If you are someone who loves baking, cooking tea, .. or any other dessert, vanilla will surely be in the corner of your house or another example you are the type of people who prefer chimpanzees.

Oils or perfumes or cosmetics have a vanilla scent while you are keeping a cat. Have you thought about this issue? Does vanilla’s scent blend in with your cat, or is it a factor in its mood and attitude?

Know more about your cat:

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Do cats like vanilla?

Honestly, this question is hard! The vanilla scent is not on the blacklist of popular scents that cats hate and is also not on the scent list that cats like.

You can experiment. You are eating a vanilla ice cream. Try to see if your cat is walking and purring!

The answer is yes! Such cats like vanilla?

Somethings about Vanilla

Vanilla is also known as vanilla. It is a sweet aroma, often used to add to cakes, tea, ice cream, and some other dishes to increase the plate’s flavor.

Vanilla stick on a white background

 As far as we know, vanilla is extracted from the fruit of a liana orchid, Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla – a ree species in the Orchidaceae family. They are found in Mexico, Tahiti, Madagascar, Indonesia, China (Yunnan).

As for the main uses of vanilla include:

 First, vanilla is a culinary challenge. It stimulates the taste buds by making the dish more attractive than ever. The cakes, the jam, the cream will be even sweeter and more prosperous if the vanilla catalyst is present!

Second, with its strong stimulating effects on human moods and emotions, Vanilla is common in the perfumery industry.

Third, vanilla is also popular in processing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food

And finally, vanilla is used as an essential oil as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, …etc., and many other uses.

In the perfume industry, people love vanilla for its pure, delicate fragrance. At the same time, vanilla is easy to combine with other flavors to create a perfume that strongly stimulates human emotions.

In the food industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, vanilla is a product for flavor.

Vanilla essential oil is also favorable as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory treatment of toothache and stomach ulcers, improvement of sleep problems, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Some examples

Also, not only proving with vanilla ice cream, you can notice that cats will be able to eat some sweets with you, don’t those sweets that want to increase flavor are all thanks to vanilla?

Currently on the market has also produced several shampoos, shower gel vanilla flavor for cats.

If cats hate vanilla, how can they produce?


Now I think you can breathe a sigh of relief. No need to worry about Vanilla indoors as they are great for cats and cats who love them!

Like their owners, you should still regularly learn about what they don’t like. I hope the article is useful to you.


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