The fashion industry is significantly developed today, not only for people but also for pet fashion. Besides pants, shirts, socks for cats, you can easily find Kitty Accessories. Cute little things will make your furry friend even cuter. Let’s learn about great accessories for your cat. 

Cat Fashion: Kitty Accessories That are Irresistibly Cute

1. Faleela Cat Collar Bandana Bells Set – 2/1 Pack Cat Collar Breakaway with Cute Bow Tie and Bandana

Collars are always a favorite accessory for many cat owners. The Faleela collar set comprises two different designs: a bow tie necklace and a triangular bib. With a bow-shaped design, the Faleela collar makes cats look more elegant and stylish than ever. Meanwhile, bibs create in cats a gentle, cute temperament. Besides, The product has classic plaid fabric, making the cat more fashionable and unique.

Kitty Accessories
Fallela collar

It is noteworthy that this set of products has a bell attached to each type of necklace. When the cat moves, the tiny bell will emit a chirping, pleasant sound. Thanks to that, you can easily find your pet in a crowd or when it gets lost. I am very impressed with this set and would especially recommend it to you first.


  • It comes with a separate pair for you to change your pet’s style easily
  • Material safe for cats
  • Fashionable style, not afraid of going out of fashion
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Quick buckle design, easy to put on and take off
  • Adding a bell to the lanyard makes it easy to identify your pet
  • Lightweight, the product is not secretive


  • Not suitable for oversized cats

2. PETFAVORITES Breakaway Bowtie Cat Collar with Bell – Flower Kitten Bow Tie Kitty

Another pretty bow collar, PETFAVORITES Breakaway Bowtie Cat Collar with Bell, is the following Kitty Accessories I would recommend to you. This accessory does not have too many cumbersome details. Instead, the simplicity makes it more eye-catching. PetFavorites have designed products with various motifs: sakura, houndstooth, or chrysanthemums; plaid pattern. The polyester material is strong, soft, and warm, allowing your cat to play and climb even with a PETFAVORITES bow freely. Besides, right under the bow is attached a small bell. That makes your furry friend always sound funny, and thanks to that, you can easily find it anywhere. Cute bow ties and attractive little bells are the perfect outfits for every party your cat has. Why not?

In particular, the strap around the neck has a safety buckle that is easy to put on and take off. When there is pressure, the lock will release quickly. With the PETFAVORITES Breakaway Bowtie Cat Collar with Bell, your cats are protected with excellent protection.


  • Simple but eye-catching design, variety of colors and textures
  • Soft and durable polyester material
  • Safety breakaway lock protects the cat safely, easy to remove, install, and move.
  • Easy to coordinate
  • There are three sizes available for you to tailor the accessory to your cat’s neck size.
  • Lightweight, only 0.64 ounces


  • Simple designs are often not to the taste of many buyers.

3. Kitty Accessories: Set 4 Pack Breakaway Cat Collar

If you have 2-3 cats simultaneously, choose this 4 Pack Breakaway Cat Collar set by creator Seoul Pet. You can also buy them individually; however, you will have a headache because of the choice of colors and textures.

Breakaway cat collar

That’s because they’re all irresistibly cute. Even a ferocious-looking cat will look adorable and gentle when wearing Seoul Pet’s cat collar.

Set of 4 Breakaway Cat Collar by Seoul Pet has outstanding features that you should not miss, such as:

  1. Customize the collar size: depending on the size of your cat, you can easily adjust the collar to fit. Length options are 7-11″ and 2/5″ wide. It’s best to measure your cat’s neck circumference before buying to get the suitable Kitty Accessories.
  2. The collar is made of premium materials: cotton, polyester, and nylon. The durability of these materials is high, providing reliability.
  3. The metal bell is easily removable, allowing ID cards or other accessories to be attached. A bell with a GPS chip is the criteria you should set when buying a cat collar because a GPS chip for cats will keep your pet safe.
  4. A safety lock will protect your cat. The mechanism of the breakaway lock is straightforward: it will quickly release when your cat gets caught in an obstacle.


  • Simple design, easy to wear
  • A set of four cat collars in four different styles: classic plaid, plaid, geometric, reflective – allowing you to refresh your cat’s look every day
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • The cat face design on the necklace brings irresistible cuteness
  • Adding a bell makes it easy to find your pet
  • A breakaway lock protects cats from obstacles


  • The quantity is quite large for each purchase, so its price is not low.

4. KOOLTAIL Heart Bling Cat Collar – cat collar for Daily Wearing and Party Decorations

One irresistibly cute cat accessory that I would recommend buying is the KOOLTAIL Heart Bling Cat Collar. Neither a bow nor a cat, the KOOLTAIL Heart Bling Cat Collar stands out with its sparkling pink heart design on the front, center of the strap.

KOOLTAIL has selected velvet material with diamante sequins to make this product. This option will give your cat a soft feel at the neck and will appear in everyone’s eyes with striking, seductive beauty. Plus, different color options for your cat, including red, pink, black, purple, blue. If you and your cat are going to a party, the KOOLTAIL collar is an excellent idea for you to dress it up.


  • Various colors
  • Fashion design and personalization
  • Soft velvet material
  • Custom collar size, from 8″-11″


  • No security lock

5. BINGPET Spring Cat Collars – Kitty Accessories brings the breath of nature

It is not natural for me to say that BINGPET Spring Cat Collars has a breath of nature. Why? Just one look, you can easily see the theme of this collar. It’s a nature theme with vibrant flower elements. Especially the eye-catching flower shape on the right side of the collar. I believe, when cats put on this collar, they will be charming and cute.

BINGPET collar

You can choose a BINGPET collar for your cat to wear during the holidays. Made of soft and lightweight polyester, your cat will have fun and enjoy the festival all day long. You also won’t be afraid of losing your pet, thanks to the small bell attached to the collar.

This set includes two pieces in two colors, blue and pink. The size of each is adjustable from 8″-12″.


  • Gentle style
  • Easy to remove and install
  • A set of two necklaces is convenient for changing each day, while the other necklace is cleaned.
  • Custom size according to your cat.
  • The breakaway lock protects the cat from the pressure of the obstacle.
  • Pet anti-lost bell design.


  • It doesn’t seem to be suitable for male cats.

Final Thought

Kitty Accessories have become a trend. Have you and your pet caught up with this trend? Anyway, I also find that it is fascinating to dress up cats with clothes and accessories. What’s more, your cat will also become irresistibly beautiful and cute.

Are you ready to be more stylish with your cat? Let’s start right away with my recommendations and have happy moments.


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