Today is your day off, or you are enjoying your evening after working hours. Imagine that you are lying on the sofa and playing with your cats, touching them through their furs, massaging their bellies, they are saying “grrrrr” with comfortable. And you are finding the nipples on male cats’ bodies. Do you feel it weird? Is it usual with a male cat? Through this article, we will help you to answer these questions.

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1. Do male cats have nipples?

This is a typical question. And the answer is: “Yes.” Like all other mammals, male cats also have nipples, though they might be small and hard to find. Next time, if you touch something on their bellies or chests, don’t worry or be scared. Mother natural has decided it. Female mammals need to have nipples to feed their children, and cats are not the exception.

Do male cats have nipples?
“Do male cats have nipples?” – Hmmm, are you asking me?

2. Why do male cats have nipples?

Cats’ nipples are developed even before determining gender. Thus, it couldn’t define their genders.

Both males and females had nipples when they were born. But only the females will use them ultimately to feed their children. Nipples are the important body part of mammals, specifically for their survival. Most mammal females use their nipples to feed their young. As stated in the theory of evolution Darwinian, males stop having nipples because of survival advantage.

If the males don’t use their nipples for any reason or feed their children, why do they still have these nipples on their bodies? In males’ bodies, the nipples are vestigial, which means that they are there but have no function in reality. It just like with humans are vestigial tail bones and the remnants of hip bones in whales. Although these are quite useless, evolution hasn’t made them disappear completely.

Since the nipples do not work at all with the males, males’ DNA would most presumably have derived from making them stop working that one may preserve the resources for their bodies. If their nipples continue to develop at the males, their resources would be spent on something that is, obviously, totally worthless. 

And now, let’s get back to our topic. As a part of evolution and natural, male cats also have several pairs of nipples, just like other mammals. 

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Mother natural has decided for everything

3. How many nipples do male cats have?

Do male cats have nipples? If so, how many?

At here, we could only tell you the average number. The exact number could not be determined. Cats usually have about four to eight nipples on their bodies. Six is most common, but some cats could even have ten nipples on their bodies. Indeed, the number of nipples on kittens from the same mother could be different. In the past, a part of minority people believes that the number of nipples on cats that could be a signal of witches. The gender couldn’t decide this matter, but genetics.

Now, if someone asks you that “do male cats have 6 nipples” or “do male cats have 8 nipples, ” there is an answer. 

The average number of cat’s nipples is about 4-6 ones
The average number of cat’s nipples is about 4-6 ones

4. Finding the nipples on male cats’ bodies 

Do male cats have nipples on their stomach? The answer is yes. 

When you look for a cat’s nipples, you will usually find them running alongside their bellies. At humans, the nipples are on the chest area, with cats, they will have their nipples below their chest area. The nipples of cats could be found in more or less even rows about an inch or two away from their pelvis. Since their fur covers the whole body, it might not be easy to find all of their nipples.

Usually, a cat could have two rows of four or six nipples. They are symmetry. Once again, we should remind you that the number of nipples is undetermined. If you see that your cat having too little or too many compare with other cats, don’t be panic. That’s a natural way, genetics decide it, not you.

What’s more…

The nipples on both male cats and female cats are identical unless a female cat is nursing or has recently weaned kittens. During this time, since feeding the kittens, female cats’ nipples will be tumid and might be turning into darker, not as pink as usual. Besides that, if you could find their nipples under the smooth fur, you couldn’t find out the differences between female cats’ nipples and male cats’ ones. 

Maybe you don’t know that just like humans, females and even male cats could have the risk of developing breast cancer. As at female cats, the risk is much higher because of the increased amount of tissue and activity in their mammary systems. However, even male cats could also develop this into a serious condition if you don’t find it soon and cure it well. To prevent breast cancer at your cats, please take care of them carefully. If your cat’s nipples begin to swell without any reason or notice any lumps or growth around them, please take your cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible to test for breast cancer.

Let’s find out male cats’ nipples
Let’s find out male cats’ nipples

5. Some key points

It’s time to summarize a few key points in this article. Both female cats and male cats have nipples. The nipples are developed even before their gender is determined. Thus, it couldn’t tell you about your cat’s gender.

This is the fact that breast cancer could also happen with male cats. However, do not worry too much because it is less common than female cats. The number of nipples on both female cats and male cats is not always the same, and we couldn’t tell you exactly the number.

The average number would be about four to eight nipples. Someday, if you see a cat with ten nipples on his/her body, don’t be a surprise too much as it could have happened.

Now, after reading this article, we hope that you can answer the question: do male cats have nipples?


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