When it comes to regular food for people, there are dozens of sorts of foods cats can’t have the right mix with, such as chocolate, tea, coffee, raw eggs, raisins, garlic, and onions. So what’s about peanut butter?

You raise a cat and attempt to make a cat’s daily diet more diverse and nutritious by adding peanut butter in the list. But, you ponder the question, “can cats eat peanut butter?“. 

can cats eat peanut butter
Can cats eat peanut butter?

You do not have the definite answer yes or no for this issue. Multitudes of information on the Internet confuse you, so you can’t determine which information reliable and exact is.

Don’t fret anymore! This article is dedicated to you! Check out our topic today to understand peanut butter, good or harmful to your kitten indeed.

There is a bonus tip of giving peanut butter in your feline’s diet at the end. So, don’t miss out on any parts!

Overview of peanut butter

Peanut is one member of the legume family. It includes monounsaturated fat, which is regarded as heart-healthy. Two tablespoons of peanut butter offer 16 grams of fat, 8 grams of protein, and 6 grams of carbs. 

With this standard, peanut butter may be a convenient and nutritious source for people without peanut allergies. However, not all peanut butter in today’s market provides the same ingredient.

can cats eat peanut butter
Peanut butter

If you opt for a popular PB’s brand, you can be surprised by another ingredient inside, sometimes. They may consist of stuff such as artificial preservatives, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and sugar. 

These products are the likelihood of side effects on the body, for example, gain weight or blood sugar spikes. If you pick up a natural brand, its ingredient often includes peanuts and salt.

Can your kitties eat peanut butter? Ok or harmful?

We all know that, like puppies, most kitties are into peanut butter. A piece of good news for you that peanut butter is listed in ASPCA is the list of human products toxic to kitties. However, it is not 100 percent safe in some circumstances.

Because cats are strict carnivores, your furry pal may take in everything they need from eating a diet including animal-based protein (like birds or mice). They do not digest other kinds of food well.

However, generally, having your feline friend a little peanut butter several times a week is ok. Bear in mind that observe carefully for any signs of reaction since kittens tend to have a less-developed immune system as well as the digestive system.

Wrapped it up, eating chips or cookies is not “toxic” to human beings, in the same way, eating peanut butter is not “toxic” to cats too. Yet, it is definitely not good for your kitties and should not be fed on a daily basis.

Are your kitties allergic to peanut butter?

It is sporadic that a kitty actually has a peanut butter allergy, but it still could happen in some situations. Anyway, you need to be observant of symptoms. There are some noticeable symptoms helping pet owners recognize a peanut butter allergy to reverse the situation quickly, contain:

  • Vomiting
  •  Hair loss
  • Skin irritations
  • Itching
  •    Sneezing
  •  Diarrhea
  •  Loss of appetite
  •  Lose weight

In case your kitty is signs of vomiting, having diarrhea, or looking uncomfortable after giving peanut butter, then don’t feed any more of the darn stuff for him!

If the symptoms don’t disappear within a few hours, even tend to develop in a worse status, you may need to contact your veterinarian.

In some cases, the allergy can be something as simple as a skin rash. Nevertheless, in other cases, it can lead to a severe medical emergency.

So, if you feel that your furry friend may be present an allergic reaction to peanut butter, it is essential to take your cat to visit a veterinarian. 

The vet will be able to suggest what you should do next, depending on the present situation in an exact way.

How much peanut butter should a kitty take in?

A cat should not eat peanut butter much unless it is being utilized as a particular purpose, like giving your kitty medication. Two tablespoons of peanut butter include a massive 188 calories.

That much peanut butter in a feline’s body can remarkably contribute to obesity. It can also breed negative impacts, for example, diabetics, vomiting, or diarrhea.

So, if you want to feed peanut butter to your feline pal, just give him a minimal amount, and on specific occasions.

Bear in mind other influence

Some people in neighborhoods can use peanut butter to bait rodent traps, sometimes, to disguise for a dose of poison, or try to invite to step on a lethal trap. These things can cause several hidden hazards for your feline.  

can cats eat peanut butter

If your kitty is keen on peanut butter and often wanders around your neighborhood, be careful that his adventures for a taste could lead to the likelihood of tragic results.

Tips to add peanut butter in your feline’s diet

  • Pick up peanut butter for a sodium-free version with little sugar content. Avoid bathed-in-chocolate peanuts.
  • Give your cat 1 or 2 chopped pieces so he can chew them effortlessly. Besides, you may give him a little bit of a lick off of your fingertip.
  • Keep in mind that raw shelled peanuts can be more harmful to your kitten’s digestive system when he swallows mistakenly.

What do you think about our topic today? If you have ever fed peanut butter to your kitty, share experiences of yours with us! We are always ready to listen to your voice. 

If you have any concerns about this post, don’t hesitate to leave in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!


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