It’s true…cats love the interaction.

But simple human interaction is not the root of their satisfaction.

If only cats were less demanding creatures.

But the truth is they desperately crave interactive toys with which they can play and enjoy active hours on end.

If you can’t please them, let us do the trick. We offer a list of the best interactive cat toys 2020. Pick one that suits your feline best and have fun with the goods it brings.

Our top pick of the best-rated interactive cat toys

Play to your cat’s hunting instinct, and keep him busy catching his false prey.

We can award this little furry “the best cosplay” prize in that it skilfully mimics the intriguing chirping sound of a real bird so that the felines can’t help but activate his hunting impulse.

Even if your cat senses something fake in his prey, he will be drawn to the attractive smell covered all over the bird’s body. This is due to the certified organic catnip on the bird’s feather.

Pet owners can rest assured their felines will enjoy the most active hours during the day as SmartyKat will burst into song with a single push of the paw, as well as staying neatly in the cat’s mouth.

The SmartyKat can be as much a nuisance when it’s too noisy as a problem when it can’t withstand heavy chewing or quickly runs out of power.

What we liked

  • Touch-activated real chirping sounds
  • Comes in assorted colors
  • Refillable pouch of organic catnip
  • Soft to the touching and clamping

What we disliked

  • Noisy
  • Can’t handle chewing
  • Short battery life

Mousr is a newbie, but it has successfully proved to be living proof of how Artificial Intelligence has been universally applied in everyday life.

Mousr breathes new life into the extent to which cat can interact with his toys, not just via simple touching, tampering, chewing, but in this case, it is a two-way interaction.

You can customize the settings using the remote control or your mobile. The driver assists will save Mousr free when it is stuck.

The whole set will not cost below $140, which is not affordable for many people.

What we liked

  • Three automatic play strategies
  • Rechargeable
  • The tough and sturdy shell
  • Can run on carpet

What we disliked

  • It is costly

It is time to test your feline’s agility!

With three levels of tracks, each accompanying a multi-colored ball, this Petstages toy will entertain your cat and keep him active for hours on end.

To make the game more stimulating, you can group several felines as a team and leave them competing with others. The more, the merrier!

The three-tier tower will not easily fall over and trap the cat head as it has a stacked and sturdy construction, with a built-in bar in between the top opening and a non-slip base to keep the balls in place.

Again, the toy can be noisy if your feline moves the ball for hours on end. As for some little kitties, the balls may be too large to handle.

What we liked

  • Durable build quality
  • Mental and Physical entertaining
  • Tighten the bond among cats
  • Captivating look

What we disliked

  • Can be noisy
  • Not suitable for kitties

With its erratic motion and a funny feather whirling unpredictably in the air, this SmartyKat electronic toy is sure to capture the feline’s attention.

Each time this feathery toy comes into play, your feline starts targeting it as a stimulating prey, which wanders randomly as if to dare the little friend to run, jump to chase, then grab and attack it.

Users shouldn’t leave the feline alone with this motion wand as it contains small parts, which can be dangerous if the feline happens to swallow.

What we liked

  • Whisper quiet motor
  • Replacement wands available
  • Random wobble motion

What we disliked

  • Supervision required

It would be a shame if Catit Senses 2.0 Circuit was excluded from the list of the best interactive cat toys.

It sharpens most of the necessary hunting senses in cats, namely sight, touch, and sound. Featuring a unique peek-a-boo track design, the toy piques feline’s interest to bat the ball around.

Catit circuit incorporates a swirl-patterned ball, with proper body weight to suit the needs of your feline pet.

On the flip side, there are no instructions or layout samples to help you with the assembly.

What we liked

  • Versatile
  • Made from durable material
  • Unique design that captivates feline friend
  • Hassle-free cleanup

What we disliked

  • No layout samples available

You know what? Cats love laser and can spend the whole day chasing after the laser pointer that catches their attention.

What makes this shining friend stand out is the unique hat-shaped pointer, while the toy itself focuses on offering a full 360-degree rotation to create the best visual effects for your feline to contemplate. The laser goes around randomly so that the feline is busy following the track of the pointer.

It is not a noise-making tool like many other toys on the market; therefore, it is as quiet as functional, coming with a replaceable battery and three customizable laser modes to cater to particular demands.

The automatic shutoff is also a loveable feature.

A big flaw that affects this perfect player is the battery compartment, which is too firmly attached to get off quickly. Since the toy is merely a diamond-shaped object, it can be knocked over by boisterous felines.

What we liked

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Customizable
  • Stable
  • Clever design

What we disliked

  • Can’t tolerate boisterous cats
  • The battery compartment may be difficult to handle

This high tech is rated as among the best interactive cat toys for indoor kittens home alone since it packs various interactive features to deliver as much facial and verbal human interaction as possible.

You’ve got to see it!

It is not only what your beloved feline needs but also what you have been looking for. Why’s that?

Living a bustling life means you have to make sacrifices in terms of the interaction you have with our pets.

But this laser toy will compensate for this lack of love by preparing two-way audio so that you can see the felines, say words of love to them, and even hear their responses back.

This cam delivers crystal clear 1080p HD video of your pet when you are out and leave him alone. It supports zooming in three times closer to monitor at short sight.

That’s just one point. The benefit is that you can play with the cat through your phone screen, such as shining the laser pointer for him to catch.

Cloud-based video storage is free of charge, and the cam makes do with 2.4GHz WiFi.

If there is something to complain about this toy, it will be with the app installed and the connection, which interferes with the video’s quality.

What we liked

  • It is sleek and small
  • Feature practical purposes
  • Allow real-time interaction in a swipe of a screen

What we disliked

  • The app and the connection work fairly badly sometimes.

Cats are always welcoming towards special treats. When given such, cats know they have behaved themselves well and so get rewarded with some small presents.

It’s a good idea to use food rewards as stimulation to entice the feline friends. And our favorite pick is for PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy.

This comes in a ball-shaped design that can roll across the floor, encouraging the cat to sit up and indulge in the game.

The ball has several openings designed to fit kibble size, and this allows you to combine mealtime with playtime while preventing the cat from getting overweight.

The food dispenser takes the form of a ball, which means it is lightweight, and you can simply split it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

SlimCat makes this product in the hope that it will help improve digestion with smaller pieces of food. But this well-intentioned aim comes as an inconvenience when small treats dispense so quickly.

What we liked

  • Designed to be filled with small treats
  • Fostering exercises and enhancing food tasting
  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher safe

What we disliked

  • Built-in openings are a double-edged sword.

At first glance, this seems to be like a normal carpet. But we’re sure household carpet will never go with such peculiar holes to undermine its aesthetic look.

Only interactive cat rug is designed with this feature in mind. The holes are for cats to snug in and out comfortably. It fits well with the body size of felines.

This brownish rug consists of two non-fray carpets – perfect for a hiding spot, a peaceful sleep, or an active play. The material is safe to the touch, thermal-insulated, with excellent gripping.

After months of full use, you will notice the rug is still in pristine condition, which means it handles the wear and tears very well.

If it is possible, may we ask for more color options, apart from the brown one?

What we liked

  • Encourage creative play and improve intellectual development
  • Provide cozy bed
  • High-quality fabric
  • Clean and foldable

What we disliked

  • Limited color options available

Happy watching your cat jump high to reach the colorful teaser band!

If you are looking for a fun way for the interaction between you and Mr.Cat to happen, come on and purchase this cat charmer wand teaser toy.

As you twirl and whirl the “magic wand,” your cat will start jumping as she can’t resist the vibrant color of the fabric. It’s so attractive.

It is the best interactive cat toy to reduce aggression. Plus, the wand is from a safe, durable polycarbonate; it doesn’t harm the feline.

One warning for users: This teaser wand can only do the trick when it is under your control. It can’t be left hovering on the window or the door.

What we liked

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Entertaining while being safe

What we disliked

  • Can’t be attached to the door or window

The buying guide for the best purchase of interactive cat toys

There are several points you have to consider when choosing the best interactive toy for cats

Battery-operated or not

If the toy is battery-power, undoubtedly it will bring more convenience, not least when you are away from home. Toys of this feature usually come with an automatic shut off to monitor the toy’s operating time.

Manual toys, on the other hand, require a human presence. But in return, it helps bond the pet and its parents.

No matter which one you pick, you will get the best of both worlds.


Catnip makes a toy more attractive to cats, but several felines hate this herb and will refuse to interact with the toy.

The trial and error method will help you know if your pet loves this plant.

Food dispenser toy

With the help of this toy, your cat has a lower risk of obesity since it forces itself into exercising right after the meal. When cats play as they eat, they will get more excited as well.

Must know: Raw Diet for cats – pros and cons


Can interactive toy relieve my cat’s stress?

A: Besides fostering their intellectual and physical growth, interactive toys can be a source of entertainment for your felines.

Should I buy a laser toy for my feline?

A: Absolutely, cats are drawn to laser pointer as its erratic movement resembles that of prey. Then, you know, cats are natural-born hunters.

What should I do if the toy overstimulates my cat?

A: It’s bad to hear so. The only way to get out of this trouble is to limit the playtime your cat has with the toy, and improve real-life interaction with the pet owners.

Will the interactive toys make cats more skillful hunters?

A: It’s hard to tell definitely, but cats can totally hone their hunting skills via the stimulation of the toys.


It hurts our heart to see miserable cats curling up in the corner of the house because of either boredom or laziness.

If it is the case of your cat, then one purchase can change the whole situation.

Randomly picking any interactive tool recommended in our review, and you will see its magic power. SlimCat food dispenser creates hours of happy eating and exercising while SmartyKat electronic toy prompts feline to be active running, chasing, and catching the “prey.”


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