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There are always iconic parts of an animal that you will never ignore when thinking of them. And cats, their little noses, and adorable whiskers always make us interested. Interestingly, whiskers appear in many other parts of cats’ body beside their noses, such as their eyes, their chins, and their front legs.

Whiskers play an important role in cats’ ability to get information about their surroundings. We also have many questions about them, especially Do cats shed their whiskers? Why they lose their whiskers, and how to realize whether your cat sheds her whiskers under the effects of an abnormal health condition?

Here we come with the answers for you. 

What Are Cat Whiskers?

Before learning, Do cats shed their whiskers, we need to know what are cat whiskers first.

Cat whiskers are simply cats’ hair with the same structure as the rest of their fur despite the different appearances. As mentioned above, whiskers are a great part of getting information about your cat’s surroundings, and more than that, they also help in keeping balance. Let’s take a deeper look at the importance of cat whiskers.

How Important Are Cat Whiskers?

As mentioned above, cat whiskers play an important role in judging distances and spaces around the cat, and they are another way that he uses the feel the world, thanks to the sensory input provided.

Without whiskers, cats’ navigation in poor lighting conditions and adverse environments would extremely decrease. Similar to their balance. 

Do Cats Shed Their Whiskers?

All cat owners have certain times in the year suffering from a crazy amount of cat fur shed all-around their home. Some unfortunate ones keep dealing with this all year long. 

do cats shed their whisker

Cats naturally shed their whiskers just like human hair falling out and continuing to grow, although while humans gradually lose more hair as their age, cat whiskers come with the same amount and lighter color in the second part of their life.

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How To Recognize A Cat’s Abnormal Whisker Loss?

Now you know that cats do shed their whisker, and their natural whisker loss is necessary. But everything can immediately turn into a serious medical situation if there are unusual factors that make cats lose their whiskers abnormally.

So how to recognize a cat’s abnormal whisker loss?

As a cat owner, you may know exactly about certain times in the year that your cat sheds her fur and whiskers like crazy, but when you suddenly notice a severe loss in your cat’s whiskers, it would mean that you need to check it out with the vet. 

Why Cats Lose Their Whiskers?

Apart from Do cats shed their whiskers, questions about the reasons for abnormal whisker loss in cats also gain much attention. Let’s check them out. 


There is a misconception between people that stress has no impact on cats, it turns out to pose a significant threat to these fur-babies even in an easier way and may make your cat shed her whiskers like crazy.

Stress in cats comes in different ways. You will easily see stressed cats in houses of people going to work all day long and go home being totally exhausted. Besides, thunder and lightning extremely attack the cat’s hearing and seeing, thus causing distress, fear, and worries.


It is quite complicated to know that your cat suffers from allergies since they come with no quick methods to diagnose. However, vets confirm that almost feline allergies related to food. Cats with food allergies have a very strict diet with limited ingredients, and it usually cuts out nearly the amount of poultry proteins, grain, and gluten.

Unfortunately, some cats get problems with weather allergies, which is much harder to avoid. Is there anything worse than seeing your cat losing clumps of whiskers, and her body is filled by redness and rashes?


Another cause of abnormal whisker loss in cats is infections. Cats, especially kittens, face a lot of risks of diseases and something they are quite good at hiding them, so you hardly find out if there is something wrong.

Cats infections can come in many ways and symptoms, but one that makes cats lose their whiskers is usually a bacterial infection of cat skin, which causes red dots on where the whiskers fall out.

Fungal infections, especially ringworm, also impact cats’ faces, resulting in round patches of hair loss, including whiskers.

Hormonal Disorders

Cat’s hormones are under the effect of many factors, and that’s why disorders easily happen in cats. In cats, hormone disorders cause not only whisker loss but also changes in regrowing hair textures, including both fur and whiskers. Some types of feline disorders that need medical attention are hypothyroidism and diabetes.

Regular Fighting

Cats are an energetic animal, and regular fighting with others is unavoidable (just like our kids). And while the kids get hurts after fighting, you will see a significant amount of fur and whiskers due to be scrapped too much. In some cases, this is even more serious, and that’s when you need to find the solution. Cat-proofing your house and garden are recommended to prevent strange cats, and if your cat is intact, neutering him will make him less ‘naughty.’ If both of these are not effective, you can look for other measures from the vet. 

The Bottom Line

Now you know the answers for many questions: Do cats shed their whiskers? How important are cat whiskers? And why cats lose their whiskers? 

This post may not include enough information for you, so in case there are any additional questions, let us know by leaving a comment below. I hope that you have found this post useful and that you will have fun with your healthy cat.



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