Do Cats Eat Kitten Poop?

Many pet owners have noticed this strange and somewhat unnatural behavior in their pets. We do not always understand our pets. And they also always act weird, beyond our comprehension. However, facing the action of eating their feces of a pet, many people cannot help but be surprised and confused.

Do Cats Eat Kitten Poop? The answer is yes. It is entirely possible by the mother’s instinct. To better understand the cause of this action, read on below.

Why Do Cats Eat Kitten Poop?

Though confusing and weird, pet actions all have their causes. And the act of eating cat litter may be due to the following reasons:

First, the mother cat has a habit of cleaning the kitten’s anus after feeding because the kitten is too young to remove its waste on its own. According to experts that this is essential to stimulate the bowel movements of the kittens.

The cat’s tongue is known as a brush with flexible changes and roughness on the surface of the cat’s tongue. That is one of the maternal instincts.

When the cat licks like this, the mother will lick up the remaining kitten’s feces. Of course, cats can’t be aware that they should rinse their mouths or grab a tissue instead of using their mouths. Therefore, the mother will eat the kitten’s feces.

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Second, to keep their homes clean. As noted above, kittens are too young to discard their waste. At the same time, they also do not know to poop in the right place and poop in a neat way.

On the other hand, kittens that are too small to breastfeed instead of being able to eat solid foods. It means that the kitten’s litter will be in a reasonably liquid form, which can cause moisture to lie down.

Therefore, to avoid getting dirty or smelly nests, the mother licks and eats the kitten’s litter as an indispensable solution. It will do this until the kittens are four to six weeks old – the age at which kittens start eating solid foods.

The last reason for a kitten’s fecal feeding behavior is because it brings some nutrients to the kitten. Young kittens have a digestive system and filtering system that are not entirely working.

As a result, some of the nutrients they eat may be excreted in the feces. Meanwhile, because of breastfeeding, the mother cat loses quite a lot of substance in the body. Eating kitten litter here as a way to replenish some nutrients for mother cats.


Any animal has a love for their children. Moreover, their maternal instincts are undeniable. Cats are not excluded. For their children, mother cats always use actions to take care of the best way, such as eating kitten litter.

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