One day, you get up and don’t see your cat. “Oh my god! Where is my pet now?” you ask. Just imagine, it is so terrible. Please invest in the best and smartest device for your cat – a pet tracker. It will help you know exactly where your cat goes and whether it is safe or not.

Here we list out ten best GPS chips for cat products to help you find and keep your cat safe. We don’t sell any of these, so this review is unbiased.

The Best GPS Chip For Cat –  All You Need For your Pet

What is a cat tracker? It is a smart device and also called a GPS chip for cat. A tracker utilizes advanced technologies such as GPS or radiofrequency to identify the location of your cat. You can put the device on the pet’s collar to track and locate its position 24/24.

Refer to these products below to find the best animal chip GPS for cat. We think one of these products is everything you need to protect your cat.

Pet Tracker Waterproof GPS Dogs Cats Real-time Locator 

This device provides multiple ways for you to follow your pets. You can freely access the platform, cover the global map, computers real-time tracking, phone checking map, or Google earth tracking.

It can withstand rain or damp weather – 100% safe and reliable to put on your cat. Primarily, you can let your pet swim with the GPS locator due to its water-resistant function. 

With smart design, the mini tracker can fit most of the pets such as cats, kittens, puppies, etc. You can adjust the size so that your pet does not go crazy as it is too tight. Moreover, it is so compact and lightweight.

The GPS chip for a cat is in blue and black color, and it looks so cute. If it is out of power, you can use a car charger or desktop charger. It is convenient, right.


  • Power saving and low power consumption mode.
  • Waterproof function.
  • Locate your cat’s position.


  • Difficult to use for the first time.

GIBI 2nd Gen Pet GPS Tracker (Locator)

Can you get a GPS chip for your cat? Our answer is, “Yes.” Why don’t you invest in this locator? With it, you don’t have to find out which corner your cat is. We think that it is everything you need to keep the cat in security. 

The compact and lightweight design with updated electronics can provide longer battery life. Compared to the first-generation models, GIBI 2nd Gen Pet GPS Tracker improves accuracy in all environments.

When purchasing this product, you will receive a GIBI pet GPS tracker, a collar or harness attachment clip, and a charger kit. 

You also get access to the free App that shows you where your dog is on the map. This locator will set your pet’s safe zones. And the operating system alerts you via email or email if your pet breached the safe zone. Then you can see where he/she is on the map to find. 

Use smartphone (iOS and Android) and web formats to access the Gibi App. Its design allows it compact with all mobiles. 

How much is a GPS chip implant for a cat? First, you require Gibi account registration, agreement to Gibi terms of service. The subscribe the service is depending on your choice and budget, $9.99/month or $99/year. It is cheap. See where your pet is 24/7 for just $99 a year.


  • Help to keep your cat safe.
  • Lightweight design 
  • Longer battery life
  • Offer exact your cat position


  • Make sure that your smartphone or computer is always online.

QianHui Mini Pet Waterproof GPS Tracker 

It has a call function that you can call the device and voice monitor. Set your phone number and white list number in advance, then it will reject the unknown phone number. Keep the cat in safe zones well. Like your phone, you can check the historical route up to 3 months on the App.

It supports multiple languages such as Polish, Vietnamese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, English, etc.


  • Find easy to use
  • Lightweight design 


  • Fit your kittens only
  • Support above Android 2.3, iOS 5.0

WiFi Positioning Technology Dog GPS Tracker

Accurate positioning mode is the outstanding advantage of the device. The tracker uses advanced WiFi positioning technology to successfully solve indoor GPS-free signal problems and automatically connect without a password. You can also use your smartphone to track and locate your cat in real-time.

One plus of this animal chip GPS for cat is the smart tracking, anti-theft anti-lost. If you leave the setting range, the mobile App will immediately remind you. Besides, the design with a new high-sensitivity positioning chip without distance limit will automatically protect your pet every day—adjustable straps from 10 inches to 15 inches, suitable for small to large, medium-sized pets.

The real-time recording mode helps you listen to the surrounding sounds in one direction. You can hear the sounds of pets and what is happening with them.

Like many other excellent devices, it has both waterproof and dustproof features. It is 118 grams in weight, so your cat can bring it anywhere, even when swimming.

When the locator’s power is below the warning line, it will send an alarm message to your phone that reminds the charging, how to charge, and power off at critical times.

It can work well in the environment from -20°C to 70 °C. The colors of this product are red, blue, black, and green. The manufacturers create it according to what colors can the cat see. Typical, the cat can see the shades of blue (blue and green). Can you get a chip for your cat that has GPS? In the market, it cost $ 91.99. Consider carefully before ordering the unit for your cat. We think it is worth to invest because of its benefits.


  • Make your cat so cute and fashionable
  • Can be soaked directly in water 
  • Precise positioning
  • Comfortable collar design


Read the manual carefully before use for the safety of your cat.

QianHui Z8 – A Pet GPS Tracker Dog Cat Collar Water-Resistant 

With excellent design, your pet can feel comfortable when wearing this locator. It displays your pet’s location and trajectory in real-time, prevents pets from losing. 

Set the guardian’s cell phone number to keep in touch, and you can see the cat’s location on your mobile phone. 

When it is a full battery, you can use it for 3-5 days. And it also has an electric alarm when being in low power.

Suitable for a variety of environments. You can let your pet play with water without worrying that the water environment will affect the device signal or even damage it. 

The primary material to create this GPS chip for your cat is ABS plastic and rubber. Hence, it is very durable. 

How much is a GPS chip for a cat? In the market now, this locator is accessible, and its price ranges from $18 to $25. You can refer to the price of many sellers to buy the best product for your cat.


  • A security fence keeps your pet in a safe zone.
  • Water-resistant feature
  • Remote listening
  • Easy to put on your cat


  • Collar diameter is 6 – 12 cm, it does not suit for all pet’s size.

LNLJ GPS Pet Tracker

The GPS chip for a cat allows fast and accurate determination of a pet position by using GPS, GLP, BEIDOU, and WiFi positioning mode. 

You can set a voice call. In some cases, when your cat is lost, the person who picks up the pet can directly contact you using the SOS function. 

The historical trajectory and real-time positioning are accurately mastered in the device. This function can also be used to find the position of the tracker easily.

Also, you can listen to the sounds around your pet even though you are not there. Select the voice monitoring function in the settings of the unit, fill in your phone number. Then, wait for a while, the tracker will give you the phone number you set up. After setting, you can call the machine, and it will automatically answer, and you listen to the sounds around the tracker.

When the pet is indoors and other areas without GPS signals, the Wifi positioning function can be used. And the precision can reach 20-100 meters.

Its primary material is Polycarbonate (PC) and ABC plastic, so the unit is durable and excellent impact resistance. These materials have good heat resistance and a deep waterproof feature.


  • GPS positioning accuracy in 5 meters
  • The battery can stand by five days.
  • The use area is global, any time, and where are you.


  • Not for all. It only supports Android 2.3 and above, iOS 5.0 and above.

Pet GPS GSM Health & Location Tracker 

It includes a low power alarm. The mobile app will display the percentage of real-time electricity and remind you to charge timely. The tracker will help you to master the footprint of your cat.

Accurate poisoning mode is advantageous as it shows you the real-time dog location on the app map. You can view the machine’s activity log for three months, know where your cat was and what he/she did at that time.

The manufacturer wants to provide creative, innovative products that enable everyone to protect and take care of their pets.


  • It has many additional functions such as remote shutdown, voice call, and so on.
  • Simple operation
  • Manage multi-device. It means you can add more than one device on the same app.


  • Limited battery

LOVEPET Mini Waterproof GPS Dog Pet Collars 

The combination of four locating ways: Wifi, GPS, LBS, and AGPS helps you quickly find your pet. Display historical route in the latest 90 days, you can see where your pet has been in the app and view the pet walking tracks.

With the exquisite design and waterproof ribbon inside, the users do not need to take off the unit when the cat takes a bath or plays on rainy days. 

Anti-thief and anti-lost. You can set two WiFi addresses as safe zones. If your cat goes out of the safe WiFi range of your home, it will send an alarm message to let you know.

It is so flexible. If you want to find your furry friend, turn the locator from the normal type to the accurate type. After you have seen your cat, turn the unit back to the normal type. 

What’s more. The smart LED light will turn on automatically when the sky gets dark. Keep your pet safe at any time.


  • Easy to use
  • 100% security. Only the owner can manage the device, and others can only view it.
  • Work anywhere on the globe with the Internet.


  • Work only when having Internet access.

Pet Tracker Petfinder GPS Tracking Unit 

With this tracking unit, you will never lose your pet. Waterproof GPS and activity tracker gives you the peace of mind that your pet is safe, healthy, and happy.

The battery can last 2-3 days, depending on how you use it. iPhone and Android devices are supported.

Just like your mobile phone, this GPS chip for the cat needs a sim card. Only pay for $5 per month, you can receive a free sim card.

With fast and accurate GPS tracking, you will know your pet’s position in real-time. You will be alerted if your pet leaves the designated safe areas. You can put it on the cat’s neck and adjust so that it fits your cat correctly. Just looking, it looks so cute and as the cat toys.

Moreover, you can communicate with your pet via this device. It allows you both to have a feeling of safety and peace even at a distance. It is great.


  • Provide a feel safe to let your cat go around without being so concerned for its safety. 
  • Have a safety feature
  • Work even in water
  • The battery can last up three days


  • Difficult to use for the first time

Candora Pet Tracker GPS Dog/Cat Collar Water-Resistant

With excellent design, this animal chip GPS for cat is convenient to put on your pet. It is compact and lightweight, so your cat can feel comfortable when wearing it. You can adjust the pet tracker so that it does not burden your cat. What’s more, it is so cute. 

Talk about GPS function; this tracker will show you where your pet is. You can see the location and movement of the cat on your phone or computer. It helps you find your cat effectively. We highly recommend using this product.

You can set up a security fence around the locator. For what? It will alarm immediately when your cat is getting in or out of this area. 

Why is it a useful GPS chip for your cat? Its waterproof feature is suitable for use in a variety of environments. With it, you do not need to worry that your cat accidentally falls into the water, and the locator loses its signal. 

It has 2 location modes, one is the default mode, and one is the precise mode. The default mode will upload your cat’s location every hour while the other shows you the location of your cat every 30 seconds, 12 – 15 hours standby time.


  • Nice pet tracker
  • Locate your pet at any time
  • Location history


  • Possibly too big for kittens to carry comfortably.

Last But Not Least

Above is the list of best GPS chips for cats that you can try on to protect your pet. Now that you have been wrapped up with excellent and best-selling products, why are you hesitating now? Try on a new and excellent tracker that could show you where your cat is and no waste of time for finding it! 

Hope that you know what you need for your cat and that you will choose the best product. Each type of animal chip GPS for cat has its own properties and strengths, so please consider carefully before deciding to order.

For any specialized inquiries, feel free to browse our website. We love to hear from you and are always more than happy to chat.


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