Cats are very good at hiding pain. Therefore, knowing if your cat is hurting somewhere is not easy for you to recognize. You need to pay attention, observe, and acknowledge unusual modern manifestations in their behavior. These signs are a sign that signals your cat is having a health problem.

Some signs that you may notice:

  • Behavioral changes: for example, from an active, naughty cat, your cat becomes stubborn and lazy cat.
  • Refuse to be touched and want to be alone: ​​If your cat starts to growl, squirm, or get angry when you pet it, it is a sign that something is bothering it.
  • Sleeping in a single position: This is an easy-to-understand expression that sleeping position will help them avoid touching the wound, making themselves more painful.
  • Hideaway (this is another dangerous way to avoid cat injuries)
  • Squealing or moaning
  • Licking an area too much: The common habit of cats is licking the injured body, as a way to ease the pain they are suffering. Therefore, before your first cat has diseases related to salivary glands and digestive tract, do not ignore the act of licking their excessive fur.

Do Cats Purr When In Pain?

When it hurts, cats emit squeaky noises. Note that the cats’ screeches are entirely different from the sounds they often hear in them. Screeching pain is longer, buzzing in the throat and somewhat uncomfortable; at the same time, they will scream non-stop. The more common cat sounds are more natural to hear and to speak more clearly. Please pay attention to be able to determine that your cat is injured somewhere.

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Why Do Cats Purr When In Pain? – What should you do

When suffering an individual pain, humans may cry out as a way to express emotions and deceive the sense of touch (pain can be reduced by screaming, shouting). And so do cats.

Besides, there is another reason why cats may be paying attention to this behavior in cats. Yes, when hurt, they also need more care and care from people. Nobody wants to be left behind while being injured. It is the desire for a sense of security in cats. They are hissing ceaselessly as a signal they send you that their health is in trouble.

As a result, you should not ignore your cat more than usual. Take your cat to your veterinarian for an immediate check-up. At the same time, spend more time with your cats, so they feel safe and secure.

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Cat cries can send a lot of different signals to humans. For example, cats hiss when hurt. Do not ignore or ignore that. Maybe your cat is having a problem. Try to help it in that case.


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