Christmas is coming! You may think of many needed items for that day: ginger cookies, Christmas presents, Christmas trees, and so on. And as a cat owner, should you take some preparation for your lovely kitty?

A cat doesn’t actually need anything for Christmas, but a Christmas costume for a cat may please both of you. In this post, I will show you how to choose the best Christmas costume for the cat, their benefits, and a list of recommendations. 

Let’s check it out.

How To Choose The Best Christmas Costume For Cats?

Let’s start at the reason you buy your cat a costume. The first is usually to make him or her look lovely. And the second is to keep your cat warm in the winter. 

Some say that it’s not necessary for a cat to wear costumes, and they even make him or her get health problems, but in fact, wearing costumes is totally fine as long as the cat feels comfortable in them. So, how to choose the best cat costume for Christmas?

Let’s come to some crucial factors to consider: fitness, material, and safety. 


You sometimes want your cat to look adorable as a little one, and you will be kind of think that: ‘Well, that will be fine,’ but the truth isn’t. If the costume is way too small, your cat won’t be able to jump, run, walk, and do daily activities comfortably, and it’s quite a bummer. It is not worth it.


Choosing the right material plays an important role in making your pet comfortable in the outfit. 

Cheap fabrics with terrible experience in the strong scent not only give your cat an unpleasant feeling but also even scares him. 

Comfortable and soft materials are recommended, such as cashmere, cotton, pashmina.


Some of you may not understand what this ‘safety’ means. The costumes with too complicated designs are usually very hard to wear. What’s more, wearing those costumes may cause some health problems such as heat stroke and some accidents while doing daily activities such as climb trees. 

This should not be a part of the experience.

Benefits Of Using Costume For Cats?

You may wonder, are there any other reasons for cats to wear costumes? Then we let you know.

Thermally Protect Your Cat

Almost people think that cats do not need costumes mainly because of cats’ natural thick layer of fur to keep them warm. This layer works as a ‘barrier’ which ensures the thermal protection. It is often enough for a cold winter, but an extra coat sometimes makes them feel more relaxed, and that is what cat costumes do.

The Adorableness

No one can deny the adorability of cats. But do you think that they will be even lovelier with costumes? Some say no, the others say yes, it depends on your thought. But I think that together with the first benefit, cat costumes are worthy of being bought. 

Best Christmas Costumes For Cats

ANIAC Cute Cat Dog Christmas Costume Xmas Clothes

A green elf costume is one of the most iconic cat costumes for Christmas as it appears anywhere. This outfit turns your cat into a little green elf. Super adorable. 

The durable polyester material is machine washable, though we recommend washing by hand to keep the fastness.

Green, white, and red create a great combination of colors, making your pet become outstanding and sometimes earn a lot of attention from strangers.

Are you bound to take a Christmas photoshoot with your cat? Don’t miss this ANIAC costume. An overnight party with friends on this vacation? Never be better before.

However, the drawback of this costume, unfortunately, is still in the material. With about $12, you cannot ask for another material with higher quality. This should be a decorating costume for a while, not daily. 


  • Super adorable and suitable for Christmas
  • The material is machine washable and easy to care
  • Bright and outstanding colors
  • A great choice for Christmas photo shooting and some parties


  • The material may cause some problems since its quality is not really good.

Wiz BBQT Cute Dog Cat Pet Christmas Santa Hat and Cloak Costume and Collar Bow Tie

We have a little green elf above, so how about a Santa Claus mini version? Santa Claus is the key to create a merry Christmas, so with this cloak and hat, your cat may remind you of your childhood memory when the presents of Santa Claus worth more than everything in the world.

The soft material helps this costume easy to wear and brings about the best comfort ever. 

You can adjust the strap to get on and off more easily. 

Every customer of Wiz BBQT will receive a tape that can help you record your pet’s growth, thus recognizing if there are any health problems.

This set includes a cloak, a hat, and a bow. Sounds very interesting, but all of them may be an obstacle that prevents your cat from other activities. For instance, that green bow may bring about a little bit of encumberment. After all, this item is only for decoration for a short time.


  • This Santa Claus costume may bring you back to your childhood
  • Soft material brings about the best comfort ever
  • Adjustable strap for getting on and off easily
  • Wiz BBQT tape for recording your cat’s growth


  • Only suitable to wear for a short time to avoid unwanted encumberment

HongGuan Pet Halloween Costumes Cute Cosplay Vampire Cloak

You may think that a costume must include full of items, then this cloak will change your mind. Your cat will still be very adorable this Christmas, thanks to this item.

The first advantage of this cloak is one size available. This does not mean that the others were out of stock. This product really has one size. Then you ask: “How do I know whether this cloak fits my cat?” Although the collar width is just 17 cm, this HongGuan product impresses me by its great adjustment (7-21cm) – fit almost all of the cats in the world. 

Soft Velour Chenille is a popular material for baby clothes, and I don’t believe that there is any better one.

The cloak is also very portable and easy to mix and match. That portability helps your cat jump, run, etc. and if she can talk, I’m sure that she will say something full of happiness. 

On the other hand, some people think that this is way too basic, simple, and not outstanding, and it even shouldn’t be a Christmas costume.


  • One size is available with a great adjustment – fit almost every cat
  • The cloak is very portable and easy to mix and match
  • Soft Velour Chenille


  • This costume may be too basic, simple and not outstanding

PEDOMUS Cat Costume Christmas Santa Hat and Scarf Pet Christmas Costume

You want your cat to be in the best condition, and one of the most important factors for it is comfortable and soft materials. Acrylic fiber is one of our top recommendations in this post.

The Velcro design with an adjustable neck is one of the most easy-to-wear ones. Get on and off in a few minutes.

However, this costume may be way too simple compared to some options above, and this basicness should be very tedious to many people. It looks outstanding thanks to the bright colors but not special enough to earn more attention.


  • The material is Acrylic fibers – super soft and comfortable
  • Easy to get on and off thanks to the adjustable neck design
  • Bright colors (white and red)


  • May be too simple compared to the items above.

Momo Pet Cat Xmas Costume 

The most outstanding factor of Momo Pet Cat Xmas Costume is the breathable, soft, and skin-friendly cotton material, which makes sure that your cat is in the best condition.

This is the first complete costume mentioned in this post, and thanks to it, a little Santa Claus appears (although he doesn’t give you any presents).

The wide variety of sizes available helps in making the best use of this costume since most kinds of cats can wear it, except more-than-22-lbs ones. 

It can be purchased to be a Christmas present and a costume for Christmas photo taking and parties.


  • The breathable, soft, and skin-friendly cotton material brings your cat to the best condition
  • Suitable for being given as a Christmas present
  • Suitable for Christmas photo taking and parties


  • Not fit more-than-22-lbs cats

JIATECCO Christmas Cat Costume

This valuable set includes 2 pcs (one Santa hat; one Santa cloak). Both of them are made of high-quality polyester material with a lot of benefits: it’s soft, lightweight, and very comfortable. 

This costume will never be old-fashioned – those basic colors (red and white) create an iconic combination for Christmas, and you only have to buy once and can use it every year.

The cat becomes a lovely one thanks to this perfect choice for Christmas photo taking or parties.

On the other hand, this item may be too simple to some people since there are not many patterns that can make your kitty outstanding this Christmas.


  • 2 pcs including one Christmas hat and one cloak 
  • Made of high-quality polyester material which is soft, lightweight, and comfortable
  • Never be old-fashioned


  • May be too simple as there aren’t any outstanding patterns

Legendog Costume Red Velvet Cat Cloak with Christmas Hat

Each of the products included in this list is made of high-quality material, and in this case, it is fleece material. It makes sure that your cat will be as comfortable as possible thanks to the softness and ease of washing.

The nylon buckle design helps a lot in taking on and off easily by adjusting its length.

However, there is only one size available, and even with the adjustment, this still cannot fit all kinds of cat—quite a bummer.


  • The material is very comfortable, soft and easy to wash
  • Easy to take on and off thanks to the nylon buckle design


  • There is only one size available so it cannot fit all kinds of cat

MR. STRONG Pet Elk Antler Reindeer Hat with Cloak

An adorable Christmas costume for tiny cats! This cloak looks so adorable that your cat will become a little teddy bear this Christmas. 

Do you have any concerns about deforming? It has a tiny wire inside to make it in shape.

The material is soft, comfortable, and lightweight fleece, which brings your cat to the heaven of comfort and relaxing.

However, while the costume is hard to deform, there will be some inconvenience. It’s quite harder to jump, run, climb the trees, and so on.


  • An adorable costume with tiny wire inside to keep it in shape and never deform
  • The soft, comfortable, and lightweight fleece material


  • The costume is hard to deform, so there will be some inconvenience in jumping, running, climbing the trees, and so on.

Namsan Dog Sailor Costume Cat Sailor Outfit

You cannot have a merry Christmas without your lovely pet, right? This Santa hat and scarf don’t really work to keep your cat warm, but it’s adorable and comfortable thanks to the soft cotton material.

To make sure that the costume will perfectly fit him, you can use the elastic Velcro.  

It’s super easy for daily activities and really a good choice for taking photos and joining parties this Christmas. What’s more, giving this costume for other pet owners is a good choice so all of you can enjoy the festival atmosphere.


  • Soft cotton material keep it comfortable and relaxed in daily activities
  • Adjustable thanks to the elastic Velcro
  • A good choice for photo taking, parties and gift giving


  • Does not really work in keeping your cat warm

Kitan Club “Kawaii Kawaii” Cat Christmas Costume

If not Santa Claus, things reminding you of Christmas must be reindeers, Christmas trees, and snowman. You may be bored of those Santa hats, so how about turning your cat into a reindeer, a Christmas tree, or placing a snowman on her head? That’s what this ‘Kawaii Kawaii’ Cat Christmas costume from Kitan Club does. 

Polyester fiber material is lightweight, warm, and easy to care and wash.

However, as this is just a hat, so keeping the whole body warm is impossible. And although you can adjust the neck to keep it fit your cat, this hat is too small for cat weighing more than 22lbs. 

After all, it’s still very adorable, right?


  • 4 types to choose (Santa Claus, Snowman, Christmas tree, reindeer)
  • Polyester fibers material is soft, comfortable, and easy to wash


  • Cannot keep the whole body of your cat warm
  • Only suitable for small cats


Choosing the best Christmas costume for your cat is never an easy task, especially when a lot of companies with mass-producing ability have forgotten about the quality of their products. 

So with our recommendations and some factors we told you, I think it should be much easier to have the right choice. Have a nice day and Merry Christmas!


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