Most cat owners agree that taking care of their fur-baby is such a hard task, especially when they have a lot of other tasks to finish per day. If you cannot spend much time playing with them, make sure that you did not skip any abnormal signal from your cats. They would be suffering from many uncomfortable feelings for a long time, and even on the edge of death. And when your cat ear smells like dead animals, you know it’s time for research. 

What Makes Cat Ear Smell Like Dead Animals?

Here we have some reasons why your cat ear smells like dead animals.

Ear Infection

This should be the first thing that you think of when realizing the bad smells from your cat ears. Dark and warm ears created a perfect environment for bacteria and yeast to develop, and they are also the most common causes of this infection. However, to diagnose precisely the type of infection, you should take your cat to the vet for ear cytology.

The bad smells only appear when the infection has gone too far, and that’s when you should prepare for surgery because your cat’s hearing ability has been damaged for a long time.

Here are some other signs of cat ear infection:

  • Redness on the ear canal
  • Discharges on the ear (They are black, yellow, or resembling coffee grounds)
  • Loss of hearing ability, balance, or disorientation
  • Swelling of the ear flap

Parasites (Ear mites)

Parasites, also known as ear mites, are mostly known lead to death in kittens, but this does not mean that adult cats cannot get pests in ears. However, cat ear parasites are usually easily treated. Take your cat to the vet, and then the problem will be solved after some specialized medications. The process would include some steps, but it’s basically quite simple.

Here we have some symptoms of ear mites:

  • Cat shaking her head frequently
  • Discharges like coffee grounds in the ear flap or ear canal
  • Ear itching or scratchers


Sometimes, bad smells from your cat ears don’t come from the inside condition. Cats are very energetic, and they may fight with others to show off their power. Hence, getting injuries is unavoidable.

Cats are experts in hiding their injury, and if you don’t have enough time to carefully pay attention to them or if the living condition is not clean enough, the scratching can develop into an abscess.

What Should I Do When My Cat Ear Smells Like Dead Animals?

No matter why your cat ears smell like bad animals, it is an issue for sure. Taking your cat to the vet is firstly recommended. The doctor will give you the diagnosis after checking the clinical record of your cat and physical examinations. However, for some reason, you may not have the ability to do it right on time, so this is what you should do.

Learn about some different types of infections in order to partly recognize which type is it, then gently clean your cat ears. This process might be uncomfortable for your cat and makes her scratch the ears, thus requiring some special tools such as a cat collar. Secondly, look for a typical type of drop to prevent the development of the infection. And finally, if you are not a vet, you must not arbitrarily use any medicine as it may cause a lot of unwanted side effects. 

There are also some other ways for you to get rid of bad smells from your cat ears, but in this post, we just show you the most typical one.

How Can I Avoid The Bad Smell From My Cat Ears?

The easiest way to avoid the bad smell from your cat ears is to regularly clean and check if there are any odors,  redness, or residue. This process does not take much time, so try to spend at least 15 minutes per week to do it and you and prevent a lot of potential causes that make your cat ears smell like dead animals

Recommend products to clean your cats :

If you have more time, taking your cat to the vet for a general check-up is highly recommended. You can prevent not only ear infections and ear mites but also many other dangerous diseases growing from different parts of your cat’s body. Also, the vet will show you how to clean her ears the right way.

Some researches show that cats with diabetes, allergies, or a weak immune system get an ear infection and ear mites more easily than the others, and in fact, those cats also easily get other health problems. Another way to keep your cat healthy is to give her a balanced diet, encourage her to exercise regularly, and pay much attention to her health condition.

Especially, ear mites can easily spread out among animals, increasing the chances of getting parasites off your cat. For example, a cat mother with ear mites can make her kittens get them.

Cat Ear Smells Like Dead Animal

Wrapping Up

As you can see from the post, when your cat ear smells like dead animals, there are many things that can lead to that situation. You need to find out what problems your cat gets, then look for a suitable treatment. 

If there is no or little information on it, please don’t try to do anything. Instead, consult it with your vet. Any small actions can cause extremely dangerous situations that would go beyond your imagination.


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