How long have you been keeping cats? Will it take long enough for you to realize whether a cat hygiene problem is usual or unusual? Your cat’s fur stained with feces makes you uncomfortable, and you think your cat is changing.

It becomes spoiled, for example. Cats are also arrogant animals, and they do not want themselves to be dirty, like you. So, don’t judge and be upset with your four-legged friend. The following article will provide information regarding the issue of getting poop stuck in the fur of cats. 

Do cats always get poop stuck in fur?

It is not natural or normal for feces to stick to the fur in cats. Cats and some other furry animals have their biological mechanisms for proper, clean defecation.

So, with any cat, it will not usually have feces in its fur. Do cats always get poop stuck in fur? The answer is precise, no. 

Do cats always get poop stuck in fur
It looks gross when poop sticks to the fur

If that happens, it could be a long-haired cat. You know, there are exceptions to every problem. And sure, with such a long and flowing coat, it is hard to function without being touched. So, of course, the short-haired cat that appeared this problem, you should note that because it could be a sign of trouble that your cat is experiencing.

Why do cats get feces stuck in their hair?

Whatever the problem, what we need is to know the cause of that condition. That makes it easy to adjust the relevant activities as well as find a solution to the problem.

There are several reasons for a cat with feces in its fur:


Right! The mode of the input will significantly affect the output material. That is undeniable; even diet dramatically affects the consistency of the stool that we excrete. The same is valid for cats.

Your cat’s diet may have some inappropriate things. Overeating dry food can lead to stools in your cat’s fur after the cat poop. Dry food can make their tools fairly stiff (semi-solid), with many fibers getting entangled easily in the cat’s fur. Therefore, you need to feed your cat a more active, richer diet with alternating dry and wet foods. A balanced diet is a solution at this point.


Allergies are more common in cats if the owner is not careful with the cat’s diet. The cat’s digestive system is compassionate. That is why cats quickly react to any foreign object that is not suited to their physical condition. Cat feces are a prominent sign of some of these reactions. Food allergies can alter the consistency or consistency of cat feces, depending on whether the allergen causes the cat’s feces to become sticky or not. Check with your vet, who will help you identify the allergen and come up with the best cat care direction for you in the meantime.

The litter box

A litter box that is too high or too low will affect your cat’s pooping process. Not only does it make your cat uncomfortable, but in some cases can prevent cat feces from being disposed of in the correct position or laced out in the fur around the cat’s anus. If the litter box is indeed the cause of cats get poop stuck in fur, you need to change to another litter box for the cat. It is best to observe and determine the appropriate ratios for the height, length, and width of the box. Cats are like humans, comfort always brings positive energy in the spirit, and you should not take a poop on cats.

Is there a way to get this gross away?
Is there a way to get this gross away?

Fourth, cats get stuck in fur poop can be a sign that your cat is suffering from diarrhea. To be more sure, you can track your cat’s recent defecation frequency and the shape and texture of the cat’s droppings. When you have diarrhea, your cat’s stools are usually soft and loose. That is why it easily attaches to cat hair. Diarrhea is always a condition that causes many discomforts for both people and animals. Quickly help your cat solve this problem by taking it to the vet.

What effects may occur when cats get poop stuck in fur?

Of course, feces stained hair is not pleasant. It can lead to bad cases for you.

If you do not catch it in time, your cat will carry her fecal-stained butt on your bed. It jokes that the relationship between you and your pet will cool down. That is unpredictable. Therefore, keeping cats requires that you spend a lot of time observing them. 

On the other hand, some cats can sense foreign and dirty objects sticking to them, so they may be shy and do not want to be close to you. Be friendly and gently save your cat when you get rid of unwanted objects, and the cat will feel more comfortable and less distant from you. The cat’s butt is the most private place for them. It is the place where most clearly their health status as well as sexual needs. So when you take the initiative to help your cat wash and solve problems, you need to be gentle, careful, and respectful so that the cat will not be hurt and obediently let you see that place. Cats show you the back of them, showing your relationship is too close and trusting each other.

If cats get poop stuck in fur for too long, the cat may become itchy or become infected by bacteria. In the worst case, cat feces may contain parasites or maggots. It could happen if your cat has diarrhea that you overlooked. Cats need to be treated because diarrhea can lead to dehydration. That would be not good. Not only that, if the feces stick to the anus or surrounding hair for too long, the feeling of dryness and discomfort in the back can cause the cat to lose appetite and nausea. That can also dehydrate the cat. At this point, you have no choice but to take the cat to the vet and administer electrolytes and watering the cat. 

After reading this article, you may need more information about how often your cat poop is normal. you can read it at

In conclusion

Cats can get poop stuck in fur. Don’t ignore these occurrences of trouble as you will not know what other serious problems it will lead to your cat.

If you cannot clean your cat’s feces on its own, you can take it to the veterinarian for a checkup and cleaning.



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