Cats are energetic; sometimes they can wander about the streets and possibly get dangers. If you are busy people working all day long, leaving your cat alone and lock her away; she will easily get bored, stressed; thus causing some psychological problems.×576.jpg

And more importantly, your cat needs you in an emergency. She cannot talk, take a phone call, or tell you how is her day. That explains why pet cameras are gaining a rapid reputation these days. But which is the best pet camera for cats among that huge number of products in the market? 

Pet Camera For Cats Overview

Some of you who are reading this post feel uncertain about pet cameras for cats. You may wonder why should you purchase those devices and how to choose the best pet camera for cats. Your questions are also possibly concerned ones coming from many other people. Let’s find out the answer for them.

Why Should I Purchase A Pet Camera For Cats?

Pet cameras for cats come with many benefits, not only for busy people but also ones usually staying at home as there are some moments that you need to leave your house for many reasons. Let’s see why we should purchase a pet camera for cats.

The Lack Of Communication

Almost cats have the tendency to hide their abnormal behaviours and the lack of communication between both of you can prevent you from detecting your cat’s health problems that might appear for weeks, or even months. Some daily recordings may give you some clues that can be missed. Sleeping too much, missing meals, being less active, etc. might be all symptoms of deadly diseases. 

Some of you think that pet cameras for cats are unnecessary but don’t let yourself regret it someday. 

Unwanted Accidents

Cats came from the wild and then they were domesticated to be pets. After hundreds of years, most of their instinctive characteristics disappeared but they are still very energetic. Without a pet camera, you cannot know if your cat is getting in any unwanted accidents. 

You have no way to anticipate those accidents, but you need to recognize them on time. Catching your cat getting in trouble using a pet camera can save her life. For example, getting stuck while the gas stove is on is very dangerous even with humans, not just pets. 

The Engagement

The pet camera comes with advanced technology that helps a lot in improving your interaction with your cat. May products were featured to work as bidirectional audio and you can additionally talk to her instead of just listening and seeing what’s going on. Some of those pet cameras for cats even include a laser pointer to help in engaging with your fur-baby. 

Stress Reduction

As mentioned above, being left alone all day long can make your cat get bored, feel lonely; thus causing some psychological problems. This is not only your pet’s issue as some people doing full-time jobs may suffer a lot from being under the pressure. Both of you need a solution.

With a pet camera for cats, continuous interaction created can bring about stress reduction and happiness.  

Those are four main reasons why you should purchase a pet camera for your cat, but more than that, this product gives you more benefits than you can imagine such as finding out what makes your cat feel comfortable or even catching uninvited visitors. 

Types Of Pet Cameras For Cats

Pet cameras for cats these days come with a lot of subcategories, but in this post, we will mention two major ones: monitor cameras and collar cameras. Let’s see what is the difference between them.

Monitor Camera

Monitor pet cameras refer to traditional security devices working as a stationary that you can set it up in any corner in your house to watch your cat. 

Those products are usually featured a wide field of view and bidirectional audio which helps a lot when you want to talk to your cat instead of just watching.

Collar Camera

The name shows its features. Comparing to the monitor camera, the collar camera is smaller and can be fixed to your cat’s collar instead of setting up somewhere in your house. This type of device helps you come closer to the former and know specifically what is your cat doing. As the camera is too close to your cat’s neck, there isn’t any two-way audio supporting you to interact with her.

Cat owners usually purchase monitor cameras as most of their concern comes from the security around and they also want to interact with their cat. But collar camera is gradually showing its effectiveness in letting people know where is their cat in a certain time. 

You can choose one of them depending on your condition, but if possible, purchase both to ensure the result. 

What To Consider When I Purchase A Pet Camera For Cats?

When looking for any good item, it’s very important that you consider some factors carefully. 

Bidirectional Communication

As mentioned above, cats left alone can easily get bored. It would be better if you can talk to your cat. It’s a good thing for both of you as people working all day long can easily get stressed, as well. 

Recording Ability

You cannot always see what’s going on with your cat and pet cameras with recording ability will be efficient assistants. 

4 Best Pet Cameras For Cats 2019

You are still confused by a huge number of pet cameras for cats in the market, in spite of the information we give you? So this is time for some recommendations.

Petcube Play 2 Smart Pet Camera

Petcube Play 2 Smart Pet Camera comes with adequate features and great performance, but the interactivity and functionality are what make it different from the others. 

If you are looking for a device with a built-in laser pointer and bidirectional communication, Petcube Play 2 will never let you down. 

The quality of the camera is also a considerable factor, and with the impressive resolution and zooming option provided, you can watch your cat in HD whether you use iOS or Android systems. People working at night don’t have to worry anymore as they can see their pets in inadequate lighting conditions thanks to the night vision.

This camera also provides a motion sensor so that you can alert the movement, which means that you don’t have to stare at your phone screen for hours concerning the absence of the cat from the frame. 

What’s more, modern design and a non-slip pad on the bottom brings about a small size that is perfect to not be intrusive and stay in place, especially when you worry that your cat would knock it over. 

The price is quite expensive which can let you consider a little bit and this camera works depending on the Internet signal. If this signal is weak, you might see the video stream delayed; thus preventing you from solving the problem on time.


  • Built-in laser pointer and bidirectional communication
  • High video quality supported on both Android and iOS system
  • Night vision helps in seeing in inadequate lighting conditions
  • The monitor sensor to alert the movement 
  • The modern design and a non-slip pad on the bottom keeps the camera in place and not to be intrusive


  • Video streaming can be delayed due to the weak Internet signal
  • The price is quite expensive

PawBo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera + Pawbo Flash Combo Set

Another recommended product in this post is Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera. 

As same as Petcube Play 2, this device comes with a built-in laser pointer and bidirectional audio system. 

However, there are some differences that give people more options to choose depending on their condition. 

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera comes with a wide-angle lens. This device will give you an adequate view of the room as long as you place it the right way.

Many people purchase the best pet cameras for cats to improve their interaction with their cats, then this is a perfect choice. We have a compartment under the camera and you can store some favourite treats in it to reward your cat when she is well-behaved or when you want to make her happy. Every time you push the button, your interaction is improved more strongly.

Some people get problems when they want their friends and family to watch their kitties alongside them as the application allows only one or two people accessing at the same time. Things will be different as the PawBo+ app and its accessories show its power with the ability to run fluently with up to eight people accessing at the same time. 

You suddenly see an adorable moment of your cat and want to share it with other people? Just capture the screen and upload the picture straight to social networks. 

However, we still have some inconvenience comparing to Petcube Play 2. The video quality comes with 720p HD instead of 1080hp. Although we can use the speaker to talk to our cats, sometimes it goes down and the sound becomes very hard to hear. Besides, the treat dispensing tray is quite small and needs to be refilled regularly. This somewhat limits your ability to treat your fur-baby. 


  • Built-in laser pointer and bidirectional audio system
  • A wide-angle lens which gives you an adequate view of the room as long as you place it the right way
  • A compartment under the camera helps in storing some favourite treats for your cat
  • Powerful PawBo+ app which is available for 8 people accessing at the same time


  • Video with lower quality 
  • The speaker is not in the best quality
  • The treat dispensing tray is quite small

GoPro Hero 7

GoPro is one of the most outstanding brand names for you when looking for the best pet collar camera for cats. GoPro Hero 7 is the latest model of Hero series, coming with the waterproof design and a great performance in recording thanks to the 4K resolution and a 12MP lens.

The duration and waterproof design make this an ideal device for outdoor use. According to its producers, this camera can work well in an impressive depth of water (up to 33 feet) for about 30 minutes. This time is not too long but it’s enough for a pet collar camera. 

The camera’s 2-inch touch screen helps a lot in easily used and bringing about the intuitive navigation; thus being a recommendation for videographers, regardless of their level. 

As same as those two devices above, GoPro Hero 7 has its own app. This app can follow your cat’s footage and tell you what is she doing thanks to the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. 

On the other hand, GoPro Hero 7 also shows its drawbacks after the time used. The first thing is the cost. You have to pay a lot of money for this camera comparing to other devices in the market. 

As this is one of the best movable cameras for cats, you need something to fix it in and a collar would be ideal in this case. With a collar pet camera, this kind of additional accessories is required. 

Don’t like monitor cameras, collar pet cameras are wireless devices, so the battery life plays a crucial role in this working process. If you are a person who works all day long, this camera won’t be an ideal product, but perfect with people who need to follow their cat’s footsteps for a short time when they leave home to buy something. 


  • This camera comes with the waterproof design and a great performance in recording thanks to the 4K resolution and a 12MP lens
  • The duration and waterproof design make this an ideal device for outdoor use
  • The camera’s 2-inch touch screen helps a lot in easily used and bringing about the intuitive navigation


  • The product is quite costly
  • The camera requires an additional collar
  • The battery life is shorter compared to the others

DOGTEK Eyenimal Cat Videocam

When first seeing this product, I was impressed by its size. DOGTEK Eyenimal Cat Videocam is surprisingly small. You may think that its battery life is very short, even shorter than the GoPro Hero 7 above, but you are all wrong. This camera comes with greatly long battery life – much longer than the others. 

The video performance is featured in two different distinct recording modes. One of them is motion detection – together with the night vision and autofocus. This turns this camera into a high-quality device.

This DOGTEK product also impresses me by its 4 GB of flash memory built-in. Some people using other pet collar cameras get problems when their devices run out of memories. It’s not the problem of DOGTEK users. 

Finally, the greatest advantage: DOGTEK Eyenimal Cat Videocam is specially designed for cats. These days, many cameras in the market were made for dog owners. This makes sure that the camera works best for your cat based on her biological characteristics; thus bringing about a good experience. This explains why I call it the greatest advantage.

However, there are something else that you need to pay much attention before purchasing this camera. First, the video recording is not in full HD. Second, it’s not a waterproof design anymore. Last but not least: the absence of GPS tracking. Most people purchase this camera to know the location of their cat in case they get lost or need help so this is quite a bummer. 


  • Super portable
  • Featured in two different distinct recording modes
  • 4 GB of flash memory built-in
  • Specially designed for cats


  • Lower quality of video recordings
  • Not resistant to water
  • The absence of GPS tracking

The Bottom Lines

In this post, we told you a lot of information on pet cameras for cats such as two main types of the camera, some benefits of this, what to consider before purchasing it and a list including 4 recommendations (2 monitor cameras and 2 collar cameras included). I hope that you would find out the best pet camera for cats after reading this post.

Have a nice day and enjoy the great moments you have with your fur-baby. If there are any questions, please tell us and we will give you the answer as quickly as possible. 


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