Shopping online for cat furniture is a daunting task. How will you know what types of cat furniture you need for your cat to live a long and happy life? Cats have many needs which include exercise, scratching their nails, and of course a good sleep. The following types of cat furniture will make sure that your cat will have all of it’s needs met indoors.

Cats Need A Cat Tower To Climb

A cat tree is an absolute need for any indoor cat. Cats that don’t get enough stimulation are prone to becoming depressed and will gain weight from lack of activity. This is not much different from people so we must do everything we can to offer them the cat furniture they need to fulfill their needs. Any old cat tower will give your cat somewhere to play. Yet, many cat towers on the market are not made to withstand much play and will only satisfy your cat’s simplest needs. Everyone knows that a cat needs a cat tower to play on. What about your need for a long-lasting cat tree that will also look good in your home though? The Refined Feline has made the purrrfect tower for humans and cats alike called the Lotus Cat Tower. This thoughtfully designed cat tower is made from wood and features a beautiful design that will also serve as a piece of art in your home. Your cat will also enjoy it just as much if not more than you do! It’s not just beautiful but also functional. This cat tower features a hidden cubby, multiple perches, and a sisal scratchpad. The best thing about it is that the platform carpeting, cushion, and scratchpad can be cleaned or replaced. This really is a cat tree that will last a lifetime. Multiple cats can run up this wooden cat tree together and will stay entertained by it endlessly. When it’s time for a nap, they can walk down to the cubby or choose any platform to lay on. This cat tree is great for people with multiple cats since it serves so many purposes.

 Offer Your Cat Height With Cat Wall Shelves

Wall furniture for your cats is a great way to give your cats space without sacrificing any of your valuable floor space. Your cats will release tons of energy as they jump from shelf to shelf on cat furniture that is designed purrrfectly for them. Most cats enjoy being high off the ground so when they finish playing they’ll love to sit and enjoy the view from the top. Let your cat achieve new heights by putting the shelves strategically along your walls to create a pathway. The Refined Feline makes the Lotus Cat Shelves from solid wood and they feature a modern look designed to match the aesthetic of your home. These cat shelves are strong enough for multiple cats and cats of all sizes. It is recommended to screw them into the wall studs for some more support. The best part about them is that the carpeting can be removed and cleaned or replaced. When you add cat wall shelves to your home you’ll wonder how your cats lived without them!

A Cat Scratching Post Is A Necessity

Even when living indoors, cats will always scratch. Scratching their nails is a natural instinct and very important for cats to do. Cats do this to stretch themselves and also to keep their nails clean and sharp. If you don’t offer your cats the proper cat scratching posts they will find something else to scratch. Your fabric couch will likely end up the victim. To redirect this behavior, you’ll need to offer your cat some scratching posts in your home. The Refined Feline designs modern cat furniture like scratching posts and some of their items even have built-in cat scratchpads or serve multiple purposes. The Calypso Everlasting Cat Scratcher is a tall cat scratching post with a heavy base that prevents it from tipping over. It is made of a strong poly rattan that cannot be broken when clawed. This means that it won’t make a mess all over your home and will always look great!

Offer Your Cat Some Space With A Cat Bed

Cats are usually territorial and have a natural hierarchy. So, while they might want to sleep in your bed sometimes, they’ll also appreciate having a space of their own. If you have more than one cat, you should consider getting a cat bed for each one of them. There are an endless assortment of cat beds available so it’s important to find the one that fits the needs of your cat. Some cats like to crawl into a space low to the ground while others enjoy being high up off the ground. The Kitty Ball Cat Bed from The Refined Feline is an elevated cat bed that offers your cat an enclosed space to jump into. It is big enough to fit any cat but also cozy enough that they’ll feel secure inside. Plus, it’s made of poly rattan that can’t be clawed. This wicker material will not break and will look great in your home for years to come. You will love the beautiful look of this modern cat bed that is made to last.

Cat Furniture Is Necessary For A Long Happy Life

Cats need all of these essential items to have a chance at living a long and healthy life inside of your home. While each cat is different, getting these types of basic cat furniture is a great first step. Cats rely on us to provide them with the tools to have a happy and healthy life and are a loving part of our family.


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