A cat, for many of us, is not just a pet. They are more than that; they are our very important friends in our daily lives. We can enjoy whatever we do with them, and it is also a nice idea to raise your closeness.

In some cases, you like to go on adventures and leave your cat alone at home, troubles can happen to your precious friend. What should you do in those annoying circumstances?

Who can leave this guy alone?

You might be happy to know that cats love to tag along with their owners. Even an indoor cat who is very lazy will be interested in travel.

 It is a good opportunity for both of you to have a new experience outdoor, apart from normal days. Therefore, the answer to the question above is very simple, just take him/her with you on your travel with a cat carrier backpack.

Wherever you go, in your city, or a trip to a new land, a cat backpack carrier is always a nice choice to own. Nevertheless, it is not easy to choose and buy one suitable cat backpack carrier for your cat since each cat has its unique appearance and characteristic.

Some people just guess and choose what they think is good, but in fact, they usually make a bad choice. Hence, before going to the review, let check out our following guides for picking up the best backpack cat carrier.

Features to consider when choosing a backpack cat carrier


When it comes to picking the greatest cat backpack carrier, there are many factors to consider. Your cat’s safety is the number one priority and must be carefully considered.

Some bags ignore this factor and they could be clawed easily, therefore, the likelihood of him/her escaping is higher. Likewise, your carrier must have several added security features so that your cat can’t do such dangerous things like jumping out the backpack.

Thus, only choose a backpack made from high-quality materials and have a safety connector to attach to the cat’s harness.

Keep in mind that your cat carrier must also offer adequate ventilation. It will help your cat stay away from overheating, hence, safer in hot days.    

A backpack like this will have a heavier price, but it will ensure an extra safety level for your escape artist.

Size and shape

The next thing we think of when buying a cat carrier is the size and the shape of the backpack. A good carrier backpack should be large enough so that your pet can stand or turn around freely in it.

The one too small can make your cat stuck in the carrier and cause the inconvenience. The one too large is not a nice thought for your cat since the majority of cats like small places.

Bear in mind that you need to know exactly how big and heavy your cat is, so you can find the appropriate size.

There are several shapes you will find out there in the market. We recommend choosing the one that is optimal for both sitting down and looking out the window. 

Comfort for you and your cat

If you have the plan to wear your cat carrier backpack for a long time, it is necessary that it won’t hurt your back, your shoulder, or make you feel uncomfortable while traveling. In general, it is better if you have a wider shoulder strap.

Furthermore, it will be perfect if there is a chest strap beside the shoulder one. By having it, the weight is distributed, and the pressure can be reduced.

Of course, your little friend wants the best experience during the adventure, just like you. Therefore, make sure your backpack is pleasant enough by choosing the one with removable pads, especially if your cat tends to shed a lot.


For common situations, you prefer having a cat carrier backpack that is lightweight enough to carry. Besides, it must be a durable one, which can be used for a long time. Hence, there is no question that the one you choose must be made from top quality materials. And always check the stitching, including the shoulder straps and the bottom of the carrier.

It is also a good option to consider some additional characteristics that the backpack might bring to you. Commonly, the one with many ways that your cat can get in and out is greater than only one option.

For example, carriers that have two doors or a top opening so your cat can get in and out easily. Likewise, the backpack should be easy to maintain and clean up after several days or weeks.


You will definitely want to consider the price when shopping for a cat backpack carrier. However, be sure that you buy the highest quality backpack possible; as mentioned above, don’t buy a cheap one just for the sake of saving money.

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The best cat carrier backpack for your cat

1. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and Dogs, Puppies

The PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack is a very good choice for hiking with your cat. As mentioned above, safety is our first goal, and this carrier features a very strong structure, making it perfectly durable. It will always remain the shape to ensure your cat is protected. Furthermore, it also has waist buckles and a lovely chest. This carrier backpack is available in various colors, so choose any color that you love.

Both you and your cat will be relaxing during your travels. You don’t have to worry about its status for your friend, the manufacturer has added a line bedding for a greater experience. Airflow can easily get into the backpack thanks to the mesh zip-up window while your buddy can have a nice view.

For us, they included both waist buckles and chest. Thick and excellent pads will not dig into your shoulders. These traits will help you have a great time out with your cat.

With two doors, it is very helpful for your cat. Thanks to this great design, more space is given to move around the backpack.

2.Blitzwolf Pet Portable Carrier Space

Being super stylish is just the beginning. Lots of things to say about this carrier than merely transforming your cat into a cute astronaut. It can be used for cats up to 10 pounds. A large window allows your cat to look outside and enjoy the journey with its owner.

This cat backpack bubble is designed with an eco-friendly polycarbonate structure. Thus, it has a great resistance against external impact and temperature, and very durable. It is super strong, and you don’t have to worry when the weather is hot because it won’t easily heat up.

There are also air vents on each side as well as the front of the carrier for fresh air to come inside the backpack. An included ring is optional for you to attach a leash.

The price is pretty good, making it a great option for getting your cat out in the world with you.

3. Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carriers for Cats and Dogs

Texsen’s Carrier Backpack may appear the same as an ordinary bag, but it has the strength to carry a cat up to 17 pounds. When driving, it is no hard to slide a seatbelt through the top handle.

Each side has a pocket where you can fill in with some pet essentials. Furthermore, there are chest buckles to ensure the cat carrier stays in one place.

This cat carrier backpack bubble is super breathable. Why is that? Because it has four large mesh windows that allow good ventilation and helps your cat evades the hot weather. Along with those windows, the semi-sphere window helps your cat to have a full view.

The bottom is very sturdy and great. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your cat sinking down.

This carrier has anything that will satisfy you and your feline friend.

4.Petsfit Dogs Carriers Backpack Durable and Comfortable Pet Bag

Although the Petsfit Dogs Carriers Backpack is marketed for dogs, this is still an excellent product for your adventurous cat.

It is comfortable, light, and durable for any wearer. You can feel almost nothing while carrying this backpack because it has an ergonomic design. In this specific model, the manufacturer made a very good combination of EVA materials and PU leather.

Thus, you can believe that it will hold its shape well no matter what. With a solid bottom, it will prevent any damage from outside or inside. We can easily clean the backpack thanks to the removable liner.

The mesh allows the airflow to come in and out, so this backpack’s ventilation is pretty decent. It also helps your cat to have full visibility. The top window is a bonus mark.

Not only that, this cat backpack can fit you in any position, front or the back by modifying the waist strap and the shoulder straps.

5.Xpect Cat Carrier Bubble Backpack Pet Travel Bag Small Dog Space Capsule Knapsack Waterproof Breathable 16.9”x 12.9”x 9”

The backpack possesses a huge semi-sphere window, and it looks like a small space capsule. The design will make your little friend the most famous thing during your travels.

The combination of red and white is popular, but there are also many other color combinations to choose from. Besides, you can easily change the bubble window with the mesh window if you don’t like it.

For those who don’t know, the Xpect cat carrier bubble backpack is created from ABS plastic and Oxford fabric, which makes it highly reliable for a long and rough journey. Moreover, it can handle the weight of up to 13 pounds. A velvet mat will surely satisfy your cat’s little paws.

Besides, its surface has a protective film layer in order to protect scratches and also improve shine.

6. Pet Magasin Airline Approved Cat Carrier – Water Resistant, Collapsible, Soft-Sided Kennel for Cats, Small Dogs, Puppies and Small Animal

If you are traveling by plane, the Pet Magasin Luxury Soft-Sided Cat Carrier is a great option to consider. There are two bright colors to pick from, this stylish backpack will be a remarkable backpack, and it also provides different convenient traits. Plus, it is extremely light, just about two pounds.

Space is just excellent for your cat to sit up, lie down, or fully turn around. You can include some toys for him/her to play inside the backpack. You can easily unfold the zip to reach inside real fast.

Another hand, this carrier backpack is very fashionable and is made with durable and luxurious materials. Hence, they are very sturdy and can prevent animal bites and scratches. There are large mesh windows to help the ventilation better, and your cat can enjoy sightseeing through them.

One big advantage is that you are able to store and clean them up quickly and easily. Of course, the airline is approved.

7. Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

If there is a phrase to perfectly describe this soft-sided carrier backpack, it should be “well-made.” These backpacks are very light and well-designed to keep your pet protected. It is excellent for cats that are not over 8 pounds.

Your cat will be very happy to be in this carrier since it provides enough room to turn around. Mesh windows around the backpacks give more airflow, so the ventilation is better. There are also luggage strap and seatbelt for safer travel, as well as the adjustable shoulder strap. Therefore, your pet and you will feel safer and more comfortable.

This cat backpack maintains its shape pretty well, but you can fold down it anytime for storage. But be careful, this backpack is not airplane approved.

8. Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Cat Carrier – Pet Travel Kennel with Top-Load & Foldable Feature for Cats, Small Dogs Puppies & Rabbits

At first, we all think that the Pet Magasin Pet Travel Kennel has a weird shape; it is a high-quality hard-sided carrier, though. Assuming you love the idea of a soft-sided carrier, but you still need some added security for your cat, this is a very good option for you.

Having been shaped to provides more space for your little friend, it still has a very solid base and top to protect. It also has a firm surface that allows your cat to freely stand or lie. Sturdy by design, however, the Pet Magasin Pet Travel Kennel is easily folded down for storage purposes.

There is also a breathable mesh window in the front and the sides of the backpack. Thanks to them, ventilation is excellent, and your cat will not be overheated. Plus, the highest quality materials are used to make sure a long-lasting life cycle.

9. OxGord Pet Carrier Soft Sided Cat / Dog Comfort “FAA Airline Approved” Travel Tote Bag

Fortune is a luxury thing, and you don’t have to spend it on a backpack cat carrier if you don’t want to. Its price is really appealing for anyone, and the airline is accepted. It comes in some bright colors with a fantastic design that brings the wearer the satisfaction while carrying.

It offers the best experience for your little cat with a removable fleece travel bed, and the backpack itself is created from durable, breathable sources. Big mesh windows provide enough airflow for your cat. It is also ultra-secure and washable.

10. PetLuv Happy Pet Cat & Dog Crate & Carrier Premium Soft-Sided Foldable Top & Side Loading Pet Carrier

If you are someone who enjoys traveling, this PetLuv Soothing “Happy Cat” Premium Soft-Sided Cat Carrier is worth the effort. Whether you are in the air or on the road, it keeps your cat secure and comfortable. This carrier is spacious enough, but not large, and it has a padded liner that will keep your feline friend amused.

Moreover, it features some mesh windows for ventilation purposes. An adjustable strap with locking zippers to ensure safety is provided too. An adjustable strap with locking zippers to ensure safety is provided too.


Cat carrier backpack is a significant solution to solve a lot of problems traditional carriers have. They are easier to bring and more practical for long trips or daily adventures. It is no doubt that using a backpack for cats is safer and more enjoyable than a leash.

We hope this review will help you with your choice. With careful research, you and your cat should be able to find out the one that is suitable for both of you in no time. Always remember that a good backpack needs to be secure, durable, and have plenty of airflows.

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