If you have a cat and you are worried about its sleeping period because of its sleeping schedule, your sleeping time is disturbed, then you should consider the following things which are mentioned in this article. Cats are crepuscular animals, which means that they are more active in the night than in the day, and because of them, you can’t sleep at night. Cats need quite a long period to complete their sleep because of their activities, they sleep longer than humans. Those cats which complete their sleep properly are healthy, and you always see them cuddling, playing, and doing other activities around. Although every cat doesn’t need a quiet place to sleep, it all depends upon their nature, and some cats would prefer their desirable resting areas that are typically a quiet, comfortable location where they can escape from other families member.

How much time do cats need to sleep?

If we are talking about cats, there are a lot of breeds out there, and it depends upon their nature. It also depends on the age of the cats, if it is a kitten or much older or of medium age.

The breeds like Devon Rex cats, Abyssinian cats, Scottish fold cat, American shorthair cats, Maine coon cats, Persian cats, British shorthair cats, Bengal cat, munch king cats and ragdoll cats it’s all about the breeds they all have different nature. Hence, it depends on their nature how much they need to sleep. If you have a kitten, then it should sleep a lot much more than a young cat. According to research, a cat sleeps an average of 15 hours a day with some snoozing for up to 20 hours per 24 hour period. It also depends on your cat activities throughout the day. If your cat seems to be active throughout the whole day, then it would sleep half of the day to consume again the energy it used for activities.

Where should you let your cat sleep?

If you notice your cat sometimes when it’s time to sleep, it would highly recommend a comfortable space for her, mostly cats and kittens don’t like to sleep in a crowded place. You should make a proper place for the cat to sleep, which is better for its health. It depends upon the owners’ behavior as cats are less friendly than dogs. Some owners might not provide a proper place to sleep for them.

If you didn’t provide a proper place to them they would find a place in your house which was comfortable for them to sleep where they can find everything they want like food to eat, toys for playing, something for scratching and playing if they found these things somewhere in your house then you should see them sleeping there regularly.

Sleep is very important for cats because they need to sleep well after using an immense amount of energy for the whole day. Sometimes it also depends upon the weather or temperature like cold weather or hot weather. If they are in warmer places, they will find the place where it is shady and cold, and if it is cold, they would find the place where it is warmer and keep them warm enough. You can also buy some beds like blankets and towels for your cat to sleep on, and you should first notice where your cat is most likely to sleep, then place their beds in that place, so it would be more comfortable for them to sleep.

Tabby Cat

Can cats sleep when the music’s on?

Most of the cats don’t like music when they are sleeping, they need a quiet place to sleep, especially for kittens the place must be quiet. But it’s not like every cat doesn’t like music, some can sleep while the music is on. It all depends on the type of music you’re playing. 

If your cat has sleeping problems or anxiety from loud noises, try to not play the music so loud.

According to research, if your cat is stressed or has anxiety, you should play music according to a vet, and she could sleep well, but all it depends upon the type of music mostly cats like jazz music and quite music which don’t have loudness like drums. Music like relaxing and calm music can put your cat or kitten in a variety of situations, it has to calm them and keep them away from the anxiety and other problems, so it depends upon your cat is she having trouble with sleeping or not, it is not necessary for a cat that she has anxiety or other problems. Turns out, it’s not their style, but cats, in fact, do enjoy music.

If your cat has some trouble sleeping, then you should concern your vet, so they will provide you with some type of music according to your cat’s behavior, or you can also search relaxing cat music or cat sleep music or music for cats.


Most of the cats are more likely to sleep anywhere they want, but some have priorities according to their nature. Some want a proper quiet, warm, and cozy place to sleep, and some can even sleep in the noisy areas. It all depends upon the behavior of the cat and the age of the cat. Cats, in fact, do enjoy music, but they don’t enjoy human music. At least, according to new research, a study recently published in general, applied animal behavior science, believes that for cats to enjoy the music, it has to be species-specific music.

However when your cats need to sleep or rest it is important to not to disturb her just like not to bother you when you are asleep or resting, respect your cat’s privacy when she is sleeping, and she will be more likely to seek you out when she is ready to interact.


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