Nowadays, we no longer need cats to chase mice from our homes as in the past. Today, the little cats are faithful partners, friends and family members who occupy a permanent place in our homes and hearts. This change effects the way we name our cats. In the past, cats had simple names, if not no names at all, but today they are given rather individual and original names. The name is often intended to reflect a distinctive physical attribute or the uniqueness of the cat, a name that will stick to the cat and its family for a lifetime. Therefore, cat owners are struggling to find the right name for their kitten!

How To Choose The Ideal Name For Your Cat?

Of course, before you name your cat, you will be looking for many different options and you are doing well! You must choose a name that will not only adapt to his physical appearance but also to his personality. The name you choose for your cat should be simple, easy to remember, and should grab the attention of your new pet.
This is why we advise you to find a Chinese name for your cat in which there will be no errors or confusion when pronouncing it. Look for a name that is not too long (max 3 syllables) or difficult and that seems natural. Another important thing, the name you choose should please you and your cat.

Why Choose a Chinese Name for Your Cat?

If you are curious about Chinese cat names, you should know that Chinese is actually described as a family of languages, and there are many different varieties, such as Hakka, Hui, Gan, Jin, Mandarin, Min, Ping, Wu, Xiang and Yue. The largest variety in the range and number of speakers is Mandarin, which also includes different dialects.

Chinese languages are very old, with inscriptions found dating from 1200 BC. Obviously the different varieties have had time to develop in different directions and that is why the Chinese taught to foreigners is based on Mandarin.

The basic unit is the syllable; In standard Chinese, there are about 400 different syllables with which all combinations can be made. The differences in tone and intonation make it possible to differentiate the words. As you can see, Chinese is a very complex language.

Even for a Chinese CAT name, you need to make sure that it not only sounds good for you, but also that it matches your cat. So do not hesitate to be inspired by the character of your cat as well as its physical aspect.

The Chinese names for cats that we have compiled can be used for both male and female cats.
Chinese Names According To The Appearance Of The cat

If cats could talk, their owners could ask them a number of questions. For example: Do you like your name? Unfortunately thy can’t. Therefore, many cat owners choose names that match their cats’ appearances.

  • Bai: White, Pure
  • From: Big
  • Diandian: Spot
  • Fang: Beautiful, Fragrant
  • Gengi: Golden
  • Jia: Cute
  • Jin: Gold
  • Jun: Pretty
  • Lan: Elegant
  • Mei: Beautiful
  • Na: Graceful
  • Wei: Large, robust
  • Xiao Bai: White
  • Xue: Snow
  • Xun: Fast

Chinese Names According To The Cat’s Personality

Another way to find a name that best suits your cat is to name it after its character. Of course, this is not obvious when a kitten has just moved into your home. But you don’t have to immediately name your new companion! Take a few days or weeks to observe your kitten well. What do you notice? What does your cat seem to particularly like?

If it has an independent nature, the cat also has a personality that is unique and with its own characteristics. The cat also has intelligence and more developed senses which are often overlooked. In this article, we encourage all cat owners to get to know their pets’ personalities better in order to find the appropriate name.

  • Ah Fook: Lucky
  • Ai: Love, Friendly
  • Year: Calm, Peaceful
  • Ben Ben: Beast
  • Chao: Jump, Surpass
  • Cheng: True, Honest
  • Da: Smart, Gifted
  • Fen: To Fight
  • Gang: Strong
  • Guiying: Brave, Heroic
  • Hey: Harmony
  • Hua: Splendid
  • Huang: Intelligent
  • Hui: Wise
  • Jian: Strong, healthy
  • Ju: Huge
  • Jun: King
  • Lí: Reasonable, Capable
  • Min: Ingenious, Sharp
  • Nao Nao: Naughty
  • Ning: Serein
  • Nuan: Hot
  • Pingback: Peaceful
  • Qiang: Energetic
  • Ru: Scholar
  • Sai Hu: Fast
  • Shu: Charming
  • Tangtang: Cabbage
  • Xinyi: Happy
  • Yong: Brave
  • Yu: Delicious
  • Zhong: Loyal

Names Of Chinese Celebrities And Characters

Many people name their cats after famous figures such as actors, football stars or singers. Here’s a list of some Chinese celebrities and characters:

  • BuddhaChang’e: Goddess of the moon
  • Da Yu: Legendary sovereign
  • Daoji: A popular hero
  • Dizang: God of Hell in Chinese Mythology
  • Eason Chan: A singer from Hong Kong
  • Fan Bingbing: Actress
  • Fushi: God of Happiness
  • Gong Gong: Sea Dragon
  • Hou Yi: God of Archers
  • Hua Mulan: Mulan’s heroine, Disney film
  • Jackie Chan: An actor
  • Lei Gong: God of Thunder
  • Meng Jiang: A popular heroine
  • Mushu: Mulan Dragon, in the Disney movie
  • Nuwa: Creative Goddess of humanity, in Chinese mythology
  • Pangu: The Creator, in Chinese Mythology
  • Pu Yi: Last Emperor of China
  • Sun Wukong: King of the Apes in The Westward Wander
  • Yu Di: Jade Emperor
  • Tian: God of Paradise
  • Xihe: Goddess of the sun
  • Xuanzang: Hero of The Peregrination West
  • Yinglong: Dragon God of the Rain
  • Zhao Wei: Actress

Other Chinese Names for Cats

It is a happy thing to give a cat a name. A special name makes your cat different. Here are some more special Chinese names for cats.

  • Bao: Precious, Jewelry
  • Boba: Sweet tea from Taiwan
  • Chen: Morning
  • Chun: Spring
  • Di Di: Little brother
  • Fu: Lotus
  • Hai: Sea
  • Hey: River, Ltus
  • Hong: Rainbow
  • Hua: Bloom
  • Huang: Phoenix
  • Jia: Family
  • Jiaozi: Ravioli, Dumpling
  • Li Ming: Beautiful light
  • Lin: Jewels
  • Ling: Soul, Bell
  • Mei Mei: Little sister
  • Qiu: Fall
  • Rong: Glory
  • Tofu
  • Xia: Summer
  • Xiang: Good luck

So what is your favorite cat name? Whatever name you choose, we want you and your cat to enjoy it!


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