Filial cannibalism is a manifestation of cannibalism: An adult organism, after childbirth, eats all or part of its subsystem. The cannibalism has occurred in a variety of animals, from mammals to insects.

That raises the question of why this happened. Each species has its biological characteristics, so many different reasons are depending on the animal species.

However, it is generally stated that it may have important ecological and evolutionary implications for some species.

Why do mothers eat puppies?

Cats may eat puppies due to the following reasons:

After birth, especially the first time a mother, her cat may be stressed by the noise, strange smell, discomfort, or crowding.

With a protective instinct, the mother cat will bite her neck and let her go away. However, that, unfortunately, hurts weak kittens, which can lead to death.

On the other hand, the mother cat cannot distinguish the dead body from the placenta. Therefore, seeing an object in front of it, being cold, will eat it.

Cats have instincts to support themselves. It is biting the navel itself and eating the placenta. The navel may be too hasty, or improperly, to cause a perforation in the abdomen, leading to bleeding.

At that time, the mother cat also ate the kitten because she thought it was dead.

Another reason is the natural selection of animals: Male cats tend to bite dead and eat their offspring (especially males).

Do Cats Eat Newborn Puppies?

Cannibalism is real. What about other species? Do Cats Eat Newborn Puppies? That can certainly happen.

Cats and dogs smell different. The only thing similar between them is the smell of milk. Therefore, it is not difficult for a mother to distinguish her kittens and puppies. However, there is still a case of mothers eating meat for newborn babies. Why so?

The reason given is that the mother cat, for some reason, feels that puppies have a threat to themselves or their kittens. Instinctively protect the offspring, the mother cat will eat the meat of the supposed enemy.

The second reason is that the mother cats are uncomfortable with the smell of newborn puppies; the strangeness and curiosity make them act creased, bite. Although not intended to eat meat, but accidentally injured puppies and lead to death.

What You Should Do

It’s best to do something to prevent cats from eating newborn puppies.

First of all, when puppies are born, keep them in a mother dog bell, which may have a protective cage. You can then give your cat the smell of puppies. You do that so, on the one hand, to get used to the other, to observe the cat’s attitude towards the newborn. Gradually, get your cat familiar and close to the newborn puppies.

Of course, everything must take place at a safe distance. And keep an eye on them.

Hopefully, the article will bring you useful information and useful lessons. Have a great day with you and your lovely friends!


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