of smaller breeds like a Pug or Shih Zu which are both charming and affectionate and love to lounge in your lap. Dogs who were previously bred to work in packs such as the “Hound Group” have the inherent ability to watch out for other animals close to them. Often these anestrial tendencies can translate well into protecting and bonding with your kitty!

Regardless of your pooch’s past life, it’s not always guaranteed that cats and dogs will play nice with one another. Whether your dog is big or small, all dogs are different and exhibit different personality traits, especially around other pets. Let’s take a look at 12 of the best dog breeds to live with cats and why they’re so friendly!

  1. Border Collie
Image by 4924546 from Pixabay

This cute canine is from the dog group known as the Herding Group. The Herding dog group is notorious for their responsiveness and intelligence when it comes to training as they were bred to herd cattle. The German Shepherd is also a part of this category and they love to show off their intelligence when sniffing for evidence or tracking scents. 

Whether herding sheep or running around the yard, the Border Collie is one of the friendliest companions to both humans and felines alike. This energetic yet gentle breed can run laps around the yard by day and cuddle up next to your kitty in the evening. 

  1. Pug
Image by Katrinbechtel from Pixabay

Who wouldn’t love that sweet face? Even your cat will want to befriend this affectionate house dog seeing as Pugs are from the Toy Group. Dogs from the Toy Group are known to be small and are more or less lap dogs and Pugs are the perfect example of this. 

This pupper loves to lounge and let it all hang out and what’s better than having another furry best friend to join you? Being a petite breed with a mellow attitude (well, most times), a Pug is a great dog to live with a cat and calmly cohabit the house.

  1. Golden Retriever
Image by Info > Selling of my photos to StockAgencies is not permitted from Pixabay

Although a big dog, Goldens wouldn’t hurt a fly! This playful and devoted breed is known to be helpful to others, often serving as a guide dog, hearing dog, rescue dog, and much more. 

Golden Retrievers are extremely outgoing which can help the bonding process for even the most reserved of our kitties. Once your cat gets to know this gentle breed, they won’t leave their side.

  1. Beagle


You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog! I’m not here to talk about Elvis, although that would make for a great dog name! I’m here to talk about how fantastic Beagles are with cats. From the Hound Group, Beagles have a “pack” mentality and will treat your cat as a part of the gang wherever they go. Previously bred to hunt in groups, Hound dogs don’t hesitate to protect their furry friends and are known to engage in play with them too.

  1. Labrador Retriever


Despite being one of the bigger dogs on this list, Labrador Retrievers are certainly one of the kindest. These dogs are eager to meet new creatures all while keeping their status as the gentle giant of the lot. 

From the Sporting Group, Labs love to get exercise by swimming, running, and playing fetch. After a long day of burning off some energy and playing outside, they are the perfect dog to come in and wind down with your cat. Loyal, friendly, and incredibly intelligent Labs are a wonderful fit for homes with all kinds of animals.

  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Don’t give me those eyes! This pooch not only offers the cutest looks but is also one of the calmest dogs to be around your cat. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an affectionate breed that is notable for getting along well with other animals. 

This adorable breed is very adaptive so Cavaliers can be an energetic pal or lazy friend too depending on their owner’s lifestyle. Whatever cat you may have, this dog can make it work!

  1. Bulldog
Image by Валентин Симеонов from Pixabay

Don’t be intimidated by the brutish appearance of this doggo because they are far from ferocious. Bulldogs are easy going and caring dogs who wouldn’t hesitate in befriending any other pet in the house. 

Part of the Non-Sporting Group, Bulldogs can get up to 50 lbs but won’t be shy to hop in your lap and act just like a Toy Dog. Under the same roof, your cat will feel safe and sound with their big best friend.

  1. Poodle


You won’t have to worry about more pet hair in the house with a Poodle because these are hypoallergenic dogs, meaning they don’t shed! This breed is extremely smart and very playful which can be a perfect match for bonding with younger cats. 

Compatibility is key when pairing cats and dogs so you want to make sure some characteristics will match up before housing them under the same roof. No matter the size of your Poodle, they are bound to become buddies with your feline. 

  1. Basset Hound
Image by Sebastian Molina Bullrich from Pixabay

Closely related to the Beagle, a Basset Hound is also a scenthound, meaning their sniffing ability is unmatched among other groups. These loyal and patient companions don’t only make friends with humans but will also show love to your cats. 

Not too much exercise is required to satisfy these dogs since they are more of the couch potato type which can be ideal for the right home and for older cats.

  1. Papillon
Image by reabythebeach from Pixabay

French for “butterfly” the Papillon breed is known for its unique, wing-like ears that are just so lovable. From the Toy Group, and with a size not much bigger than a cat, these dogs can still be spotted from a mile away with those iconic ears and their eager energy. 

Their curious and smart nature makes them a perfect pal for your cat. The Papillon will follow everything you do as they are so happy just to be included whether it be with humans or feline friends!

  1. Maltese

Another pup from the Toy Group, the Maltese is an ideal sized dog to introduce to a timid kitty. With a height of just a mere 7-9 inches, this dog breed won’t intimidate your cat but will want to bond with them as a like size companion.

In addition to size, the Maltese also matches feline energy with the poise and charm they exhibit. Keeping things around the house calm and collected for our more relaxed kitties.

  1. Newfoundland


Another gentle giant of this list is the Newfoundland dog. These dogs come from the Working Group and express strong devotion, patience, and willingness to learn with their owners. 

The Newfie is reputable in getting along with just about everybody, including kids and cats! With their calm demeanor and sweet-tempered attitude, Newfoundland is an unforgettable companion to share your home with your cats.

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