Black cat owners are typically more timid and cautious than others. But they are reliable, honest, and sincerer friends. Thus, their preference for presents should be unique.

Those t-shirts, canvas painting, and keychains are old-school. It would be best if you had something more refreshing.

If you are looking for black cat gift ideas 2021 for such a friend, I’ve got a bunch of options here.

Black cat gift ideas 2021

1. Tea/coffee mug

A customized mug with a black cat picture on it is a super present for a black cat fan. It would be more wonderful if you have the photo of your friend’s kitty printed on the cup. If you don’t have the picture, pick a cute black cat portrait to print.

2. Bottle stopper

In case the fellow is a wine avid, you can gift that one a bottle button with a statue of a black cat on top. This will be a great reminder whenever the friend has a toast.

3. Bookmark

Bookworms love bookmarks. A black cat bookmark is even super to a black cat owner. With one hanging on the book your friend reading, sitting by his black nine-live, you are considered a thoughtful pal.

4. Weathervane

Yes, why not a weathervane with the shape of a cat? You just need it to be painted in black to make it relevant.

5. Noteholder

This little item can easily land on a desk, top of a fridge, bookshelf, or top of a piano. It will not only hold the note but also be a lovely reminder of your friendship.

6. Figurine

A figurine is a perfect item to show off a part of the owner’s character. You can buy your friend a small, medium, or large figure that can be used as a decoration or a paperweight.

7. Money bank

A black cat money bank? Your friend will pretty much appreciate your concern about the saving habit. You can even add some coins in there as lucky money and tell your friend you care for him.

8. Brooch

This clothing accessory will surprise your fellow once he/she receives it. A brooch can come with any outfit will be a great expression of the person’s character.

9. Calendar

Your friend will always see this calendar on his/her desk. It’s even better if you can customize the calendar with the friend’s printed kitty on it.

10. Christmas ornament

The holiday is coming, and your buddy needs a black cat ornament for his Christmas tree. Be the one who brings the item. You can select among a variety of designs from a kitty angle, a winged cat, a cat in a scarf, or a cat in the red hat.

This present will give your friend a very Merry Christmeow.

Bonus: Earrings

Nothing is more adorable than a pair of earrings of the dark-haired furball. Your friend will be more than happy styling herself with this accessory.

In the end

Those are the unique black cat gift ideas 2021 you can rely on. Surprise your friends with a box of these meaningful presents.


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