Cats are one of the most adorable animals in the world. They always have funny actions that make us laugh and feel good. And there’s so much action in them that makes us curious why cats do that.

Sleeping face down or covering your face is one such action. Look at the small, soft bodies of the cat lying neatly on the mattress with a well-covered face at the bottom.

There’s something about them that’s so cute and makes us want to pamper forever. Cats sleep face down. Let’s find a compelling answer behind it.


Cats have a lot of weird, confusing actions. They often perform acrobatics, running back and forth like they are playing something invisible, or sitting quietly like staring at you, etc. Besides, many people pay attention to the sleeping posture of cats. Cats can sleep anywhere, anytime, and in any position, they can. Interesting!

Cats sleep face down. It is also one of the common postures.

Why Do Cats Sleep Face Down?

Pet behavioral researchers have confirmed that each cat’s sleeping posture has a different purpose and has its reasons for it. Cats have or certain emotions they want to show.


Cats sleep face down for several reasons:

First is that it is the sleeping position they are comfortable to lie.

Second, this sleeping posture creates a sense of security for them. Cats are not animals that feel safe enough. They comfortably sleep anywhere but must be places that can shield them, giving a sense of trust. By hiding his face while sleeping, cats get this feeling.

The third is to reduce light shining into the eyes. The way we do is to wear a blindfold when sleeping; instead, the cat will face down.

Four is to keep the nose warm. Cats can also do this by sleeping in a curled up position or covering their tail around their face. They retain heat to the body in various ways, but sleeping posture is more common.

The final reason as well as the most remarkable reason: this sleeping position may be a sign of a cat’s condition. Cats sleep face down. If you see your cat often sleeping in this position, and when he wakes up, he may seem tired, uncomfortable with his head, or hit his head to the wall, as if he is having a problem. Don’t be subjective; quickly discover that something is out of the ordinary. It could be a brain-related disease. Take your cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible to promptly detect cat health problems.

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A cat’s sleeping posture reveals many things. Not just a cat’s need or purpose but also a sign of an unusual problem. Sleeping face down too. Don’t be subjective and think it’s normal; instead, keep an eye on them.

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