Summers are usually quite hot, so you decide to cut your hair short for a more relaxed head. Suddenly, you come up with the idea of giving your cat a new coat. Although its coat may or may not be too long, a unique and novel coat will be an exciting highlight this summer.

Stop! Are you sure your cat likes that? What’s more, the plumage for a mammal makes a massive difference to human hair. Be aware that there are dos and don’ts for cat haircut. So, what is that? Along with finding out that information, you will have the answer to the question: “Does My Cat Need a Summer Haircut?”.

Overview of the cat’s coat

A cat’s coat is not merely a soft covering of the cat’s body, but it is also a protective coat for its skin and body.

First, the coat prevents the inner skin of the cat from being scratched during their spontaneous activities.

Second, through the color and glossiness of the coat, the body of the cat shows some specific situation that it is experiencing. In the end, that coat is like a mantle with reversible two-way functions: it insulates cats in the summer and keeps them warm in winter.

Should I cut my cat’s hair?

While it may not sound so good, the neutral answer is that it is advisable to cut the cat’s hair when necessary.

Cutting excess hair is an essential part of grooming to help keep your cat’s coat looking neat and beautiful. There are several reasons for having a cat’s hair cut:

  • Reduces dirt in the cat’s coat
  • Reduce debris from hair loss that can cause allergies to you and other members of your family
  • Eliminate less hair
  • Make your cat’s anus cleaner after using the bathroom.
  • Reduces the risk of hair swallowing, causing intestinal problems for cats, and even death if too severe.

What’s more, you can shave your cat when it is too ruffled because the fur can cause discoloration and scarring on the cat’s skin. 

However, with the coat’s functions of the cat, as mentioned earlier, cutting or shaving the cat is not usually recommended by experts. If you shave too much, you will affect the cat’s body temperature by affecting the heat-regulating function of the outer coat. So, instead, you can trim it down to reduce the thickness of the hair.

Moreover, not all cats obediently sit still and let you raise or cut their fur. They can be frightened by the sound of razors. In particular, aggressive cats, sick cats, or older cats – cats in a bad mood – can become stressed and self-injure while shaving.

In short, shaving is not necessary if there are safer alternatives. If not, seek out a cat grooming professional who will help you change your cat’s coat. They have a lot of experience calming cats and can respond quickly to the worst situations. 

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Does My Cat Need a Summer Haircut?

The short answer to this question is no. Human hair is entirely different from that of a cat. The haircut does not affect the spirit or cause the health problems of people. However, a cat’s coat has specific functions, and you cannot arbitrarily cut it off without consulting a veterinarian. So, the hot summer makes you want to cut off your long hair. But your cat does not need a summer haircut because they will cool down with a full coat. If your cat is a long-haired cat and you find the coat too cumbersome, the right way to cool it down is to brush.

Right! Grooming is a beneficial activity. Not only is it a way to cool your cat during hot days, but it also improves fur root strength. That makes the cat’s coat shinier. Also, brushing is another way for you to get rid of excess debris or dirt on the cat’s fur. So, it has not just haircuts that help cats stay clean and reduce excess hair.

What’s more, the brushing activity also brings you closer to your four-legged friend. That is a great way to get up close and personal with your cat and show love for it, mostly if you have just adopted the cat.

To effectively shave your cat

If you decide to shave your cat at home on your own, you will need to be prepared to make the process even smoother. The three factors you need to look out for are your environment, tools, and cat.

The first is about where you choose to shave your cat (environment). You should choose a quiet, relaxed space to create a sense of relaxation. As you know, a cat is easily frightened, and if it refuses to cooperate, it will be challenging to finish cutting the cat’s hair, and you could even injure the cat. At the same time, it would be better if you choose a place that is easy to clean after finishing because the cut off cat fur can fly all over the room. They are so light and small that they can get stuck in corners that are difficult to spot and clean. 

Second, prepare the necessary tools. It would be best to prepare the required things like rubber gloves, towels, brushes, razors, razor blades, and junk food. A razor is for pets instead of people. You can also select the electric razor dedicated to pets. They have less electric shock and vibration, which won’t startle or panic your cat. But be aware that you do not use a razor blade as this can easily injure your cat. 

One last thing, and the one you need to pay attention to during the haircut, is the cat’s mood. Don’t forget to notice any panic or ear-raising movements of the cat, as these may be early signs of fear. All you need to do at that time is stop shedding, and give your cat some treats, and talk to or cuddle the cat to distract its fear. 

In conclusion

Does Your Cat Need a Summer Haircut? The answer lies in your four-legged friend and veterinarian’s advice.

However, a neat, not-too-long coat looks better, right? Therefore, it is necessary to shave or create a summer haircut for your cat, but it is needed to pay attention to its suitability.


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