For any cat owner, it is really a challenge when facing with scratches on furniture. But do you know that they do it for a very good reason? First of all, it helps cats to relax their muscles and makes them stronger. Secondly, cats scratch things in order to mark their territory. The last reason is that this action will remove the old layer from cat claws, allows them to develop the new one. 

Therefore, instead of blaming your pet for what it does, it is a nice idea to give them something that they can scratch, and of course, not your valuable furniture.

Best Cat Scratch Lounger

The most reasonable solution for this issue is getting a cat scratcher lounger for your little buddy. But what is it actually? It is an invention that acts like cat furniture, which means your cat can do anything it prefers here. 

For example, they can scratch, play with it, or even have a rest here. These cat lounges are also perfect for decorative purposes since they are pretty and cute.

You now understand the basic definition of this genius product. However, it is always a big deal when buying any good item because of its variety on the market. In fact, you don’t want to pay lots of money on the one that will not work.

Furthermore, it is no doubt that each cat is a unique individual, so there is no such product that will suit any cat. Nevertheless, we have some guides on how to buy the greatest cat scratch lounger for your cat. 

Besides, there is also a review list of the top cat lounger that we have made to help you have an easier choice when shopping.   

Taking into account these things before choosing a cat scratch lounger

Your cat’s nature

Make sure you know what your pet’s favorite activity is. Does it enjoy lying around, or does it enjoy moving actively? Does your kitty prefer pouncing? Waiting in a corner and suddenly appear from nowhere? Most importantly, does your cat friend love things like a lounger or not.

These questions are highly recommended, and you should take note of them. It is because base on them, you can reveal unknown things that your cat is hiding. Thus, you can narrow your options to the least.

Size and shape

The next thing to consider is the cat lounger’s appearance. These cat scratcher loungers are just in all sizes, shapes, models, and types, making a problem for us. You should check the actual size of the lounger, then compare it with your home space.

The one is too big will not fit in your home, but the one is too small will not bring comfort to your feline friend, and the effectiveness of scratching activity will be reduced.

Besides, consider the lounger’s base to see if it is a horizontal or vertical shape. Assuming he/she enjoys scratches the wall or the legs of chairs, then a vertical scratch lounger may suit it. 

If he/she usually scratches the carpet, try a horizontal one. The cat lounger’s size and shape are what attract your cat’s attention, so be sure that your cat likes it.


Now, we need to consider the product’s origin. Carefully examine the product to know what it is made of. Generally, cats are somewhat sensitive to materials. Ask yourself to figure out what is the most suitable material. 

What did your cat play with in the past? Soft things or sturdy things? Lightweight or rigid plastic? Does it prefer stone, velvet, or wooden surface? Choosing the right material is also a good step for buying a cat scratcher lounger.

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If you pick up an appropriate cat scratcher lounger, your cat might overuse it and damage the lounger. In this case, replaceable cardboard is a life-saver, which helps you to easily change the scratchpad and not waste more money to buy a new cat lounger.

Moreover, if the surface can reverse, you don’t even need to replace cardboard. All you need to do is flip it to another face, and you have a surface for your cat to use right away.

The cat lounger also needs a design for faster cleaning. Apparently, in this rush world, a little time saved is worth a lot. You can use this time to be with your pet and raise closeness.


Obviously, you want to buy a cat scratcher lounger to solve your cat’s scratching activity. It is pointless if your little cat doesn’t play with it as you hope. Therefore, consider some additional features that would pull your cat to the lounger. 

They might be a toy, or a mild scent or something that is appealing to the cat. You can think of things that would raise the cat’s nature demands too.

The 10 best cat scratch loungers

The Catit Style Scratcher is such a nice cat scratcher lounger that will become a comfortable rest area for your cat. This cat lounger is stylish and is made to help your cat practice its feline nature. 

Your cat’s claws will get sharpened, dead skin will be removed along with debris on the paws. On the other hand, this Catit Style Scratcher also prevents your cat from scratching your home items.

The rippled materials are perfectly safe for your little buddy’s paws, but it also ensures that your cat will have the scratching activity that it wants. In addition, the curve at both ends of this scratcher is excellent for relaxing, which is very useful whenever your cat wants a comfortable rest.

Besides, they also included the catnip, so this cat lounger should be very appealing to your pet. Therefore, improve the possibility that your cat will use it, instead of scratching around your house.

The PetStages Cat Scratcher has a unique X-shaped, which creates multiple areas for scratching. Moreover, with a rippled surface cardboard, this is a great spot for lounging and perching, as well as a perfect scratching surface for exercising muscles and claws to keep them healthy and strong.

They made it, so it is very easy to fit the two pieces. You can also save time storing this cat scratcher lounger by simply folding it. Nevertheless, the build is strong enough to suffer all the cat’s weight whenever it wants to rest on the surface. Supposing your cat doesn’t like the X-shaped, you can separate them into two pieces and use them as an individual pad.

On top of that, the surface is infused with catnip, which helps to distract your pet from furniture and keep him/her busy.   

The Original Scratch Lounge acts as a single cardboard box. It is designed for any cats with the corrugated inserts and low sides. Not only it’s a spot to scratch but also a perfect place for a nap. It is made of honeycomb construction, dense and heavy-duty cardboard. There should be no problem since they could resist lots of scratching.

The scratchpad is reversible, which allows us to extend its life further. You will be happy to know that both the sides and bottom are replaceable. Therefore, you don’t have to buy a new one, just simply replace them. A catnip bag is included so your cat will familiarize faster with this cat lounger.

The PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge offers two surfaces for lounging and scratching activities. We notice that it is very big, so it is not for those who don’t have enough space. But the good news is that many cats can use this lounger at once.

Although it is made of recycled materials, it still ensures safety and durability with solid construction. In case you don’t know, it is also non-toxic because they used corn-starch as glue. 

Corrugated cardboard creates a reversible surface. You can easily turn the lounger around, and then, more scratchable surface for your cat. What makes it become stylish and very modern is the curvy design that is perfect for home decor. It also comes with organic catnip to lure your cat into giving it a try.

The well-design is what encourages your cat to exercise and maintain a healthy claw. By just simply using this cat scratch lounger, you can also save your furniture from your buddy’s claws.

The Petmate Fat Cat Big Mama’s Scratch and Play Ramp has a triangle shape and comes with a scratchpad on it to help your cat stretch the whole body when they claw it.

There is a small crinkle toy bee on the top of the product, which is an interesting thing to keep your cat amused. By reaching up and play with the toy, your cat’s muscles stretch better.

The angled cardboard is dense, thanks to the recyclable materials, to make sure the lounger can hold a heavy cat. The corrugations will bring the best scratching experience for your buddy.

Plus, we can reverse the pad to have a new scratching surface. This is a very convenient feature. The item also comes with catnip to entice your little cat to have a try, especially when it is still an unfamiliar object.

Getting this cat scratcher lounger is a good way to spend money.

This Catit Style Scratcher is made of corrugated cardboard. The design is large enough to make sure this is a comfortable place for your cat to scratch or lie on. Its shape gives us an appealing look with a green color on two sides.

This cat lounger is lightweight, making it easier to place anywhere you want in your house. Besides, it is very convenient for travelers since it fits in small places. The durable surface can be reversed to get a fresh pad for scratching after a time.

Additionally, the catnip bag is provided for you. What you have to do is sprinkle them on the surface. Your cat will enjoy scratching, relaxing, and lounging on this cat lounger. Such a good way to keep your feline friend’s claws become healthier.

This Kitty City XL Wide Corrugate scratcher is probably the safest items you can find in the market. The product is in a pack of three, so it will help you distribute it anywhere you need even though the design is simple and basic. They can easily draw your cat’s attention but not us.

This cat scratch lounger is a very durable product. It is thanks to the corrugated recycled cardboard. Besides, the manufacturer used corn starch glue, so you have no worries for your cat. 

The surface is big enough for your cat, even if it stretches its body to the maximum. It will become a favorite place for your buddy to stretch, scratch, and have a nap.

We can also turn it over to get a fresh scratching surface. Even more, this lounger is seducing your cat to give it a try if you use the catnip bag that is included.

If you want a cat scratch lounger for your cat, this should be the one made for it. The 4CLAWS Scratching Lounge & Bed is wide enough to fit a cat in any size. Its material is premium compressed cardboard. So, it is very dense, stable, and has a long life circle.

Moreover, the scratcher cardboard and the glue are non-toxic, which is safe for your kitty.

Plus, they created a reversible configuration that can turn over any time to become a new scratching spot. Hence, double the time you can use the item and two places that your cat can rest on.

The cat lounger will embrace your cat and offers the best comfortable resting and scratching place. Also, the design is an optimal one that blends perfectly into most homes.

This is such an amazing gift for your cat’s claws. The PetStages Easy Life Cat Scratcher and Hammock is a multi-colored product designed with the bowl-shaped. It is suitable to become a lounge and a scratcher point. This item is sturdy because it has a corrugated surface and a strong cat tree construction.

You can redirect your cat away from furniture or valuable things in your house with this circular scratcher lounger. The organic catnip is available on the bed surface, so your cat will come to this attractive special lounger.

The last product we would like to review is the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge, probably the best cat scratch lounger at this time.

This cat lounger looks like a cool wooden lounger that only exists in a 5-star hotel. The cardboard is super large. It is double the place for your cat to play with. Not only that, the design is suitable for more than just one cat to use it at the same time. This lounger is made of recycled materials but very safe and environmental.

Moreover, its construction gives a powerful strength that it will not buckle under a full-grown cat’s high pressure. The surface is corrugated and has neutral colors, so it is very attractive to any cat looking for a place to sharpen the claws. It also relieves stress for your cat.

Furthermore, the unique structure allows your feline friend to stretch its entire body on the surface. There is also a hold that your cat can use as a den.

On top of that, the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge is reversible, which is double the profit for the money you pay. The organic catnip is also used to attract your friend’s attention.

Final thoughts

In summary, scratching is not a bad habit of your cat. It is merely an activity to improve its claws healthy. To satisfy your cat’s scratching habit and protect your furniture, it is necessary to own one cat scratcher lounger.

Since there are too many scratch loungers on the market, you might find it difficult to buy one. Always remember that the greatest cat scratch lounger needs to be a place that your cat can fully enjoy the scratching activity to grow naturally while giving it a place to relax.

After reading this article, we hope that you now can judge any cat lounger based on the features we listed above and find out a proper cat scratch lounger for your kitty. You can also try using one of the products we have reviewed above. We are sure that you will not disappoint them.

If there is any other question, you can go here for answers!


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