Sometimes, it seems impossible for dogs and cats to be in the same world (Dog website Goldendoodle).

But that’s not a fact since there are proofs of feline and fido friendship in touching stories.

The point is you need to create a multi-pet friendly house where all of the fur buddies get along.

However, it’s just a part of the ideal world that exists to be your role. The other side of it is there are actually friendliest cat breeds with dogs.

Let’s find out.

**Warning: It’s super interesting to know. These cats breeds have outstanding mild temperament, and they love to be around humans and other creatures.

The friendliest cat breeds with dogs

1. American shorthair

An American Shorthair can be a good brother or sister for dogs. At the first introduction, most cats of this breed show up to be friendly and playful if their housemates are not too aggressive towards them.

2. Birman Cats

white and black cat on white textile

A Birman cat can be the greatest fur-fellow your dog would have. Birman cats tend to be shy but easy-going by nature. They can easily join a “fetch” session with other paw buddies and run alongside a woofy housemate.

3. Siberian

Maine coon cat lying on grass

Having a Siberian kitty around your pups means an eternal friendship. These ultimate confident cats are born leaders. They know how to handle new pets and make themselves icons of peace.

4. Maine Coon

long-furred brown cat

Native to America, Main Coon is an honor breed known for its exotic. Not only that, these cats are easy-going and active creatures. When surrounded by activities, you’re likely to see a Main Coon expose their fido character. This peculiar personality makes Main Coon a super dog-friendly breed.

5. British shorthair

macro photography of grey cat

The laid-back demeanor of this breed makes the cats suitable for a dog’s friend. Yet, a muscular British shorthair can play dogs’ games and tolerate canine physical play.

6. Bombay cats

black cat on white textile

Bombay cats are super active and full of affection. With the medium size and not many muscles to play fetching, Bombay cats are great to be around pugs, Shi Tzu, pomeranian, and other small-sized dog breeds.

7. Norwegian Forest

brown and black cat

If you have a pitbull, husky, or Alaska, it makes sense to have a Norweigian Forest to befriend these big dogs. The muscular cat with a strong nurturing instinct loves their owners, family members, including dogs.

8. Japanese Bobtail

black and white cat lying on brown bamboo chair inside room

Such social cats like Japanese bobtails find it easy to be around people and other pets. They are yet true players when the games call and somewhat able to hold a “conversation” with their companions.

9. Abyssinian

brown cat on brown wooden table

An Abyssinian cat can offer an ultimate friendship to dogs with their active and easy-going personality. When in the playful mode, the cat won’t miss any enjoyable time around you and your fido fellow.

10. Tonkinese

black and white cat on white textile

This unique cat breed, besides being super adorable, is quite vocal. One Tonkinese pretty much enjoys barking alongside its fido buddy. More than that, some sharp-witted owners even recognize these cats as skillful fetch player. They can compete with a Golden Retriever in catching fly discs. For this amazing social character, Tonkinese cats find it easy, even comfortable around people and pooches.

***Bonus: Ragdoll

long-fur white can lying on white stairs

It’s not a myth that ragdolls are dog-like cats; they just don’t woof. These cats have infinite interest in other species, including puppies. They can participate in a fetch game, hunting session, or a spell of leash-walking with their canine pals.

In the end

Though these friendliest cat breeds with dogs are easy-going creatures, they can still show off some aggression toward strangers and new fur members.

To make sure the introduction is right, you should confide the new fur-babies to get them slowly familiar with the new home. This will also give your cat time to be aware of the new present.

You can encourage the pets to play toys of each other so that they can get accustomed to the scents.

In any way, you should not encourage an aggressive attitude and let fights happen.

Wish you have a happy house of cats and dogs.


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