Cats enjoy lying or sitting on paper. What magic makes the paper a leisure spot such elegant creatures like felines get so addicted to. Find out right in this article.

That cats like to play with things made from the paper might have made you curious. I am sure you have seen your felines attracted to a sheet of A4 paper instead of some expensive toys several times before. Such a confusing issue should really be explained according to the scientists’ acknowledgment. Let’s explore the secrets of paper, and you will have a new understanding of your “best friends.”

Being a nice conductor, the paper will provide your cats with warmth and insulation. Moreover, it can also create an area that is uniquely marked for the felines. A satisfying crinkling sound that comes from paper will make them irresistible. In this article, I will explain why cats have a fascination with paper. There is no need to worry too much if your cats regularly lie or sit on paper because it is an unharmful behavior and is quite common among cats.

Paper creates a warm space for cats

You might have seen some homeless people sleeping on the street when you are on your way to work or school. Usually, they will lay on some sheets of paper. Do you know why? That is because the paper is considered as a natural conductor that can help to reflect their body heat. Some more details about this are below. 

The warmer the paper is, the more enticing it will be. As a result, when you throw a piece of paper from your printer, cats will quickly catch it with comfortableness. 

In case your floor is cold or has uncomfortable surfaces, papers will indeed become irresistible. You can test this fact by fluttering a piece of paper like a household bill to the ground and seeing if your cats react to it.

As a matter of fact, paper can help to maintain a comfortable temperature for your felines. No more worries if they will overheat or have to look for an alternative area of warmth. Let the papers work!

The paper helps cats to create their territory

Like clothing, the paper is a comfortable thing for cats to sit on once their owners leave it. The reason is not because of your scent carried on it. There exists another reason – cats like to create their territory.

That may be a little surprising to you, right? I sued to suppose that the floor of my house is a unique surface area. But then I realized I was wrong—cats like a smaller and sub-area. Hence, cartons or papery items are very appealing to them.

Also, your felines will notice books, magazines, or newspapers because they are made from paper, too.

Cats like the appealing noise made by paper

This might make you feel strange and a little funny at first, but I believe there will be a change in your mind if you know these facts. 

According to scientists, the cats’ hearing is extremely sensitive. Why do they say so? The reason is that there is an extreme magnification in the noise for felines. For instance, once you screw up a piece of paper, you will create an unmistakable sound to your “best friend.” Just a soft sound is sufficient to attract your cats. Another similar example is the crinkling paper.

Your felines would love to get your attention

In some cases, your cats just make some noises from the paper to attract your attention. That may be because they see you focusing on some other things rather than them. As a natural action, you will shoo them if you are busy with your work or something important. Noticing that, cats will make more noises or do anything they can until they get your interaction. In such a circumstance, any attention from you is excellent to them.

Lying down on paper is a naturally curious behavior of cats. 

As a natural action, cats enjoy checking out the new objects in their room. What for? Simply, they just want to see if there is an exciting thing for them to play with.

There is no doubt if your felines are attracted to paper in the first place since the paper is usually new and belongs to no particular things. I suppose that no cats can resist peeking at such a comfortable and non-threatening thing as paper. 

Even though this is insufficient to explain why cats often stick around paper after getting interested in it, this is at least enough to tell why your feline friends enjoy lying or sitting on paper. 


Playing or lying on paper is a common behavior. But things are different if your cats eat it. It could be a signal of diabetes, feline leukemia, or some other illnesses that your cats might have. In such cases, your cats can have pica and need to visit the doctor. Pica is more popular in young cats, but it can also occur in the felines of any ages. So, quickly call a doctor if you see your feline friends have one of those signals. It might waste a little time, but it can help to save your cats.


There exist many reasons making your feline friends love to play with paper, lay and sit on it. Nevertheless, the major reasons include a warm space it brings to cats, a territory it creates for them, its appealing noise as well as cat’s signal to attract you. Additionally, you should be careful if your cats usually eat paper because they might have a pica. Within such a short article, I am unable to cover all the details related to this subject, so I only show you some main information about it. I hope it is enough for you to get general knowledge for why cats enjoy lying or sitting on paper


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