Cat Toothbrush

Best Cat Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Your cat’s dental health is paramount, but many cat owners have problems maintaining their cat’s dental hygiene. It is sometimes difficult to determine the type of brand that is to be used or which best suits your kitten’s needs. The market can feel oversaturated with all kinds of brands claiming to be [...]

gifts for cat lovers

Best Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

  As a cat lover, I can tell you personally that finding the perfect gifts for cat lovers is kind of difficult. There are a few things you can select rather than an object with cat ears or useless whiskers. I mean, why drink in a regular cup of coffee, if I could [...]


Best Cat Vitamins And Supplements

  Nutrition is an important aspect of animal care. And while we give our cats the best and highest quality cat food we can find, there will always be cases where they will need cat vitamins and supplements to increase the nutrients they get from their food. Vitamins work by improving the various [...]

cat water fountain

Best Ceramic Cat Water Fountain

Unlike tap water in a container, the cat’s water source is regularly vented and filtered. This means that it is fresher, more attractive and can encourage your cat to drink more. The water sources for cats are available in different materials. They usually consist of plastic, stainless steel or ceramic. Plastic products are [...]

big house cats

Big House Cats to Fall in Love with

Meta: Cat lovers don’t care if their fur companions are big or small, the unconditional love goes on. Let’s check out the 9 domesticated big house cats we all love. We are all familiar with the little fur-balls rolling around your house tearing your favorite carpet. But not all cat breeds are small in [...]

how long do cats live

How Long Do Indoor and Outdoor Cats Live

Many people ask “how long do cats live,” it is, of course, the responsibility of all cat owners to look after the well-being of their cats. It can be easy for some cat owners to get this assignment done while being a challenging task for others. It has been recorded recently that [...]


Best Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

The search for cat litter has the highest priority for cat owners, but most of us are reluctant. On the one hand, self-cleaning cat litter boxes would save a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re mostly on the road or returning from work too late. After a long day at work, [...]

Hairball Remedy for Cats

Best Natural Hairball Remedy for Cats

One of the main advantages of cats over other pets and dogs is that they clean themselves. Although you need to wash your dog at least once a month to keep it at least a little clean, a cat keeps its coat daily. During this cleaning, the cat’s tongue’s hooks remove the hair [...]


A Complete Guide to The Best Essential Oils Safe for Cats

  Introduction As an intimate family member, cats deserve the best care and attention to grow healthy and happy. Besides giving them high-quality and nutritious food, it is important to keep fleas and ticks away from them. That’s when essential oils come in handy. However, the quality of such oils can have great impacts, both positive [...]