If you are a connoisseur of perfumes and essential oils, then a perfume or patchouli essential oil would be somewhere in your bedroom, right?

And you are also the owner of a cat when you are following this article. Have you ever thought about this issue? Does the smell of patchouli attract your cat, or is it an obsession?

Somethings about patchouli

Patchouli, a plant in the mint family (Lamiaceae), often occurs in Europe.

Use the whole plant, except the root patch of patchouli, can be medicinal.

When it comes to perfume’s ingredient, Patchouli is an excellent primary ingredient kept with a pleasant spicy, sweet aroma when it comes to modern perfumes. On the market today, you will probably be surprised at the famous perfumes that bring in you the patchouli scent.

To extract patchouli essential oil, we have to steam distillation from the dried leaves of patchouli, a vertical, dense, perennial herb native to Southeast Asia, which attracts the eye with mild fragrant leaves and white, purple flowers.

Years ago, when patchouli was not yet known as an ingredient for famous brands of perfumes, it was a medicinal ingredient for treating dermatitis and scarring, headache, abdominal pain, muscle spasms, bacterial and viral infections, anxiety, and depression. Besides, Chinese, Japanese, and Arab believe that it is aphrodisiac.

And now, most famous perfume brands have patchouli scent, and besides that, other industrial products also include paper towels, detergents, and unique air fresheners.

The reasons

Some essential oils mostly contain phenols or compounds containing benzene rings, which is the reason why cats experience certain conditions such as vomiting, dizziness, etc. and some other adverse conditions.

And patchouli essential oil itself contains benzaldehyde, which is a compound having the benzene ring. So it is not suitable for cats, and cats also do not like patchouli.

Do cats like patchouli?

Honestly, this question is hard! The patchouli scent is not on the blacklist of popular scents that cats hate and is also not on the scent list that cats like.

But remember one thing, patchouli is mainly used to make essential oils or perfumes, right? And cats don’t love perfumes at all. It is also quite surprising that you are comfortable smelling perfume, and for cats, perfume makes them run high. Can you answer the question?

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If you already know the answer, as the cat owner, I advise you to limit your use of perfumes or essential oils. During your non-workdays, you should not use water or essential oils. The working days are also okay because the scent of perfume has also cooled down a lot. Like their owners, you should still regularly learn about what they don’t like.

So you have answered the question, “Do cats like patchouli”! We hope the article is of interest to you.


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