The movie of Cats & Dogs raised a battleful bias about the relationship between these two pets. But in fact, the friendship between cats and dogs is proven to be true.

If you still suspect, check out these photos of the furry besties winning hearts around social media.

Photos that prove friendship between cats and dogs

1. Henry and Baloo

This pair of furry companions own irresistible pictures on multiple trips. Following the two on Instagram, you wouldn’t be able to hold your laugh in front of antics and adorable photos.

Henry and Baloo

But what really draws the crowd is the unusual characters the two pets own. Henry is a high-energy pup with a playful mood and confidence in nature, while Baloo is calm yet adventurous feline. It surprised people that the parents introduce a hyper dog to a cat, making them a matching animal pair that keeps each other up on the trails.

2. Paddington and Butler

Paddington and Butler

Their profile is full of white as Paddington is a Shar Pei. Then came Butler, a stray kitten who suddenly appeared and got adopted. The little soon became the best friend Paddington has ever had, spending the tough days while Paddington is suffering from lymphoma.

3. Keelo and Koda

Keelo and Koda

Who could imagine a golden retriever that likes to rule the game could become a kitty-sitter to 3 stray cats? Keelo is the one who rescued the family of 3 homeless kittens and now is willing to share the owners with them.

4. Billie and Butter

Billie and Butter

This interspecific bond between a beagle and a purring ball happens to melt many animal-loving hearts. They like to share the carpet, nap together and spend the day looking after each other.

5. The husky squad and Rosie

🐕Lilo 🐕Infinity & 🐈Rosie on Instagram: “Happy #nationalsiblingday !  Because you aren't siblings without a fail family ph… | Animal companions,  Husky, Husky lover

Lilo, Infinity, and Rosie

Lilo, Infinity, and Rosie are the extraordinary trio in which two Siberian huskies adopt a kitty into their pack. These good friends don’t mind drinking from the same bowl, napping, and going on adventures together.

6. Cosmo and Buckwheat

Cosmo and Buckwheat

Despite all the cat rules and dog regulations, Cosmo the cat and Buckwheat the pug are more concerned about spending good time when they can. The kit and pug kiss and groom each other. Most of the time, they chase, hunt, and share noticeable love.

7. Edwin and Lola

Edwin and Lola

Edwin can be a bit grumpy when his bowl is empty, but he would never forget giving Lola, his best poodle friend, a tender blink. They seem to share exciting grooming times together as their hair is in a high request of shaping.

8. Isis, Russel, and Jack

Isis, Russell, and Jack

Sometimes, Isis the cat may forget if she belongs to the feline descent beside Jack the terrier and Russell, the corgi. Up to these days, still, nothing can do them part.

Final verdict

These are real-life pieces of evidence testifying to the myth of friendship between cats and dogs. Do you find them super adorable?


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