Cats have a reputation for being hydrophobic. Most cats avoid getting wet, if possible. So the cat always knocks over the water bowl looks like the weird one. However, many cats tiptoed on their water bowls, completely spilling their drinking bowls, causing the water inside to spread across the floor. Most cat owners find it difficult to understand or even become angry at this behavior.

Stay calm and find out what this means.

The reasons behind the strange behavior

1. It was fun and entertaining

Your cat is naughty. Your cat really enjoys playing with water and treat the bowl of water as a fun toy. Maybe it is the only thing around them that makes them happy and content with their mischief.

2. To remind the owner to refill the water

You may not have noticed that your cat needs a daily change of water. And your cat is smart enough to make the connection between the spilled water bowl and the newly supplied water. Your cat has found that you respond by filling it with clean water when your bowl is upside down. This behavior can be a way for cats to communicate with their owners and make requests through action.

3. To attract attention

This reason sounds crazy, but it’s possible. In fact, some cats act like this just to get attention. When your cat turns the water bowl upside down, you immediately turn your gaze on him.

That said, for the attention-hungry cats, they most likely behave like that.

4. The cat feels unsafe to drink

When a cat drinks water in a place where other animals are likely to appear unexpectedly, especially where hostility and aggression are frequent, the cat may be uncomfortable lowering her head to drink. That is because they fear that something might attack them while they are doing so.

Knocking over water bowls can be a way for your cat to let you know he feels anxious about drinking water.

5. The water bowl is not suitable

The size and shape of the cat bowl can also be a factor in your cat’s discomfort. You may have chosen a bowl that is not suitable for your cat. Each cat will desire a bowl of the right size for him. Some cats have problems with their bowls because they are too low. Many cats prefer a taller bowl, especially if they are exceptionally tall on their own.

Besides, small and deep bowls can disturb your cat’s sensitive whiskers. A cat’s whiskers are susceptible to hair, containing their own blood and nerve supplies. If the cat is bent too long or at certain angles, the cat may feel uncomfortable. At that time, drinking water from their paws or trying to fill up the spill with water will be your cat’s choice. In some cases, cats will even lick the bath or shower after being wet from use. Instead of drinking water from her bowl, your cat will find different ways to stay hydrated. Therefore, the cat can avoid the water bowl or even knock over it.

How to deal with this situation?

We often assume that cats do not need to drink much, but it is crucial that domestic cats that eat commercial food always absorb enough water. Furthermore, preventing water deficiency is crucial if the cat has kidney and bladder problems. You will be somewhat worried when your cat always knocks over the water bowl. Here are some tips for you to handle this situation:

1. Pay attention to playtime

Cats knock over water bowls simply want to find something to entertain. You can check if this is the reason behind your cat’s behavior in the following ways: 

  • Provide extra toys for your cat when he or she is alone at home to make sure the cat can play by himself if he wants to. Need suggestions for cat toys? Please immediately access 2020 Bestsellers: 10 best interactive cat toys
  • Spend time playing with your kitten more often. You can use more energy-consuming toys for your cat.

If your cat still likes to play in the water? Try leaving the bathroom door open and placing a bowl of water in the tub to see if your cat has fun playing there. The bathroom is the perfect place for your cat to play with the water as it is less cluttered and easier to handle if the cat spills the water on the floor.

2. Monitor your cat’s water intake regularly

It includes changing the cat’s water regularly, choosing the right water bowl, and paying attention to where the water bowl is.

  • Give your cat clean water every day.
  • You may need to change your cat’s water bowl for a wide, shallow one with a sturdy base. Large bowls with a stable base will also be difficult to turn upside down. If you feel that you may have bought a too low bowl for your cat to feel uncomfortable, fixing it is easy as there are many different cat bowl designs to choose from. Pay close attention and think carefully to make the right choice.
  • Where you place the water bowl is also essential to your cat’s behavior. When you place the cat’s water bowl against the wall, the cat will become more nervous because they have to turn their back on the room while also having to bend over to drink. If this is a problem with your cat, it is essential to change the cat’s water bowl’s position. A quiet, inactive place with a good view is a right choice as the cat will feel safe and can easily escape, if necessary. Your cat will be able to see any possible threat, such as the approach of other animals. It would help if you placed the water bowl in your cat’s living areas. For example, if the cat sleeps on the windowsill a lot, you can set the water bowl next to this area. You can also place the bowl near the tub to see if your cat is interested.
A cat drinking from a cup

3. Behave appropriately if the cat just wants to get attention

Suppose you find that your cat just wants to get your attention by spilling her bowl of water. What you should do is try to ignore the behavior as much as possible. If you do, your cat may give up spilling the bowl if it finds it no longer gets a happy response from you.

It would be best to offer him other ways of interacting with you to satisfy his desire for attention. Every day, have your cat participate in play sessions, hold treasure hunting games, take time to stroke your cat, etc. The above activities can help you and your cat to get along better.

In a nutshell

Have you ever come across the case of a cat always knocks over water bowls? You will probably be confused when you encounter this situation.

I hope this will be a useful article for you to solve this problem.

It is important to know what your cat needs. While it can be challenging to understand cat behaviors, it will be a lot more fun for someone who loves cats.



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