Have you ever had a pet?

A cute little cat can be the right choice. Of course, raising a cat is not easy at all. You should understand your little cat before buying it.

Today, I will show you some things that will make you realize that you have made a mistake.

You and your cat are clearly in two different worlds. But sometimes understanding what they want, what they need, what to avoid is crucial.

Here are a few basic signs that you should pay attention to not upsetting the cat off you:

How do you understand your cats when they purr?

If you answer that they purr when they are satisfied, maybe you should spend more time caring about the cat’s psychology following this article.

Sometimes you think that your cat purrs when its in comfort. It’s not the whole truth.

According to scientists who have studied this topic, cats’ purring also occurs when they are mad.

How do cats purr?

Purring is when the cat simultaneously performs two movements: breathing and sniffing but still have a break in the half-time. The vibration frequency of purr sounds is determined from 25 to 150 Hz.

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The function of purring

When the cat purrs, it is trying to release its spirit and become less upset, making itself feel better and mentally less stressed. 

How to deal with this situation

In case you meet a cat for the first time, don’t rush because your instant memory of the fact that they purr when they sleep or are petted, you think they are friendly like you. And then come close to them, you might get hurt. If it’s your cat, understand that he’s trying to show his feelings, or trying to tell his friend he’s not okay and you should leave him alone.

If it’s not your urgent need to take your cat to the vet, then it’s best to leave the cat with a private space for relief. And your cat will return when his mood is excellent, and the next thing is to hold him affectionately, warmly, feed or play with him to restore affection.

How can you recognize the cats mad when purring?

The first signal is regarding his tail

You know dogs often wag their tails when seeing their masters come back home to express happiness while cats are different. Not like dogs, keep an eye on cats if cats’ tails twitch or slap.

The second signal is about avoidance

If your cat suddenly avoids you by fleeing in such places as under the couch or somewhere else and seeing you in the distance, maybe your cat’s mad.

The third signal is about ears

Normally your cat’s ears will prick up to hear. And that’s right, be careful when the cat’s ears lay back on its head

The fourth one is poofing up

In this case, you will be most noticeable when your cat looks more significant and more prominent. That’s when his fur is upright, ruffled.

The fifth one is swiping

And the final one is glaring

Your cat may not be able to express all emotions. Those can be laughing, crying, crying, etc. but his glare can kill the other person. Be careful!

In conclusion, take care of your cat by paying attention to these little details!

Hopefully, the information I have just mentioned will help you.


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