You know, birthday is the most important time of the year for anyone. But from the perspective of a birthday party, the birthday party of a friend we have the opportunity to attend depends on the gifts that come with it. That said, choosing to give him a difficult gift, writing meaningful and unique wishes is a challenge that seems even bigger than for special people like cat lovers.

The truth is, cats are a lovely animal. Those who give special love to this animal (the cat lovers) always have very personal characteristics. The selection of a greeting so that the meaning and interesting therefore need to become more meticulous. Cat lovers always carry the characteristics that are easy to find in cats, such as loveliness, lightness, or sometimes laziness. 

They like what is associated with the image or sound associated with cats (cries, scratches, etc.). Needless to say, these are the characteristics we can exploit to create the best birthday greetings. Me and you, let’s go find Birthday Wishes For Cat Lovers.

A few suggestions for your Wishes- How to make a meaningful Wish?

Simple Wishes

Let’s start with the most straightforward wishes!

The simplest wish we often encounter at every birthday party is “Happy Birthday”. To create a unique wish for cat lovers, you can change it as follows “Happy Purrday”. “Purr” is a cat’s roar, and it’s a point you can take advantage of to create an impressive greeting.

Similarly, you can combine this “purr” to create simple greetings with a similar word combination such as “Wishing you a purrfect birthday”. You should also note that wishes with a simple structure like this will often come with unique gifts or when you and someone whose birthday is in a relationship is too close.

If you don’t like the puns like above, try to create wishes with content related to the lovely cats based on the background of the old wishes.

Here are some examples:

  • Happy birthday! Cats rule, dogs drool!
  • Happy birthday to the coolest cat in town!
  • Happy birthday, cat lover! I’m as excited as a cat at a fish market!
  • Cool cats like you automatically chill out on their birthday. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday, cat lover! One year closer to crazy cat lady status!
  • A little birdie told me it was your birthday and then flew away in a panic. Happy Birthday!
  • I told my friend that I love her less than my cat. She understood. Happy Birthday!
  • To a terrific feline who may or may not choose to celebrate at her own discretion. Happy Birthday, Queen Kitten !!!
  • I called your boss, and they said you could stay home all day and play with your cats! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, tomcat! You get into fights, do what you want, and sleep with every female on the block.
  • I wish that I looked as good for my age as you look for your age, but I do not possess the magic remedy like you. Happy Birthday and keep the cat carefully!
  • If your cute meows didn’t melt my heart, I wouldn’t have tolerated your arrogant ways from the start. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday! Just like your cat, I can’t wait, I think you don’t look.
  • I wish that you missed me. Then you would appreciate how long I was gone getting things to make your birthday purrrfect.


Complicated Wishes

If short greetings don’t satisfy you and you are confident that you have good writing ability or you simply have more to convey, don’t be afraid to express it in words. You can build humor or simplicity but sophistication based on the most common characteristics of cats. 

If you want to find a meaningful greeting, try to take some time to learn about the object you are targeting as well as learn about the animal he or she likes: cats. I will take you to longer wishes.

The animal that the person with the birthday party loved – the cat – has very lovely features: lazy, small and sometimes chewy. Besides, they possess many valuable characteristics: agility, the ability to persevere in waiting for prey, flexibility, serenity … These are points you can put in your wishes to send to the birthday. 

If I had a chance, this would be my wish:

I wish you have a leisurely birthday like your cat. Do not try to chase the job. Sometimes reward yourself for a sunbathing, a luxurious afternoon with your cat friends. Be yourself, always a cute cat!

Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • You never play with me when I want you to, and you ignore me when I need you the most. But, you scratch me when I am most vulnerable and when I want to cuddle, you behave like a ghost. Hey! You wake me up with your meows when I am in a deep slumber. Even when you tear the upholstery, there is never an ounce of sadness on your face for your blunder. Still, I love you more than anything else in this world – because it is a heart-warming sight to see you on the sofa curled. Happy birthday.
  • I know you hardly care whether you have turned two, ten, or fifteen as long as your food bowl is kept full, and your litter box is kept empty. But here’s wishing you happy birthday anyway.
  • Hey cat, on your birthday I want you to know that you are my idol. I wish I could sleep, eat, roam about, and be loved whenever I wished without having to be nice to anyone. Happy birthday.
  • For your birthday I got you something much nicer than what you left in the kitty litter box for me on my birthday. Happy Birthday my wonderful friend.
  • My boyfriend is jealous of you because I love allowing you to lick me, curl up in bed with me and play with me till no end. Even he does not get some of these privileges. Happy birthday, kitty.

Gifts – Companions of Wishes

Wishes always come with gifts. Choosing gifts for cat lovers is not an easy thing. As a person with special feelings for cats, let me give you some directions.

The simplest gift that everyone thinks of is the birthday card. A birthday card with lovely images related to cats is enough to make cat lovers’ hearts flutter.

Items with images or elements related to cats can also be a reasonable choice for cat lovers. A water pitcher with the image of a cute cat. A pair of cat-embroidered schoolbags. Or, a book that combines stories related to life, routine, or even their adventures. Think carefully based on your friend’s knowledge.

Finally, one of the things that can be given to cat lovers is clothes. Fashion is a reflection of who you are. Also, a shirt with cat-related patterns can be a standout item ready to be crazy cat lovers. A pair of socks can also be a good choice.


Those are things that I can share with you to find the best wishes and presents for your beloved cat lover. Express your creativity as well as the love you have for the other person.

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