For many pet lovers, cats are a precious thing. Even though they behave perversely, they are still a favorable pet. Sometimes they give us very cute tricks. Sometimes their actions are so dictatorial! You will never imagine a lovely cat is an underwear thief! Let’s check out the two cases below! 

Cats stealing underwear
Cats stealing underwear

Cases of cat stealing underwear

The first underwear thief Reginald

This is a case that happened in the U.K three years ago. The culprit was Reginald – a cat living with his owner Liza Brickell in Folkestone Town. Having a cute appearance, but Reginald is a real underwear owner that caused tens of disappearances of underclothes in the local. 

He stole panties, bras, socks, and even baby diapers from the public laundry room. To the discovery, he had “collected” more than 20 items. Every day, Reginald exhibited his booty in the game and made a sign for his owner to show off his trophies. It seemed to be a very glorious action to him. Was he thinking such a thing was good and waiting to be rewarded whenever he brought neighbors’ underwear back to his home? 

Reginald and his “trophies”

As stated, Reginald was not the first underwear thief. There was also another one named Tonkinese living together with a couple in New Zealand. Tonkinese used to scare his owner and many others when showing a public trophy to them. 

The underwear thief Tonkinese 

No one understood why a cute cat had such a bad habit. His behavior shamed Liza a lot. She did not know how to explain to her neighbors at first. Now she must tell them to contact her if they are finding the missing underwear. Also, she will assertively correct the bad behavior of Reginald to help him become a cute cat again. 

The second thief Basil

Another “super thief” is Basil. This three-year-old cat targeted the residents in Hanover, Brighton, and acted whenever they hung clothes on the wire. Not only panties but Basil also stole socks and shorts. 

cats stealing underwear
Credit to Jane Goodwin

Basil gave all stolen clothes to his owner Jane Goodwin, which made her so ashamed. Then she had to embarrassedly upload the pictures to find the owner of that stolen underwear. 

One of Basil’s victims is Rhianna Drummond-Clarke. “He is glancing furtively at my window every morning”, said Rhianna. Lucky for her, the underwear was returned undamaged to her.

To sum up, the post has just given you two interesting cases about cats stealing underwear. No explanation has been provided, so we still do not understand why cats have such a bad habit. Have your cats ever behaved so? Pay attention to them more! 

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