Which cat does not like to scratch? Commonly, they can scratch each other, scratch objects in your house, and even scratch everyone. But it is their instinct.

You can not do anything other than letting them satisfy it.

However, we can not let cats scratch everything in our house. In this case, a cardboard cat scratcher is a perfect choice for both you and your cats.

Let’s find out what kind of cardboard cat scratcher is best on the market today, and what we should consider before buying a cardboard cat scratcher.

The best cardboard cat scratchers reviews

With a size of 18 x 10 x 1.5 inches, it is in the large cardboard cat scratchers category. It means that there will be enough room for many cats. If your furry baby is fat or a big one, or you have more than one cat in your home, this is a very appropriate choice.

Made of non-toxic corrugated paper, cardboard cat scratcher is very safe and easy to use for your cat if they want to sharpen their claws.

This recycled cardboard is exceptionally cheap, especially compared to the amount of money you need to pay for repairing damaged furniture or curing cat scratch fever.

Using recyclable paper and non-toxic corn starch glue, the product is very eco-friendly. You can discard it freely after a long time when your cats have damaged it remarkably.

Both of you and your cats must fall in love with this product at first sight. It is a scratcher, a lounge to rest, a fashionable home decor, and perhaps much more. Multi-task, as it is, you will not need to do any assembly work.

Included premium USA organic catnip leaves, the product will drive your cats crazy by both smell and use. As a great exercise, natural scratching will bring about healthy claws and relieve stress effectively. As a result, it will improve your cat’s overall wellness.

The product features a more durable, high-quality cardboard that is connected piece-by-piece. Meanwhile, other cheaper alternatives often cut low-quality cardboard from a pre-glued block.

Charming design and classic colors are great for home decoration, even in the living room.  

The size of 34 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches and reversible surfaces will double the performance. The material of superior cardboard and smart structure helps this corrugated cardboard cat scratchers last longer than other products in the same category. 

This product is the conjunction of up-to-date shapes with elegant patterns, which establishes a one-of-a-kind model among ordinary cardboard cat scratchers.  

Specially manufactured for felines, it provides your furry friends with both a corrugated scratching surface and a little catnip for the best experience.

Instead of scratching your expensive furniture, your cats will be happier to scratch this cheaper and better feeling cardboard.

Put the cardboard near a window or in your house yard is a good idea so that our furry babies can enjoy scratching and sunbathing simultaneously.

The cubic cardboard cat scratcher enhances healthy claws with all kinds of scratching, playing, stretching, hiding, and so on. It is both an excellent source of exercise and an awesome stress reliever.

Having a unique, innovative design with curves, the product supports horizontal, vertical, and any other kinds of scratching and stretching angles. 

Besides, the square hole lets your felines to hide, explore, and play. 

Pull the central cube out of the square scratcher to create up to four bonus scratching surfaces and a fit cubby. You can also put the in-built hub next to the outer part or place it on the top for perfect scratching and unlimited hours of fun. 

Your cats can enjoy climbing, scratching, lounging, or playing hide and seek.

The square scratcher and its core can serve several cats. And once they have finished playing, you can nest them together for convenient storage.

Made from 100% recycled cardboard, the product is very eco-friendly, safe, and long-lasting.

The next product on our list is specific for tiny kittens.

It has grooved nook and cranny that allows cats to groom and trim their nails as they scratch the cardboard. The slanted ramp’s angle is comfortable for stretching and lying, or playing slide bridge is also a good idea.

For more prolonged use, you can reverse the product’s surface as a renewal. After a sufficient time, you can put it into the trash bin as it is recyclable and safe for the environment.

The manufacturer Petmate includes a small removable cute toy and a bit of Big Mama’s catnip for bonus fun during play.

As a bonus, the floral design will beautify your home dramatically apart from entertaining your little furry babies.

This series of cardboard cat scratchers by Catify consist of different beautiful and creative models. 

As a leading company in the pet supplies industry, Best Pet Supplies.Inc Catify always brings about real innovations in each of its products.

I will give you some useful general information this series before going into details of each model.

  • Extra durability: Made of sturdy corrugated cardboard, these products can bear multiple aggressive uses per day.
  • Stylish design: You and your furry babies must be fond of the brand’s different creative and fashionable patterns. They can serve as excellent ornaments in your living room besides pleasing your furry companions.
  • Bonus fresh catnip: Spread the included catnip on the cardboard cat scratchers to make your felines satisfied more than ever
  • Keep your house safe: Your furniture will be scratch-free, and other objects in the house would not be so messy with the harmless but useful cardboard cat scratchers.
  • Large enough for a couple of your cats to repose, sunbathe or solely stretch their bodies out.
  • 100% non-toxic and recycled substances.

Made from eco-friendly and recyclable corrugated cardboard, in addition to high-quality AB craft, the scratcher can endure harsh scratching. 

Moreover, no blended color means that customers can have more pure color selections to satisfy their individual favor.

The reversible feature also prolongs product life better than most products in the same category.

Besides, textured scratching surface provides the best place to satisfy a cat’s scratching instinct.

It is almost a compulsory cardboard cat scratcher to keep your cats away from your household items. 

Free catnip of individual packaging is included to increase your cat’s interests in the scratching board, too.

The ramp-shape corrugated cardboard cat scratcher from You & Me brand will provide your furry babies with a suitable place to satisfy their scratching instincts and save your household items.

The mini bonus games are sliding bridge and playing with the tiny fabric ball inside the ramp.

Made with 100% recycled paper, the product is very cheap and safe for your cat’s health as well as the environment.

The vertical design will suit compliment horizontal scratching and your cat’s preference. Moreover, a cubby hole is great for exploration, play, and multi-cat using. 

Curves also allow various stretching and scratching angles apart from supporting different exercises. The product will naturally capture your cats at first sight while catnip is an additional helpful attraction.

The empty triangle with six surfaces will 6x the use. There will be a wide range of physical wellness, such as perching, climbing, etc.

Recyclable corrugated cardboard, non-toxic corn starch glue, premium satin cardboard siding, and silicone floor grippers are perfect for extra safety and durability.

The two-tier and long shape will make allowance for several big cats to play at the same time. Your felines can learn to share and play interactively. Subtle curves support comfortable scratching, playing, sleeping, and resting.

Symmetry design means reversibility, combined with the empty inner space, can increase the usage by four times.

Superior cardboard material with dense construction helps the product last longer than any other cardboard cat scratchers

The broad surface area gives unlimited scratching, resting, and play space. The provided open space in the center is great for stimulating interactive play among your cats, and perhaps you can play peekaboo with them, too. 

Also, a full bottom level is specific for stretching and lounging after happy moments of scratching. In this way, the product is remarkably appropriate for multi-cat households because it can function as a multi-tier cat condo.

Buying guide

How we pick

The variety in the number of types, models, brands, quality of cardboard cat scratchers is both an opportunity and a challenge for consumers. You will be comfortable with more choices, but this makes it difficult to make a wise decision.

Therefore, you can consider the following factors to purchase a good product.

First of all, you should choose to buy products with natural, recyclable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials. Ensure that everyone in your home, your cats, and the environment is safe. You may need to replace a new cardboard cat scratcher after a long time of use, depending on the product’s durability and the use frequency of your felines.

Next, select products that have a number of functions and ways for your cats to play with. For example, products have holes to play hide and seek; there are included balls to play; products that are large or multi-layered for sleeping, resting, or for many cats to use at the same time. A reversible and multi-coating cardboard cat scratcher will multiple the use time as well.

Besides, if your cats use cardboard cat scratchers regularly, you should try to find a good-looking and fashionable design so that you can always keep it in the room as a beautiful decoration.

Finally, you can not help but mention the price when you buy something. You can buy more expensive but durable and high-quality products that allow many uses. It is totally worth it. 

Vice versa, if you want, you can pay a small amount for simple products for short use time. 

A small tip is that you can read previous reviews to find the right product for you and your furry companions.

How we test

Firstly, we must check the safety of the cardboard cat scratcher. You can smell and detect whether its materials are natural. Of course, some manufacturers can remove the chemical odors or mix different smells, but usually, this is very easy to identify. The smells of natural cardboard, fabric, and corn glue are always better and not as strong as synthetic chemicals.

Next, we examine the durability of the cardboard cat scratcher. This is much easier than checking the safety. Look at the edges and the surfaces of the product to see if it is an entire block or a glue-stick one. A seamless product is the best choice. If the product is a range of pieces stuck together with glue, you can try separating them a bit to see if the adhesive is tight or loose.

When you buy a carboard cat scratcher, you may usually have 2-3 products in 1 pack. Let’s check, compare, and try beating them together to test their durability. Don’t hesitate to squeeze the product a bit if you have a big cat. If the product can not withstand the impact or pressure from your hands, how can it last when a cat climbs and scratches on it continuously?

The last factor is the roughness of the cardboard cat scratcher. Act like a cat and scratch your fingernails onto the scratching surface. You can feel the roughness and durability of this surface easily.

Frequently Asked Questions about cardboard cat scratcher

Q: Are catnip toys safe for my cats?

A: Often known as an effective item for cats to instantly achieve the ‘high’ state, catnip’s long-term health impacts are usually questioned by the veterinarians and the cat owners.  

Although this ‘cat drug’ may cause your cats to get high temporarily, it is absolutely free from toxic or addictive chemicals. 

Therefore, there is no need for you to fear. In fact, catnip resembles a few properties within cat urine. In this way, catnip can remain a sought-after treat for your kitty, and we would suggest giving it to cats less than twice a week.

Q: How long can a cardboard cat scratcher last on average?

A: The most durable product can last for up to six months with daily use. And the weakest product can only work in around one month. Therefore, I can say the average use time of a cardboard cat scratcher is 3-4 months. 

Q: How should I store and maintain a cardboard cat scratcher in a good state?

A: The cardboard, though much more durable, still has similar characteristics to paper. Therefore, you should store your cardboard cat scratcher in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place. In other words, you need to avoid leaving the product wet to avoid torn, mold, moss.

Sometimes, you can put the product under the sun and use a small brush to wipe and clean the surface of the product.

Final Words

Whether your cats scratch furniture or mess up everything in the house or not, you should still buy a cardboard cat scratcher. Cats will always love scratching and can be sick without healthy playing. Therefore, a cardboard cat scratcher is necessary in all cases.

I hope that the above article has provided you with enough vital information to choose the best cardboard cat scratchers at an affordable price. Thus, you can have a trendy decoration for your home and make your cat happy at the same time. 


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