The floor can become super ugly because the furniture in general and chair legs, in particular, can cause scratches. Owning a beautiful and clean floor is hard. Protecting it from damage and scratches is even harder. Cat paw chair socks can solve the affair above.

Cat paw chair socks knitting patterns have super good slip-resistance, abrasion-resistance, and soundproofing. Additionally, their materials are acrylic fibers that are friendly with the environment. This kind of socks helps not only the life of chairs increase but also the floor is protected. In other words, this is a great product that helps to prevent noise and scratches when we move chairs.

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Moreover, cat lovers will certainly like this product because of its cuteness. So, they use cat paw chair socks as an ornament. With abundant colors and patterns, customers can choose any forms they like. The product will be a beautiful and lovely gift when you participate in a housewarming or spend for your friends who are cat lovers.

Product specifications

  • Size: Very stretchable, fitting with many kinds of chair legs.
  • Material: Wool fabric
  • Style: Modern

User manual: Put socks on four chair legs to decorate or prevent scratches for the floor. You can also put them on the doorknob.

Key features

  • You can use the product for square, round, or rectangle chair legs because of its compact and simple design.
  • The product is appropriate to chair legs with the circuit from 12 to 18 centimeters.
  • The four cat paw chair socks with soft, durable, and thick fabric will help to effectively reduce noise when pulling chairs, reduce scratches and impacts for the floor as well as increase friction. Also, they have good slip-resistance.
  • The product contributes to adorn and make chairs more impressive with elegant colors, adorable as well as excellent design and outstanding patterns. In other words, it is appropriate for any type of chair legs.
  • Especially, cat paw chair socks are suitable for tiles or wooden floors and help the floor surface pretty, glossy and durable.
  • The product is easy to use.
  • Your room will change immediately once you put these socks on chair legs.
  • Cat paw chair mitts can protect and fit chair legs made of bamboo or hardwood.
  • The product can also be used for cabinets, tables, and some other types of furniture.
  • You can use the product for the long term.
  • Cat paw chair socks will not be easy to drop out.
  • The quality of cat paw chair socks is high.
  • The product is stretchable.
  • The process of setting is quick.


Cat paw chair mittens are both useful and adorable. They are an ideal idea if you are finding a way of changing, adding ornaments, or protecting your floor. Soft cat paw chair feet wear will decrease noise and protect the floor from scratches. In conclusion, this product is suitable for every family.  


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