big house cats
We are all familiar with the little fur-balls rolling around your house, tearing your favorite carpet. But not all cat breeds are small in size. Some of them resemble their wild cousins while remaining the silliness of being tamed animals. If you ever yearned to house a leopard or curl up...
how long do cats live
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Many people ask, "how long do cats live," it is, of course, the responsibility of all cat owners to look after their cats' well-being. It can be easy for some cat owners to get this assignment...
Choosing a Male Cat Names & Female Cat Names
Choosing a Male Cat Names & Female Cat Names   Though naming a male cat Mog or Puss or any other non-descriptive name is easy, you should take some time and examine their behavior before naming him. If your cat is a fighter or a warrior something like scrapper or Ali...

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