Cats do not always go to the toilet on the litter box. Even sometimes accustomed to going into the sand, but cats still “go wrong” out. This is always a concern for owners.

Why don’t cats use the toilet in the right place? Why can’t cats use the litter box? There are several reasons why they are. In the article, I will point out some common reasons and measures to address this situation.

cat not using the litter box

Some signs that cats may go to the toilet in the wrong place

  • There are traces of cat urine or feces in the outside to the litter box.
  • There are urinals to mark the territory in places such as doors, windows, or new household objects.
  • Cats keep chirping while in the sand.
  • Frequency of using the toilet more than usual.

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The reason why cats can not go to the toilet in the right place

1. The location of the eating place and the litter box

A cat is an animal that has a clean instinct. Therefore, if you keep your cat’s food near the litter box, he will not use it. Just like humans! How can you sit next to the toilet stink and eat rice? So, pay attention to the litter box and toilet in two separate positions!

2. The level of cleanliness of the litter box

You probably all know cats are adorable animals that care about the litter box’s smell and cleanliness. If you do not clean the litter box and the sand in it, our cats will no longer use the litter box. Just like you have to use a dirty, smelly toilet, the cat will be stressed, uncomfortable, and long-term will not use the dirty litter box again.

3. Quality of cat litter

Cats like to pee on soft, fluffy, paw-free things. Therefore, the soft and absorbent type of sand will be the perfect choice for cats.

4. The mood of the cat

When your cat is upset, dissatisfied, or has something unsatisfied with her surroundings, she can respond by acting like scratching, breaking, or soiling things.

5. Health problems related to the urinary tract of cats such as kidney failure

If you see your cat defecating outside of a litter box with low levels of waste repeatedly and in a litter with blood or cats making noise when using the toilet, or licking the genitals and anus, the thing you need to do is taking the cat to a reputable veterinary facility immediately.

How to train a cat to use the litter box?

Prepare supplies

Before teaching your cat to go to the toilet in the right place, you need to prepare a few basic items.

Sanitary tray

It may be a carton box, plastic pots … but the litter box needs to be bigger than the cat’s body so that they can be comfortable moving and digging sand when the toilet is finished. Kittens often grow up very quickly, so if you intend to buy the litter box, buy a large one from the beginning to save money later.

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Cats will have no trouble moving into a large litter box, as long as the edge is sufficient for them to enter. If your cat can’t enter it, you can help her by creating a small staircase. You should use a small piece of wood or other material with high adhesion and one end to the litter box, the other end to the ground. This way, your cats will easily move into the tray.

There are several types of closed litter boxes, with lids around. The advantage of this type is that it does not drop the sanitary sand and limit odor. However, some cats do not like the closed toilet tray at first. You can remove the door until they get used to the tray.

Sanitary sand

There are many types of sanitary sand to choose from. And any type of sand is appropriate for the age of the cat. However, you should note a few issues.

  • Choose unsanitary hygienic sand: Because kittens and cats often dislike scented sand. If the smell is too strong, they may leave the toilet elsewhere or irritate the cat’s airways.
  • Choose the sand can be scooped: Most types of sand on the market today can do this. They will make it easy to clean the litter box and your cat.

Shovels and linens

Here are the last 2 items that you need to prepare. Shovel for cleaning cat litter. There are also linens used to spread at the bottom of the litter box to prevent littering.

Train your cat to defecate in the right place

1. Placement of the litter box suitable

You should place the litter box in fixed, quiet, discreet places to avoid the noise that can startle your cat.

Do not place in crowded places such as the kitchen or room. And do not place near the lying, eating places of cats.

The litter box should be placed in the cat’s regular living area. They will see the toilet tray regularly and can use it when needed.

Kittens and cats all like like their privacy. If that were not the case, they would probably defecate to the floor.

2. Put the cat in the litter box

Pour sand into the litter box to a thickness of about 3-4cm. When your cat first comes home, whether or not she wants to go to the toilet, put her right into the litter box so she can get used to the smell and feel the sand. Leave her in the litter box for a few minutes.

Keep lifting the cat into the litter box after eating, waking up, or any other time when you notice they are about to go to the bathroom. If the cats squat outside the tray, you need to immediately place them in the tray.

Some cats will immediately understand that they need to use the litter box for defecating. But others need time to get acquainted. So you keep repeating the action with them again and again. And reward, cuddly if they go to the toilet in the right place instead of punishing them.

3. Create comfort for cats

About once a week, you need to empty all the dirty sand in the litter box and clean it. After shoveling the soil out, use non-toxic detergent (or warm soapy water) to rinse, then rinse with water and pour new sand into the tray.

If the cat defecates outside the litter box, clean the area well. The cat won’t go around there anymore in that way.

Cats usually go to the toilet after about 20 minutes after eating. So feeding your cat at the right time and regularly will help you predict the cat’s toilet time. When you find your cat requires a toilet, move it closer to the tray.

You can put 2 litter boxes in the house to let the cat comfortably go to the toilet.

Final Thoughts

Training your cat using the litter box is an important part of raising a cat. I hope the above article has been helpful to you. You can click here to buy some cat-related items:


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