Caring for a kitten is a different thing entirely even if you have had years of experience with adult cats. They eat differently, sleep differently, and need time to acclimatize with changes both inside their bodies and in the outside world. There are a ton of new things to do when you first get a kitten, so choosing the best food for your kitten 2018 is very important. Unfortunately, a lot of cat owners neglect this important choice of choosing the best kitten food. The right choice of kitten food can give you a strong and healthy cat, while the wrong choice of food can cause many health problems in the future, including diabetes.

Every cat owner needs to choose what food is good for his or her kitten. What most owners do not realize is that kittens have specific needs that must be met like humans. Therefore choosing the best food for your kitten is not as easy as it used to be anymore, because there are now hundreds of products available. It is important to understand what foods provide the best nutrition for your kitten. Cats are carnivores naturally. This means that they are aimed at consuming mainly protein in their diet. When they hunt, they will get proteins from the muscle meat of the animals they eat. This meat also provides them with taurine, an important nutritional ingredient necessary to maintain good health.

Feeding your kitten with the right food is the key to a healthy and growing kitten. They should also like the food you offer them, which is often a bit difficult at first. In this article, we will discuss the best kitten food for your kitten that will provide the needed vitamins and minerals, high-quality protein and a delicious meal that your cat will gobble up every day.
Cats have unique dietary requirements that make them different from dogs or other animals. For instance, as obligate carnivores they are, it means that they must have meat in their diets. Cats cannot easily digest carbohydrates and starches like dogs. The recommended minimum percentage of proteins for an adult cat is 26 percent. Though, a young kitten will need more protein. The kitten will need at least 30 percent protein in his diet to become adults.
It also needs a good hydration just like human. They naturally don’t drink a lot of water. Outdoor kittens generally get as much moisture as they need from the prey they eat. Indoor kittens need the owner help to get all the fluids they need. Always leave a container with fresh water out for them to drink, but don’t forget that this may not give them adequate fluids throughout the day. A good cat food will help you with this.

Choosing the best kitten wet food is very important. All canned foods do not contain the nutrients necessary to keep your kitten healthy. Check the label of the main major ingredients. Chicken, fish or beef should be included as the main ingredient. Always check if there is a good concentration of the meal in the product.

A lot of producers use smaller quantities, so read the label well to ensure that the protein is the highest ingredient. If the label lists “formula” or “dinner”, it will generally have a lower concentration of the main ingredient. Note that kitten’s digestive system is not designed to digest the cellulose found in plants. To avoid food with a high amount of grain or vegetable for usually found in dry foods.

Choosing the best kitten wet food for your cat can be very important for its fitness, longevity and overall well-being. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best nutrition for your kittens, such as the environment, age, nutritional needs, and the cost. To decide the best food for your kitten, it is important to understand what your kitten needs. When you walk down the cat food aisle in the pet store, all the choices can be a bit awesome. The question is how do you know you’re getting the best food for your kitten? Since most of the packages are covered with different kinds of labels and warranties, it all boils down to a few simple guidelines. Just keep these few points in your mind and you will be able to choose the best kitten foods for your kitten.

There are two types of food for kittens and cats: dry food is otherwise known as kibble and wet food also known as tinned or canned food. The dry foods are prepared into the dough, sent through the extruder, cut into small pieces and cooked. Dry foods are popular with some pet owners because it’s easy to store and feed. In general, they are less expensive than canned or wet foods.
Kittens need many more nutrients than mature cats. However, with smaller tummies, they must eat more regularly. The six-week-old kitten needs to have four meals a day until 12 weeks of age. From 12 weeks to six months, the kitten can take three meals a day. After that stage, feed your kitten once a day, like other mature cats.

Kittens love occasional treats, such as fresh liver, kidneys, and cottage cheese. But wet cat food is the best for you kitten. Feed your kitten a well-balanced diet cat food made specifically for developing kittens. Start with wet food, which is more calorie-laden for energetic kittens. Later on, you can start supplementing with dry food if you wish.
And wet foods contain more moisture than dry foods. The moisture can be water, gravy, or broth. Kittens and cats generally love wet foods. Some wet food has a higher content of fat, sodium or some minerals; therefore if your kitten or cat has any health problem, it is vital that you read the label carefully.

Presently a lot of vets recommend wet cats food over dry foods to help avoid problems in the urinary tract. Many cat owners also love feeding their kittens and cat a mix of wet and dry foods or keeping some dry food down for their pets and feeding them with wet foods at meals. If you feed your cat dry foods or a combination of both dry and wet foods, be sure to provide enough fresh water at all times to help avoid urinary tract problems.

To purchase the best foods for your kitten, it is advisable to read the cat food label. Check out the label, it will provide you with a lot of information. In addition to manufacturing information, you will also be informed about the ingredients of the food, for example. Some ingredients are better than other. Some ingredients are of higher quality than others. When buying your kitten food avoid cat food with artificial color, preservatives and flavors and also kitten foods that are low in carb. And always look for plenty of named meats for protein.


Avoid kitten’s food with too many carbohydrates and filler ingredients, the label will as well provide you information on cat food guaranteed analysis. The analysis tells you the percentages of crude fat, crude protein, fiber, and moisture. These things, in addition to carbohydrates, make up most of what is in your cat’s food. It is essential to know how much of these nutrients you are giving your kitten. To make wise purchasing decisions, you can compare these proportions with other foods. It is usually easy to compare one wet or dry cat food with another. It can be difficult to compare dry cat food to a wet cat food due to the moisture content.

Wet cat foods or canned food has more moisture than nutrients per weight in the can. There are many different textures available with wet cat foods, therefore finding the one that your cat will love is what can take some guess and check out. There are a few stuffs to remember when buying wet foods for your kitten such as:

Moisture content: This is little of a difficult problem. Most veterinarians will recommend a kitten or cat to get at least some wet food daily because of the extra waters it provides. On the other hand, a large amount of moisture in a can of cat food means that other nutrients that they need are inadequate. Often, you will find approximately 80% moisture in 3 ounces of kitten food. This mean that up to 2.4 ounces are moisture, leaving only 0.6 ounces to provide the fat and protein that your kitten needs to grow. This is one reason you will see producers recommend that you feed four cans a day if you fed only wet foods.

Food texture: as with older cat food, kitten food comes in some types of texture. The most common that you will find is Pate. This is because it is easy for a kitten to chew. Kitten will have small teeth and mouths. And this is the reason why dry foods or wet foods with chunks are not good choices. The Pate is easy for the kitten to chew as they adapt to solid foods. When the kitten becomes a bit bigger, you may want supplement more variety to the quality of their food. You can find flaked, cubed, and shredded. These varieties may help your kitten practice chewing. Although some cats simply hate pate food, even from a young age.

Taste: Cat food manufacturers seem to believe that kittens love the taste of chicken. Many kitten foods will combine many proteins source, such as lamb, pork, and fish, to help your kitten’s stomach used to them. It is better to avoid cat foods with artificially flavored. And many companies add a large amount of salt to add flavor. While older cats can handle that, your kitten may have problems with it. Unfortunately, much time, just like human food, the better tasting pet foods are less healthy ones.

Price: The best kitten wet food would be expensive. This is one of the most important reasons why people stick to dry pet foods. However, wet food is definitely worth including in your kitten’s nutrition. A more expensive kitten food will have more protein and less carbohydrate which is healthy for your kitten growth.

The rapid growth that kittens experience implies that they require food rich in proteins and fats. Choosing the best kitten food early will lessen the chances of any problem during this phase of rapid growth. Whether you prefer dry or wet cat food, kitten’s needs fully nutritional meal with sufficiently of water. Both dry and wet cat foods are able to provide the nutrition. In the following paragraphs we will consider the best top quality and tasty wet cat food for your kitten in 2018, so check out the list and make the right choice:

Wellness Natural Pet Food Grain Free Wet Canned Food, Pate Kitten:

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The manufacturer offers high-quality pet food with a wide range of product options for cats at all phases of life, including several grain-free alternatives. All wellness products are prepared with real meat without artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors, also wheat, corn, and soy ingredients. You can rely on healthy kitten food products to provide premium nutrition and many natural flavors that your cat will find irresistible.


Nature’s Variety Instinct Natural Wet Cat Food:

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 Nature’s Variety offers a selection of instinctive no grain kitten foods. Your adorable Kitty will purr in happiness when you provide this Nature Variety grain-free wet cat food because every bite is full of proteins, gluten-free and grain free. Each formula is carefully balanced with healthy foods that your cat ancestor eats in the wild, such as meat or poultry, healthy fruits and vegetable, and no gluten or grain. A wholesome, biologically proper diet like this provides a nutritious and easily digested food to help your kitten thrive. Feeding this diet provide your kitten with nutrition and energy to achieve a happy and healthy life. This is a grain-free and gluten-free cat food, perfect for kittens with grain sensitivity; it is blended with omega fatty acids for healthy coat and skin, this protein-rich wet cat food containing 95% meat and it’s specially prepared for rotation feeding.

Purina Fancy Feast Kitten Gourmet Wet Cat Food:

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 This is another option for your kitten. Purina is veterinary approved. From experience, I know that Purina is very good food for kitten although it can be a bit expensive. This food provides 100% balanced nutrition for kittens and is prepared with reliable ingredients. This tasty little canned helps you start caring for your kitten needs along with giving your pets exciting meal options. Made with real milk to help your kitten move from breastfeeding to eating, making it an ideal choice for your litter of kittens.
Given your young pet, its first little bites of turkeys in an easy-to-digest pate; this wet kitten food is made with essential minerals and vitamins to help your young kitten on her way to a long and healthy life of love and care with you. Purina kitten food also has additional benefits to control diabetes in your pet. It is also a source of omega fatty acids and contains tons of vitamin E in it for your kitten’s coat and skin.

BLUE Buffalo Gourmet Kitten Pate Chicken Wet cat food:

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The good thing about this kitten food brand is that the manufacturer is able to differentiate between the vitamins and nutrients that our kittens need, depending on their age. A Blue Longevity formula contains one for adult’s cat, another type for kittens and the last type for mature cats. They are also able to even differentiate the protein and fat content of a specific group. Example, blue buffalo Chicken and brown rice kitten food contain 36% protein and 20% fat. The one for mature cats would have lesser protein content like 34% less protein and 18% fat content.
Diverse ingredients are used, but one thing is sure: everything that goes into their food does not contain artificial flavors, additives or preservatives. If your kitten does not like chicken, they also provide a combination of salmon and rice. There are more options to choose from! Indoor cats with sensitive skin have their own modified food, so does outdoor cats as well. If you want your pet to lose a little weight, you can feed it with Cat Weight Control cat food, which contains only 28% protein and 9% fat. This is a product that meets your pet’s exact nutritional needs.

Royal Canin Wet Cat food:

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 There are a lot of cat owners who think that Royal Canin cat food is the finest in the market. The quality of the ingredients they use is outstanding and their products are planned with the age and requirements of your pets in mind. The Royal Canin Cat Food contains all the nutrients necessary to maintain the growth and health of your kitten. When you purchase Royal Canin Cat Food, you are guaranteed that no harmful chemicals are used and that your kitten will receive all the needed ingredients. These Cat food formulas were made with an optimal balance between proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to support long-term deliciousness and also function as a perfect dietary supplement for your cat.

Primal Pet Foods Freeze Kitten Formula:

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 This range of pet food is formulated with the best ingredients available in New Zealand. In addition to high-quality meat, vegetables and seafood are used to provide optimal nutrition. PRIMAL is an extremely delicious meal, perfect to maintain a healthy skin and coat also with your kitten energy requirements. This is a grain-free formula made with turkey as the main ingredient. The manufacturer claims that this food is made with 100% human-grade ingredients. Turkey, organs with crushed bones make up about 93% of this cat food. In addition to the turkey formula, primal cat foods also contain chicken and salmon formula as well as pork formula. The following are the benefits of feeding your kittens this formula:
• It high digestibility means less waste.
• This grain-free formula promotes a healthy coat and skin.
• High meat content is ideal for fussy eaters.
• It has no fillers, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
• And it’s Ideal for long-term nutrition.

Sheba Wet Cat Food:

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 this food is prepared with real chicken, beef and turkey, as well as the needed vitamins and minerals to maintain your cat health; it is made without corn, wheat or soy for sensitive cats. Your kittens will love the taste of poultry and real meat in a delicious pâté without any waste: SHEBA Cat Food offers every meal with the right amount of food.
Another thing about this cat food is the fact that it does not smell as strong as some cat foods do. For some folks, it can be a deal breaker if the whole house smells like pet food during dinner time. Most cat owners say that this type of cat food does not smell that strong. Some owners may complain that they can give their cats the same food they eat for the price they pay for Sheba cat food. Sheba is definitely set at a higher price point than most pet foods, you will have to consider if this is within the budget. But if you check online amazon stores, you can find it at a cheaper price than you would get at a pet store.

Whiskas wet cat food:

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 These formulae are specially designed to help your kitten develop into a healthy cat. With calcium, vitamin E and minerals to support the growth of strong bones, each canned contains 8% crude protein with meaty bites to keep your kitten strong and healthy. This protein-rich kitten food is nutritionally balanced for cat’s maintenance. It provides your kitten entire nutritionally needs for a long and happy life: with stable mineral levels to support urinary tract and zinc that helps maintain a healthy skin and coat.


Hill science diet wet kitten food:

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 A perfect balance of the tasty flavor of tenderly baked chicken chunks in broth your kitten will love, with the right nutrition it needs. Hill’s Pet Nutrition has been in the cat food industry for more than two decades. They are fully aware of pet’s needs, especially cats and dogs. There are many variations of science diet foods, which are the most recommended by veterinarians around the world. The products manufactured by the company are complete nourishment for kittens.
This cat food is manufactured with the view that the diet of a kitten is directly responsible for how its behavior and its appearance. With this aspect in mind, the foods produced by Hill’s have the right ingredients in the right amounts to give your kitten the most nutritious diet for all it needs. Kittens are special being that needs extra attention. Cat owners are aware of their problems, its allergies, and its sensitivity. By using Hill Science pet food, you can easily meet all your kitten needs and requirements for good health.

IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS Grain-Free Healthy Kitten Wet Food:

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 When it comes to cats, you just want the healthiest food for your kitten. And IAMS Wet Cat Foods is meaty, rich, and mouth-watering. They are precise what kittens require. Choose from an assortment of wet formulas such as IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH and PURFECT DELICACIES wet. Each contains a high-quality protein and essential nutrients to help keep your kitten active and happy.
This diet helps you to feed your indoor cat its preferably wet food pates, without messing the remains food in the refrigerator. IAMS Paté Chicken Recipe is a healthy food your kitten will feed on with an ideal balance between nutrition and flavor. IAMS healthy kitten food is prepared with vitamin E to help the immune system of your kitten and DHA to support healthy brain growth. By adding IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS pates to your kitten food plate, the pet will get a fresh and perfectly sized meal every time. With Iams pet food, your kitten will enjoy a long, active and healthy life. The food stimulates your kitten’s immune system which is its strongest natural protection in all stages of life. This diet supports your kitten health through its optimal content of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

Weruva Kitten Food:

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The most important thing about Weruva is that they don’t produce any dry pet food. Cats need enough moisture to support all their physical functions and essentially live in a constant state of low-level dehydration, which can cause problems in the bladder and kidneys. Weruva cat foods are 80% moisture, which helps the urinary tract. It is also important to keep in mind that Weruva does not add excess water. Their formulas are naturally high in moisture because they remove the dry bone from meat pieces and do not add any filler.
Weruva has been the best choice for grain-free wet foods for several years. Pet food manufacturers love to use the word “human grade” when describing their pet food. What this really means is that the food is legally appropriate and approved as food for humans. With Weruva kitten food; there is no better description than human grade the Paw Licking’ Chicken formula looked just like the chicken fricassee.

Soulistic Cat Food:

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 If you are having a hard time enticing your kitten with different cat food and you always fail, try soulistic Cat food. You will realize that your kitten needs well-balanced meals with many healthy ingredients and should be fed to them on a daily basis. And soulistic Cat food is your best solution. Cats are fussy little fur ball, and this gives cat owners a challenge about how they can handle such a situation. No matter how delicious and healthy the food is served, they will reject it as long as they want to. Dry foods can be good, but wet foods offer more health benefits.
Feed your playful kittens with the high-quality ingredients found in Soulistic cat food. The company was founded on creating the best cat food with incomparable quality and value for all fussy kittens. By using a lot of the same ingredients in human foods, such as, skinless chicken breast meat, hand-shredded boneless and whole fish loins, the food is produced in human food facilities; Soulistic has made a food that feeds your kitten soul.

Merrick Cat Food:

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 Each Merrick cat food formula is prepared to provide your kitten the quality, taste, and nutrition it deserves. Cats love delicious meals. Just as human-like different tastes of food, Merrick ensures that your kitten will not only eat the food that was served earlier, but also ensures that the cat eats the food with enthusiasm. I think this is something you like to see with any of your pets, not just the cat. It is also important to keep in mind that Merrick cat food is very well known to be durable. It implies that you can reserve it for a long time without worrying about how long it will last. This is very important to consider as it will not only help you save some cash, but it will also ensure that you will get the food when you need it.

Nutro Max Wet Food :

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 This cat food comes in several types of proteins, such as chicken, lamb, and turkey simmered in a broth that the cat will love. The manufacturer uses natural ingredients that are enriched with minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients for a complete and balanced nutrition at an affordable price. The essential vitamins and nutrients guaranteed great taste and the reasonable price make this cat food a smart choice for cat owners looking to feed their kittens the best food.

Provide your kitten the nutrition he desires and thrives on with this Nutro Max kitten food. Prepared with chicken as the primary ingredient, it contains a lot of animal-sourced proteins to take care of all those indoor adventures. This formula is full of antioxidants for a healthy immune system, the needed taurine for heart health and vision, including Omega for a shiny kitten coat and a balanced mixture of minerals and vitamins. The following are the main benefits of feeding you kitten Nutro max ca food:
The delicious taste is excellent for picky eaters and provides a 100% fully balanced diet for your kittens.
Prepared in US Nutro’s facilities with high-quality ingredients from around the world, they are carefully obtained from a reliable network of suppliers and farmers.
Dogs are omnivorous and are able to break down and digest plant and animal proteins, cats eat carnivores, which mean they need muscle based meat in their foods. Though theoretically, they can get enough protein from the plant material, they need amino acids taurine for growth. Taurine is found mainly in the muscle meat of animals.
Carnivores animals like cat have short digestive systems because they are not needed to break down the strong cellulose found in plants. The introduction of cellulose in their diet invites gastrointestinal problems. In general, wet cat food, with the basic ingredient of meat or fish, offers a meal that best meets your cat’s needs for food.
The moral implication of the story is that wet cat foods can make a big difference in helping to prevent some of the most common diseases that our feline friends experience. You also do not need to purchase costly can variety: even the one you get in the supermarket can make a big difference in your cat’s health.

Benefits of feeding your kitten the Best Kitten wet Food

1. Cats do not drink too much water naturally, as animals that have evolved in a desert environment; cats have a very low thirst drive. They are designed to get the water they need in their food and they feed on the smallest animals. So, choosing the best kitten wet food that tastes like what cat ancestors eat in the wild is beneficiary to your feline friend healthy.


2. It is convenient for cats with kidney disease to eat wet foods: Recent research suggests that wet foods are the best thing you can do to control kidney disease at an early stage of your cat is to make sure she gets a lot of moisture in her food, because the extra liquid helps the damaged Kidneys clean more toxins from the bloodstream.

3. Wet cat food seems to help kittens with urinary crystals and stones also. According to research, there are many foods designed for cat urinary health, however, there are no independent studies that confirm that these diets are already doing what they are supposed to do. On the other hand, it makes sense that the cat that gets more moisture and urinates more is likely to flush crystals from the urinary tract before it causes irritation and blockage.

4. Wet food can help cats lose excess weight: Research suggests that cats that eat wet foods are more active than those that eat dry foods, although no one can fully understand why at this stage. Another reason is that wet foods are naturally much lower in carbohydrates than dry foods. As carnivorous, cats lack digestive enzymes to properly digest carbohydrates, so protein-rich foods and canned food can help your kitten regain its adorable shape.
In conclusion, don’t forget that your kittens depend only on you for her nutritional requirements. Always remember to choose kitten food with high calories and high protein content to boost the development of tissues and organs, even when they are growing to maturity. It is important to provide them with the best diet so they grow towards optimal growth and development.

We are all afraid to see our loveable kitten getting sick and for this reason, ensure that your kitten does not consume certain human foods that may affect their health, for example, raw foods and chocolate. Wet cat food is generally better than dry food, so it’s a good start. However, there are many poor quality wet cat foods in the market that you should ensure that what you feed your kitten is right for its health. Companies have the perfect ways to produce cheap cat food while making you believe that the quality of the food is high.

The list of ingredients is very important. The content of grain in wet cat foods is generally lower than dry. But, much of the grain can still exist. It is important to make sure that the first two ingredients are sources of meat. The first ingredient should be for sure. If not, go to another brand. Ignore the word “by-product”. It can include the meat source in front of it, for example, a chicken by-product. This is really a junk ingredient that is harmful to your kitten. If the first ingredient has this keyword, go to another brand. You need to see words like “turkey” or “chicken” alone. That is a quality ingredient.
And one major reason why cats and kittens have different types of food is that their nutrition needs vary. Like any other child, kitten bodies are constantly developing and growing. So provide them the basic components they need for proper growth and development, kittens need a diet that contains more protein, including a higher concentration of several vitamins and minerals.

And don’t forget that you need to feed your kitten more frequent than a mature cat. An older cat can be fed once or twice a day, while a young cat requirement is about three to six times daily. Not like an adult cat, which can consume more if you leave the food out, kittens will consume what they need to. Just be careful leaving wet food for a long time as microorganisms can grow in it. If you consider these recommendations, you will probably end up with a healthy and happy cat.
As you can see, there are so many things to remember when purchasing the best kitten wet food. There are many cat foods available but now you can be confident of your choice the next time you go to the market and know that you are bringing nutritious and a healthy food to your kitten.


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