Cats are among the most playful pets. Because they are keen on shiny lights, using a laser pointer is one of the simplest ways. 

This wonderful cat-friendly toy will not only distract your pets from boredom all the time, but it also enhances both their physical and mental health. 

However, finding the perfect laser pointer for your cats is quite challenging as these kinds of products are redundant in the market. Therefore, I have gathered some of the best laser pointers for cats in this post.

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It is very convenient for you to utilize USB rechargeable products like this one. The battery of this laser pointer can run well up to five to seven days every 90-minute charged. You can plug it in any device with USB gateways such as laptops or PCs to easily fulfill their energy.

The red laser, the LED light, and the UV light modes can help you more than just entertain you and your furry babies. They can allow you to find out pet stains, pet urine, as well as bed bugs. Any cat owners know how helpful this can be. 

As a bonus, the laser beam can effortlessly reach a distance of over 100 feet indoor. Therefore, you can comfortably play with your cat anywhere.

The next product is a very well-designed and enjoyable cat toy.

The diamond-shaped pointer at the top creates a unique outlook and fashionable style. 

With the creative automatic rotating feature, this laser pointer can keep furry babies busy all the time even when you are not there to play with them.

However, do not think that this product can only emit a red spot and move on a circular trajectory.

In fact, the light can move at three modes. They are slow, fast, and random so that your cat will never get bored with their target showing up at unpredictable places.

In addition to the safe kind of light, the pointer has a 15-minute timer to automatically turn off. In this way, you will not have to worry that your cats can become tired or hurt by the laser light.

Thanks to its large conical basement, the laser emitter is very stable, and your cats can hardly overturn it. Sponsored

With the stainless steel case, this laser pointer is extra durable and can stand the weather. The 2-position sliding switch mechanism makes it very easy to use and operate.

Also, you can use the default lanyard for your ease of carrying.

If you want to enjoy the dual functionality, it can be both a laser pointer and a mini flashlight at the same time.

Although its use is like other products in the same category, it is the best one with beautiful design and durability at a reasonable price.

With the Laifoo Interactive LED Light Pointer, you can assure that your furry babies can get all the necessary physical stimulation.

Ordinarily, when using other products, the light is not really bright and visible during the daytime, so it is more challenging to play with your cats until the sunset. However, when it comes to Laifoo Interactive LED Light Pointer, you can interact with your furry friends all day long thanks to the super-luminous light.

Besides, this product uses a couple of 400mAH AAA batteries, which guarantee a long service time. Once charging it fully, you are able to get it up and operate together with the accompanied USB cable at ease.

Keep your pet continuously excited with this automatic chasing game. What you need to do is just sitting and watching as your furry babies try to catch the red dot moving around funnily. 

The cube is wireless and multi-face so that even if your cat jumps into and makes it roll, the game will still continue and bring about uninterrupted fun. 

Moreover, the multi-face design also allows you to turn any surface into the playground for your playful cats. Whether you place it on the window or a table at different angles, your cat can still enjoy the same fun. Sponsored

As a bonus, there is a wide range of adjustable circling modes for you to choose from. By tapping the button on top of the electronic cube, you can select pattern mode between slow, medium, or fast speed, pause the spinner and aim the red dot to any direction.

This spinning teaser machine will puzzle your cats with random motion. The interactive cat will always find it engaging, which is also an excellent exercise and wonderful sensory stimulation for your pet.

To make sure that your cat will not play until becoming exhausted, you can set the off timer. 

With rechargeable USB and automatical operation, this product is very suitable for busy cat owners.

Our next choice is quite good for the overall design. It features a premium-quality stainless-steel coat and an anti-off tape that provide comfortable and long use.

With the smart slide button, you can release your hand freely instead of holding the button down all the time. In other words, you can keep or stop the laser emitted at ease whenever you want.

Like some of the other products in the same category, the laser pointer can function as a flashlight in case needed. 

As a battery-powered pointer, it only requires the most popular and cheapest AA battery. 

Overall, this is an economical but handy tool for you to play with your cats.

Do you think there is any laser pointer that can be a stylus, a LED flashlight, and a pen at the same time in the world? The answer is YES. Sponsored

The extra versatility hides behind simple looks. First of all, you can use it as a ballpoint pen. Later, you may discover that it can function as a laser pointer for cats and an LED flashlight. 

Finally, when you accidentally let it interact with your smartphone’s screen, you will realize that it can be a stylus for PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). 

I am just kidding with the above story. However, its multi-function is true. Apart from supporting you in having fun with your cats, it can help you more than expected.

With premium aluminum construction, it is very durable and long-lasting. The manufacturer Spectre also includes a sleek tin box in the package as a gift for their customers!

As a cat lover, you know that cats love round balls and chasing the red spotlight. But what you may not know is there is a great product that is the combination of the two most favorite toys for cats.

As a 360-degree self-rotating ball and a laser pointer at the same time, this product will surely capture any cats from the first sight.

What you need to do is simple. Just press the start button, and the ball will immediately roll around your house while displaying a red light beam simultaneously.

This laser-emitting sphere is smart enough to automatically change its direction and be self-balanced if it collides with any objects on the way. In this way, you do not have to waste your time watching out the ball, and your cats can play by themselves.

With three pairs of battery, this ball can serve your furry babies in a very long time.

The product produces a red light beam that moves around the floor by itself and creates a lot of funnily chasing scenes. When turned on, the red laser tail will travel randomly and unpredictably around the house as programmed. Sponsored

Once your cat thinks he has captured his target, the laser tail will begin to move again, and the chase is on.

This laser tail will switch off automatically after a ten-minute game, which is quite sufficient for your pets.

Designed for easy operation, you can start the machine simply by pressing a mini button.

You do not have to do anything but sit and watch your cat playing happily because this is an independent device. Or else, you can turn on the machine then go out for your own business while your furry friends can have fun by themselves. 

Buying Guide

With the vast number of types and models of laser pointers for cats in the market at present, making the final choice will definitely be difficult for you. Do not worry. This buying guide will help you.

First, consider if the number of objects in your home is plentiful, and there is something fragile like a vase. Automatic laser pointer devices, despite its smart operation, can still make your cats jump into household items and mess things up. In that case, you should use a manual pointer.

Secondly, do you have a lot of time to play with your furry babies? Furthermore, do you like to sit and watch your cats playing on their own, or you prefer to interact with them? You should take these factors into consideration before deciding to buy automatic or manual machines.

Thirdly, you simply want to buy a toy for your cats to play with or want to integrate other features like flashlight, ballpoint pen, etc.

Last but not least, let’s choose a product that fits your budget.

Final Words on buying a laser pointer for cats

Generally, an automatic laser pointer for cats can play with your cats instead of you so that you can save more time. But a manual device is better if you want to get total control over your cats.

It will double the fun with a cat tree or other interactive cat toys.

I hope that after this article, you can give your furry friends the most appropriate laser pointer for cats in your case.

Thanks for reading!


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